Sujit Choudhry: Aiding Constitution Making and Constitutionalism in Emerging Democracies

Sujit Choudhry specializes in comparative law through which he has managed to study and understand the law in most of the different jurisdictions across the world. He is the founding director of Center for Constitutional Transitions. The organization brings together practicing lawyers from various countries where they put their heads together in finding solutions to the teething challenges that often arise during constitution making processes. This knowledge has aided in covering for constitutional deficiencies during the drafting of constitutions of over 25 developing democracies. In an interview with CEOCFO in April this year, the law professor said that without legal think tanks like him and others standing in the gap, some constitutions would end up leaving some fundamental governance issues insufficiently addressed.

The CEOCFO Interview

Sujit Choudhry can be said to be a global citizen. He holds three degrees in law, each from a different country. This, coupled with the fact that his parents were both professors, has molded him into the great person he is today. He told CEOCFO that despite him being an immigrant, his education background enables him to navigate his way through the American legal society. He also noted that his passion for studying and understanding different legal systems gives him an upper hand regarding knowledge, compared to most legal and political analysts in the United States.

The history of constitutionalism should be changed according to Sujit Choudhry. With the luxury of time and unlimited funds, he would establish an organization that would take legal conversations to a multilingual level. At that level, constitutions would be analyzed in all the languages of the world.

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Being a highly accomplished professional, one would wonder which of Choudhry’s achievements he holds in high regard. According to him, however, managing to bring together experts from across the world stands out as his biggest of successes.  To read his point of view on certain issue, check

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry’s efforts in constitutional making processes have borne fruits in countries, such as Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa, Ukraine, and Sri Lanka among others.  Related article on

Sujit Choudhry has also held senior positions in faculties of law in universities, such as University of California, NYC-based University, and the University of Toronto. He is an LLM holder from Harvard Law School.

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Sujit Choudhry Thinks that Ukraine’s Democratization should be Strong and Stable

Sujit Choudhry, a renowned international constitutional expert, expressed that Ukraine’s democratization is unstable, and it should be robust enough to handle the challenges it faces now. He says that many factors are contributing to the unstable condition of the democracy including the more powerful presidency, the electoral system created for the legislature, weak political parties, and separation of powers with in President and Prime Minister or existence of dual executive. Sujit Choudhry was speaking in roundtable conducted by the Center of Policy and Legal Reform – a Ukraine based think tank – on July 10, 2017. The workshop that discussed constitutional challenges and semi-presidential system of Ukraine was co-hosted by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, an international organization working for stable democracy around the world.

The workshop took place in Kiev saw top constitutional experts around the world speaking how to improve the governing process in Ukraine. Sujit Choudhry was invited by Thomas Sidelius from Dalarna University and Sumit Bisarya from International IDEA. The other participants of roundtable include Viktor Musiaka, representative of the Supreme Council 1996; Vladimir Vasilenko, UN Human Rights Council representative of Ukraine; Sergyi Holovatyi, a member of Constitutional Commission of Ukraine; and many others. Choudhry further explained about the changing notion of the democratic transitioning process across the world. “We observe a change in wave on constitution-making decisions recently, and that is caused by transitional democracies,” Sujit Choudhry explained. “It became critical for the experts to collect and discuss evidence-based constitutional policy options to back the reform process.”  Read more insight from him on

According to, Sujit Choudhry is currently the I. Michael Heyman Professor at the Berkeley – School of Law. He is credited for setting up Center for Constitutional Transitions to streamline constitutional transitions between various countries by providing evidence-based data. The institution is working as a reference platform for constitutional experts around the world and helping to shape democracies.  Additional article on

Sujit Choudhry has spoken in more than two dozen countries and worked with various constitutions around the world as an advisor.  Added details  on  While coming to education, Sujit Choudhry completed his bachelor of science from McGill University and secured his bachelor of arts in Law from the University of Oxford. Choudhry completed his LL.B. from the University of Toronto and earned his LL.M. from Harvard Law School.  For timeline updates, check this link

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Bruno Fagali is a Talented Brazilian Lawyer

     Bruno Fagali has a strong understanding of the law and is quite adept at helping companies as a Corporate Integrity Manager. In 2009 he secured his undergraduate degree in Administrative Law. However, he didn’t stop there as his ambitions were higher. He has a love for the legal field and chose to continue his education by successfully pursuing a Master’s Degree in the legal arena. Bruno Fagali has three main focuses as he utilizes his legal training, administrative contracts, regulatory law, and federal civil actions.

Bruno Fagali operates out of his own personal office in Sao Paolo where he is primarily concerned with his work as a corporate integrity manager. He has a self-drive and passion for his work which allows him to flourish in his chosen field. Despite fierce competition amongst the vast population of lawyers in Brazil, Bruno Fagali has carved out a niche for himself.

He has made steady progress in his journey despite being faced with considerable obstacles. He has learned how to persevere in the face of adversity and is thriving. Bruno Fagali has experience in other legal areas as well. He has spent time serving in domestic violence cases, consumer law, and family law. He has a wonderful capacity for languages and speaks four different ones. They are English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Some of the most notorious corruption cases in recent years, which have occurred in Brazil, have involved advertising agencies. Bruno Fagali has urged companies to take extra precautions to avoid the occurrence of unethical conduct. It is necessary, according to Fagali to take extra steps against red flags which are conducive to unethical behavior. He calls attention to relationships between advertising agencies and directors and employees of advertisers which can be problematic. In these instances, Fagali says that gifts, lodging, and travel financing should never be offered.

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Comparative Law- Sujit Choudhry

The Ukraine government recently organized an event that brought together law makers such as Sujit Choudhry. The conference was held on 10TH July 2017. The event which organized and hosted by think tank Ukraine was meant to discuss the constitution difficulties facing the country as well as the semi-presidential system of Ukraine. The law experts met in Kiev to talk about how they can help Ukraine improve its governing process. Mr. Sujit mentioned that it was such a pleasure to meet other legislators from all over the world in that important event to discuss administrative powers of Ukraine. For an extended period, the Ukrainian governing system has been facing some major challenges including separation of power between the Prime minister and the President, concentration of powers within the presidency, weak political parties as well as the electoral system among others. Related article to read on

The meeting was attended by other top law makers including Thomas Sidelius of Darlan University and Sumit Bisarya of International IDEA. At the event, there were also other participants who included Viktar Musiaka, Vladimir Vasilenko, Sergyi Holovatyi who is a member of the constitutional commission of Ukraine, Ihor Koliushko who is a former member of parliament and advisor to the President of Ukraine between 2005-2006, among others.  Additional article to read on

Sujit Choudhry is a lawyer by profession and has specialized in comparative law. Mr. Sujit can well be described as the I. Michael Heyman Professor of law at the University of California, Berkeley School of law where he served as the Dean of the Institution. After his university education, Sujit Choudhry has served in several other organizations including; New York University where he was the Cecelia Goetz professor of law, and the Scholl Chairman a t the University of Toronto.  For added info, hit

In his career as a lawyer, he has been involved in making constitutions for nations as he is considered to be an international comparative expert. Some of the countries Sujit has assisted to either draft or amend their constitution include; South Africa, Libya, Ukraine, Tunisia, Nepal, Egypt, and Jordan. Sujit Choudhry is also an author who has written several chapters, papers, as well as reports.  For his recently authored article, click this.  He holds three law degrees from three different institutions and from different nations including; Harvard University, the University of Toronto and Oxford University. Check this relevant blog on

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Sujit Choudhry: Founding Director of Constitutional Transitions

Sujit Choudhry is the manager of the center of constitutional transitions. According to an interview conducted by CEOCFO, he says the primary intention behind the founding of this center was for generation and bringing together of brains that support constitution by forming great connections with experts far and wide. This would, in turn, lead to the development of policies which were evidence based to help them make decisions. So far, the company boasts of employing 50 experts in at least 25 countries. They have all been part of the vast partnership with many prominent organizations.

Sujit worked as an advisor when it came to Constitution matters, and this led to him establishing the company. He was involved in the authoring of new laws and amending those already in place. Through his time in this career, he realized that many questions do arise since people lack adequate information. Up to date information and incomplete knowledge are some of the many challenges which arise in the formation of a new constitution. After realizing this, Sujit engineered the establishment of this transition center.  Additional reading on

Being an immigrant in three countries, Sujit acquired three law degrees from Harvard, Toronto, and Oxford. He has been exposed to the legal and political environment, and this has acted as a stepping stone in his career. From the rising demand of need for interpretation of the Constitution, his knowledge has been contributive to the legal system in the United States.

Sujit explains that most leaders fail to listen to people on the ground and are also unresponsive to them. Every challenge in his life has acted as an opportunity to go back to the drawing board and start over again. Read more about his insights on issues, click on

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit is a professor of law in California. Sujit Choudhry is also the Chief Executive Officer of the constitutional transitions center. He has worked his way up through his career and has become one of the renowned legal expert and advisor.  For a timeline activity update, check on

Sujit has also worked in many other institutions such as the New York school of law and also as an associate professor at Toronto University. He was also a visiting professor of law at the New York University. His vast knowledge explains the significant achievements in his career.  Check his service and contact info here.

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Clay Siegall Helps Cancer Patients with Medication Developed by Seattle Genetics

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Progressive Development of Players as Reflected in the Fantasy Football Rankings

Fantasy footballers look for potential players who can progress up the fantasy football rankings. A WR who is not in The Ballers Consensus Top 15 requires several improvements over the seasons to make the list.

Martavis Bryant is an example of a player who requires progressive improvement to leap into the territory. The player failed in the previous seasons because of suspensions, poor training performance and injuries. He became a valued asset for the fantasy footballers because of his success in the few games that he played.

Martavis Bryant expectations are the low-end thresholds of a WR1. Slight improvements in the catch rate and target share can make Bryant finish as a WR1. This would improve his fantasy football rankings.

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How Sujit Choudhry Is A Leader In The Field Of Constitutional Law

As an internationally recognized constitutional expert, Sujit Choudhry has spent a large part of his career studying the United States Constitution. The U.S. Constitution has remained a strong document throughout the lifetime of the country in good times and bad. Many other countries have not had this experience including Ukraine.

Ever since the USSR and communism collapsed over 20 years ago Ukraine has difficulties becoming a democratic nation. These difficulties have resulted from both internal and external pressures as the country sways from one crisis to another. Recently, a workshop was held in Kiev, Ukraine which was attended by Sujit Choudhry as well as other constitutional experts across the world. The conference was held in order to address the political system in Ukraine and how the country can form a stable government and constitution. It was held by a Ukranian think tank named the Center for Policy and Legal Reform and another organization named the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.  More to read here.

One of the issues this workshop addressed was that in Ukraine the president of the country holds far too much power. They do not have an effective system of checks and balances in place. People at the conference, including Sujit Choudhry, say that there needs to be a separation of power between the offices of the president and the prime minister so that no one position is too strong.

Sujit Choudhry has been a constitutional scholar for almost 20 years. He currently holds the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law Chair at the University of California, Berkeley – School of Law. He has taught students about constitutional law and comparison constitutional law at the college level since 1999 when he became an Assistant Law Professor of Law at the University of Toronto.  To read more about Sujit, visit his website, click on

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As an expert in constitutional law, Sujit Choudhry formed the Center for Constitutional Transitions in 2012. He saw a need for this center as quite a bit of the information about constitutions is now either outdated or has never been professionally explored and researched. His goal is to provide policy makers with current and accurate fact-based information so they can make informed decisions. Check this recent post of Sujit on

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Ukraine Instability And Sujit Choudhry Take On Stabilizing It.

Constitutional luminaries like Sujit Choudhry have met at Kiev to end decades of instability that plagues Ukraine. Since communism fell over 20 years ago, Ukraine government has failed to transition to a democratic system. Its people suffer from civil unrest decade after decade. One major reason is because their president holds much power in every facet of the Ukrainian government, making checks and balances against him useless. It’s time a new approach that scholar Sujit Choudhry brings to decentralize Ukrainian government to a semi-presidential system, limiting the president’s power and spread said power to the national legislative branch. And help save Ukrainian men, women, and children.

Sujit Choudhry was an adviser for constitutional transition in countries like Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Nepal, South Africa, and in Ukraine. He’s the author of over 90 articles, book, papers, and reports contributing to the constitution building processes such as security oversight, minority and group rights, decentralization, bill of rights and other subjects essential to a democratic government. For his latest authored post, click  Sujit Choudhry shows he has the experiences, whether by pen or advising, to play a part in Kiev discussion of Ukraine government decentralization. And he brings tools and instruction to decentralize this government faster.  More insights from Sujit on

As director of the center of Constitution Transitions, Sujit Choudhry gathers reliable information and international networks solutions he offers to policy makers. Additional article to read on this link.  His inter global networks are connections with multilateral organizations, think tanks and NGOs, plus relations with the United nations as its mediation Roster and development program member.  Check   And his relations with the World Bank Institute as their consultant.

Sujit Choudhry has the intellectual faculty to facilitate peace for Ukrainians, he also the manpower and a global network of connections to help bring the tools, and the proven facts to facilitate a quick, but peaceful transition into a semi-presidential government.  More to read on

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Voice Of The Disadvantaged Migrants In Lacey and Larkin

All human beings are equal in the eyes of God and the law. However, it is not the case with fellow men. People are classified or divided on the basis of various external factors, which make them be viewed as superior or inferior.

Irrespective of personal standings and beliefs, all human beings have their rights in the society. Moreover, every human being ought to be respected just as others regardless of various differences. Racial difference is one major basis for discrimination in the modern world. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

Migrants have a hectic time exercising their rights in a foreign land, and they are looked down upon by the indigenous. They are segregated and left out of societal developments and welfare. They are disadvantaged in all respects and have no say in the matters that concern them. Fortunately, members of the community with hearts filled with compassion have witnessed this cruelty and have remained silent for long.

Some have joined the migrants in the fight against all kinds of discrimination through active activist groups. A good example is the Frontera Fund founded by Lacey and Larkin to foster for the recognition and to honor the rights of the disadvantaged Hispanic community in the state of Arizona.

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin are renowned and influential media figures at Village Voice Media. The Frontera Fund came about over a decade ago as a result of their advocacy for the rights of the disadvantaged in their locality. Consequently, they underwent a rough experience, which fueled them even the more.

Like every other profession, theirs in the media had its fair share of risks. Among their responsibilities was to uncover and inform the public on the vices being perpetrated without their knowledge.

For this reason, one beautiful evening as they were relaxing at their home in Phoenix, suspicious cars made a grand entrance. They would later know that it was the Selective Enforcement Unit from Maricopa.

Lacey and Larkin were arrested, handcuffed, and shoved in the unmarked vehicles with tinted windows carrying the Mexican plates. Even more frustrating, the pirates locked them up in different jails away from the solace of each other. The duo was languishing in prison for standing by the truth.

They had exposed the ills of Arpaio by publishing an article in the ‘Phoenix New Times’ about his ill treatment of immigrants. He was the leader of the gang that oversaw all wrong-doings in Arizona despite being in authority.

He supported the anti-Mexican fear-mongering and political affectation in the state. Moreover, the duo unmasked the irregularities in finance and mismanagement of the sheriff’s office and the power abuses against those that dared speak against the authority.

Luckily, after the public learned of the adversities facing the two, they took to the streets and demanded their release. True to the saying that unity is power, they were released in less than 24 hours. In addition, this injustice instigated an insurgency that led to the founding of Frontera Fund, which was initially funded by the $3.7 million compensation that Lacey and Larkin received from Maricopa County.

The Frontera Fund Foundation purposes to assist the disadvantaged like the Hispanic community in Arizona, who since the duo’s childhood were victims of discrimination, civil right abuse, and racism. Despite being natives, Lacey and Larkin have vowed to uphold the rights of the migrants regardless of the immense challenges.