A Comeback Plan for Jacob Gottlieb

Early 2016, Jacob Gottlieb, who was the chief investment officer of Visium Asset Management LP liquidated his firm following an insider-trading scandal. The closure of the firm was prompted from indictments against the staff for miscalculating security values to overcharge investors and deceive them on the liquidity of the funds and other scandals. Mr. Gottlieb, however, was excused from any misconduct in the scandal. Despite the downfall of his company, Jacob, who is zealous about investing pledged to the world that he would make his comeback in the investment world.

Several People working at the hedge fund were charged with several allegations and suffered huge losses. A Visium portfolio manager Sanjay Valvani was accused of making transactions on critical government information on generic-drug approvals. Days after the accusation and charges, a partner at Visium’s Healthcare-Focused Fund was discovered dead in his home in controversial suicide circumstances.

Stefan Lumiere, Portfolio manager at the firm, was also indicted of mismarking securities with the motive of overcharging investors. After pleading not guilty, he was convicted for 18 months in prison, three years supervised release, and a $1million fine. Several other people went down with the firm which affected their profession to date such as Lumiere who has been barred by the Securities and Exchange Commission on working in the securities industry.

Since the closure of the Hedge Fund, Mr. Gottlieb has been waiting for the appropriate time to introduce a new hedge fund. He has finally managed to plan a Return in the market through Atrium Capital. He has established Altium Capital as a family office with a capacity of six employees involved mostly in the management of his wealth. His firm will emphasize investing in healthcare and is already making bets on the stocks in the sector. Gottlieb has said that the strategy of the new fund whose Chief Operating Officer is Mark Gottlieb, Jacobs’s brother will be similar to Visium’s most substantial funds but with a different focus based on systematic research.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Creates Connections with Patients

Since starting her practice, Dr. Jennifer Walden’s goal has been to create a lot of connections with the patients she has. She knows what to do to make sure she can help patients with positive experiences and that’s something that allows her to do more with her plastic surgery practice. There are so many different things that can help patients and Dr. Jennifer Walden knows what to do to make sure she knows how to make everything better for everyone she serves. As a plastic surgeon, it’s her job to make people feel better about themselves. She’s in the business of making people feel good and that’s part of the reason she’s so good at what she does. Dr. Jennifer Walden also knows there are things she can do that might make it easier for her to help people.

For a long time, Dr. Jennifer Walden relied on traditional marketing options. She wanted to show people they could do things right and she made sure they had someone who cared about what they were doing. It made sense for Dr. Jennifer Walden to do things that might change the way people saw her, though. Instead of just focusing on what she could do and how she could make things better. There were times when Dr. Jennifer Walden struggled to make the most out of the business and get more patients, but she knew marketing the right way was the key that would help her help all the patients possible.

When Dr. Jennifer Walden started marketing on social media, she knew she was doing something right. By using Instagram, she has a medium with which to connect with people who might not know how to get help the right way. Because of this, Dr. Jennifer Walden knows there are things that she can do that will continue helping everyone who needs it. Her presence on social media shows she knows what she’s doing and she knows how to make connections. Her patients might get better treatment because she knows what they’re looking for thanks to the beauty standards that are prominent on social media.

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Wes Edens-Making South Florida commutable again

The website wingsjournal.com recently published an article on its website dated June 18, 2018, entitled, “Wes Edens and Brightline: The future looks brighter for South Florida Commuters.”

Wes Edens, co founder of private equity firm Fortress Investment and co owner of the Milwaukee Buck NBA Franchise, has recently focused his efforts on providing an affordable and time saving venture with Brightline Smart Service.

Brightline Smart Service is the only privately owned and operated passenger train system in the country which Edens has invested time and energy to making commuting in South Florida a much more efficient and hassle free mode of travel. The high speed train cuts the time it takes from Fort Lauderdale to Miami down to 30 minutes instead of the normally congested auto travel that can currently take an hour or more. The vision is to make the surrounding 6 blocks around the station in Miami to include shops, restaurants and residences to drive up market value. Check out cnbc.com to learn more.

The high speed train service launched in May of 2018 allows commuters the ability to purchase a one way ticket between the two cities for only $10. The train provides commuters the ability to relax with food service, comfortable leather seats and free Wi-Fi. Cutting commuting time in half has been a huge success with commuters and provides an alternative means of travel. Even taking an Uber would cost around $40 each way.

The success of Brightline has now expanded the train service to West Palm Beach and eventually the plan to continue to Orlando, Florida. Wes Edens realizes that this train service isn’t just great for commuters in South Florida but sees the need to connect cities around the country that are too close to fly, but very congested by auto travel between them. Wes Edens believes that this model of high speed train travel between cities like Atlanta and Charlotte, Houston and Dallas, as well as between other major cities, is ideally suited for the high speed train service. His vision goes well beyond Florida and is a fantastic way for commuters to save time and money!

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Sheldon Lavin : Innovator and Leader

Although already on the top of the food production industry, OSI Group continues to seek innovative ways in their production methods in order to bring the best possible product to the consumer. Its humble beginnings from a neighborhood butcher shop to one of the worlds largest food manufactures is truly an incredible American story.

The growth and innovation of OSI Group since the mid-70’s has been under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. Lavin’s entrance to the company was, to say the least not very traditional. Before his time with OSI, Sheldon Lavin was working as an investment manager and bank executive. It was during this time that OSI sought the help of Sheldon Lavin in order to acquire funds for their planned expansion. Lavine’s role was played such a critical role that OSI’s bank insisted that Levin have a shared stake in the company. Levin declined the offer but still stayed to overlook the process as a consultant to the company. It was not until the mid 70’s that Levine was made a partner after the company decided that they needed to expand their business overseas. Visit discoverorg.com to learn more about Sheldon Lavin

It was Lavin’s push for innovation and new strategies that ultimately led OSI Group to partner with McDonald’s as the sole provider of their meats. Sheldon Lavin was not only looking for efficient ways to run the business, but his outlook was also that a company as big as OSI needed to do their part in protecting the environment as well, therefore, distribution centers and their process where converted to cause the least amount of damage to the environment. Sheldon Lavin’s efforts would catch the attention of the world as OSI would be recognized and awarded for their efforts. Some notable awards include the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award, California Green Busines Award and the Global Visionary award.

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Benefits of Organo Gold Products in the Market

Organo Gold is a global networking company that aims to spread the knowledge about the benefits of Ganoderma to the world. The vision of the company is to enable people to improve lives by reaching new levels of wellness, balance and prosperity through the use of their products and the opportunities they offer. The products offered by Organo Gold include coffees, teas and nutraceuticals .

One of the components of the teas and coffee sold by Organo gold is Ganoderma Lucidum. Ganoderma lucidum has many health benefits. One of the benefits of taking the teas and coffee is cancer prevention. Ganoderma Lucidum has properties that help to boost the immunity system thus giving the body to battle cancerous growths. Studies have shown that Ganoderma Lucidum is particularly useful in hindering the development of breast cancer.

Ganoderma Lucidum also has properties that play a key role in the support of the immune system. Regular consumption of the Organo Gold tea and coffee can help to have better levels of antioxidants. This is very helpful in the prevention of growth of tumors and for the general well being of the body.

According to Japanese and Chinese scientists, Ganoderma Lucidum is promotes better blood flow and also improves heart health. Other studies show that the fungus is useful in lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol in the body and reducing the buildup of plaque on arteries. Other benefits include sugar level regulation in the blood and reducing the chances of developing stroke.

There was a study conducted in 2009 that indicate that Ganoderma Lucidum has immune modulation and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it useful in the treatment of conditions such as arthritis and also several allergies that result in inflammation. Another benefit of Ganoderma lucidum is that it is highly concentrated in antioxidants which makes it crucial for the repair of cells and ensures quick recovery for wounds.For people struggling with weight loss, Ganoderma lucidum has been proven to have oxygenating properties that is useful in boosting metabolism hence can be useful for weight loss programs.

About Organo Gold: www.crunchbase.com/organization/organo-gold-enterprises

All You Need to Know about the SEC Whistleblower Program

The SEC whistleblower program was initiated to allow for eligible whistleblowers to get rewards for providing information that leads to enforcement of SEC actions. The whistleblower was enacted by the congress to help the government fight violation of security laws as well as financial fraud. Since the establishment of the SEC Whistleblower office, many investment fraud schemes have been uncovered. Additionally, it has haltered fraud considerably. With more than 22,000 tips, $1.5 billion have been earned through SEC information actions as wrongdoers’ monetary sanctions. Out of the $1.5 billion, $322 million has been paid to whistleblowers as awards.


Markets have been permeated with corporate scandals in the wake of the global financial crisis. Private individuals had to come to salvage the situation as law enforcement couldn’t watch the marketplace efficiently on their own. In 2010, the SEC Whistleblower program came into existence with the aim to provide monetary awards, employment protections as well as anonymous reporting.


You are eligible to participate in this program regardless of citizenship with a few exclusions or qualifications. Employees are now empowered to report on misconduct without fear of retaliation. This is because they can report anonymously.

Anonymous reporting

Anonymous reporting had to be allowed to enable law enforcement as well as regulatory authorities to get actionable intelligence. To be able to report anonymously, you should have a SEC Whistleblower advocate who will represent you. The attorney will have a copy of your submission which is signed as required by law. The advocate or rather attorney will authenticate your identity and submit the information to the SEC. Essentially, he or she will act as an intermediary between you and the SEC. He will push for the highest possible monetary reward in the event of a successful enforcement action.

Employment protections

Before the enactment of the SEC whistleblower law, employees found it difficult to report on securities violations. The concerns surrounding loyalty, being a team player and security made employees hold back from blowing the whistle on their employers. This program came to level the playing field.

The law protects employees from any kind of retaliation from employers in case they blow the whistle. It entirely protects an employer regardless of authenticity of the securities violations allegations. It doesn’t matter if the information could lead to a successful enforcement action. If an employee believes that an employer is retaliating against him or her for tipping the authorities, the employee has a right to immediately initiate a lawsuit against the employer in a federal court. The employee can receive the following remedies upon a successful lawsuit; double back pay with interest, attorney fees, reinstatement and other litigation expenses.

Monetary rewards

The total penalties associated with SEC enforcement actions exceeds $1 million. A whistleblower is entitled to between 10% and 30% of the proceeds gained from SEC enforcement actions. A whistle blower is entitled to other additional awards including monetary rewards from monetary sanctions received from other law enforcement actions as well as regulatory organizations. The rewards are dependent on the significance of information provided, the interest of law enforcement to make an award, the assistance provided as well as participation in internal reporting systems. Some of the factors that could reduce an award include whistleblower delay to report, interference with reporting systems and international compliance as well as whistleblower culpability.



How To Be a Better Leader According to James River Capital

There are different kinds of leaders in this world: there are dictators, servant-leaders, leader-followers, etc. But when it all boils down to it – leaders will have qualities that are common to each other – but might have different manifestations depending on the leader. A leader is a decision maker of the path to success and failure, and speaking of paths, a leader is a person who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way – that’s according to John Maxwell. Leaders would have these staple qualities: honesty, integrity, confidence, are able to inspire others, commitment, passion, good communication skills, accountability, grace under pressure, just to name a few.


These qualities put together make a good leader – but what makes a better leader? The James River Capital Corporation has a few tips for aspiring leaders around the globe. Here are a few tips to be able to step up your game as a leader.Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn


Even if you are the leader, you must remember that even if you have the last decision on things – that your members’ thoughts and opinions are of great importance and value to your team as well – and the collective opinion of your team members are as good as your last word! So make sure that you encourage your team members to speak out their opinions on your plans and your way of execution. Also, you have to make sure that even opinions are sometimes shut down (because that’s an event that is always going to happen), that you still make sure that they feel valued and that their ideas matter.


Speaking of communication – that is the one of the main keys to become a better leader yourself. You have to learn how to create a healthy communication system within your company and this isn’t limited to your team member’s communication with you but also amongst themselves. You would have to create an environment that would let them feel that you are a safe person to go to and share their ideas with – you would now want them to withhold their valuable information from you. You have to be extremely careful because it is a natural reaction from a leader to retaliate once there is a bad thing that happens or that is caused by the team members. So make sure that retaliation isn’t your first reaction. Learn more: https://www.turtletrader.com/trader-jamesriver/


Lastly, you want to show your team how the job is done – you will also have to push them from behind and not the other way around. You have to support your team.


These tips come from James River Corp, a leader in alternative investments and this company is ran by Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt – two powerhouse investment champions and management geniueses.


The Austin Parks and Recreation Recycling Task Force and Rick Cofer

Austin’s Parks and Recreation Recycling Task Force has recommended a number of ways Austin citizens can most efficiently recycle. The Austin instituted RRTF to the end of implementing ways to help reduce waste in the city by 90 percent by 2040. This was seen as an important initiative after the council found that recycling was one of the lowest areas of efficiency in the city. The task force has presented two plans: A one year plan that would cost the city $1.3 million or a two-year plan that would cost it $802,500.


Both plans involve the purchase and installation of 800 receptacles and 900 signs; the hiring of a recycling program coordinator, parks ground specialist, and temporary employees; public education; and ongoing collection and hauling services. In October 2016, it tentatively started working on the preparations for this plan. It currently oversees 20,000 acres of land, 51 aquatic facilities, 26 recreation, and senior centers, and 700 employees. The plan will be started in earnest after the city has approved the plan. The task force is chaired by Rick Cofer.


For a decade prior to taking up this role, Cofer has led the Law Office of Rick Cofer since 2008. During that time he has handled thousands of felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile court cases. He has also had a vast amount of experience handling DWI, assault, family violence, drug possession, theft, and juvenile charges. He is active with much of Austin’s work. Besides its Parka and Recreation Task Force, Cofer helps lead the Kind Clinic, Pease Park Conservancy, Ending Community Homelessness Coalition. He has also been active in service of the Democratic Party on local, state and national levels for more than ten years.


When he is not busy in his professional or civil work, Cofer enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with his dog, Lady Bird. He plans to soon adopt a second dog which he will name Truman.






How SoftBank Group Acquired Fortress Investment Group

Late in 2017, a press release was issued regarding the SoftBank Group’s acquisition of Fortress Investment Group. This acquisition was a long time coming, and had been discussed earlier in the year by shareholders. The transaction was agreed upon by all shareholders, and it was completed by December 2017. Why did SoftBank Group seek to purchase the Fortress Investment Group?

The sale totaled $3.3 billion dollars in cash. That number is rather large considering that the investment group was considered to be one of the top investment groups in the country. The close of the transaction transferred all of the shares into the name of SoftBank Group, however the daily operations of the investment group would not change. There were outstanding shares in the Fortress Class A shares which were converted into a price of $8.08 per share. These shares were distributed according to a proxy that was agreed upon by all shareholders.

What happened to the stocks that were once under the name of Fortress Investment Group? All of those listed on the NYSE would now fall under the name and stocks listed for SBG. SBG also agreed that the outcome of this transaction as well as the impact of the transfer of stocks would be announced when necessary. There was also no change in regards to the partners. Randal Nardone, Peter Briger, and Wes Edens would all continue their work as usual.

The SoftBank Group has been what the industry calls a major player in the technology marketplace. With the increase in information overload and new ways of segmenting this information, the company wanted to get their piece of the pie by focusing more on funds that were tech driven. Needless to say, their acquisition of Fortress Investment Group was an unusual investment for them, and somewhat outside of their usual interests.

This was a step in the right direction to diversify their funds, and potentially carry business in real estate investments and other areas as well.

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Lawrence Alioto Joins Madison Street Capital As The Managing Director For The Capital Markets Department

Madison Street Capital has for the past few years recorded an increased demand for their services by technology companies. This informed their decision to bring on board Lawrence Alioto as the new managing director for their capital markets departments. Alioto has extensive experience with the capital markets as well as dealing with technology companies and Madison management, therefore, believes he will play a critical role in helping the brand solidify its operations and attract more clients within this niche.


What makes the perfect candidate for this post?


Lawrence Alioto has more than three decades of active experience in both the capital markets as well as dealing with the technology industry players. His career started at the floor of Chicago mercantile exchange where he used to trade options and currency futures. Visible prowess in the trade saw him tapped by PaineWebber in San Francisco.


He would later serve in the business development and private equity financing departments of technology companies in California. In 2004, he joined hands with other like-minded business developers and starting VeriTainer Corporation, where he served as president.


Most recently Alioto helped different technology brands redefine their business development agendas and source for finances. His rich industry experience in business financing, development and governmental affairs like compliance make him a perfect fit for the job.


Acceptance remarks


While acknowledging the appointment, Alioto mentioned that the rapid advancements in the technology industry have presented it with unique challenges. He also appreciated the role Madison Street Capital has been engaged in, by providing middle-market companies with an opportunity to blossom into major industry drivers and innovators. The experienced business leader concluded by expressing his excitement to join and help Madison capital navigate these challenges.


About Madison street capital


Established in 2005, the investment banking firm has gone on to become one of the most successful outfits in the country and internationally. This has seen the Chicago-based firm open up new offices and operating bases in North Africa and Asia. Locally, Madison Street Capital is currently searching for office space in Austin as the City gears up to become the next technology hub in the country.


Madison takes pride in their deep experience and understanding of the major facets of corporate finance and governance. Some of their key strengths here include representing brands during mergers and acquisitions and helping with deal structuring and valuations as well as sourcing for specialized financing or offering alternative exit strategies. By offering a global view to local businesses, Madison Street Capital has not only posted numerous success stories but is now considered an industry leader and influencer.


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