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Insight of CRDA Executive Director and Devco President on Middlesex County Defaulted Payments

Someone has to explain Middlesex County defaulted payments for a $20 million loan arranged by New Brunswick Development Corporation (Devco). The loan was funded in 2005 by Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) to construct The Heldrich Hotel & Conference Center. The president of Devco, Christopher Paladino and Executive Director of CRDA, John Cantalupo shared their insight about the default on February 29th, 2016 to Press of Atlantic City. Subordinate bondholders aren’t pleased with the default because they haven’t received payments in years. A schedule to the company’s financial statements showed senior bondholders were repaid $30 million with five percent interest.

The president of Devco explained that the hotel Middlesex County Improvement Authority had to use its money to help pay for expenses. He also said that Heldrich had to pay $1.2 million in real estate taxes that was produced over the years and the employees. Executive Director of CRDA acknowledged the defaulted loan and said that the agency issued the loan knowing the risk of subordinated lenders being the last to be repaid.

Cantalupo also said the risks involved are to make the loans available for senior lenders to participate. He continued by saying, there are “tangible economic effects that are measurable in the Heldrich Hotel case.″ The lender and developer provided some insight to the subordinate bondholders on why they aren’t being repaid. Casino Reinvestment Development Authority knew when the loan was made it would be a “deeply subordinated lender″.

Devco, also known as New Brunswick Development Corporation is an urban real estate organization. The mission of the company is to development mixed-use projects and redevelopment projects in the City of New Brunswick and New Jersey.



59% Of Kyle Bass Petitions Denied By The Patent Trial And Appeal Board

Kyle Bass formed an association he named Coalition for Affordable Drugs which has been challenging many drugs and dosages by a group of pharmaceuticals companies. From all the pleas made by the coalition of affordable drugs patent trial and appeal, the board has identified 59% of them as not valid. Bass has been challenging the patents and pharmaceutical companies like Acirda Therapeutics Inc., Celgene Corporation and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. Allegedly bass coalition identified one drug named dimethyl fumarate meant for treatment of multiple sclerosis under us patent number 8, 399,514. He also held a challenge for Biogen Inc. with multiple sclerosis drugs. Of all the reports bass has been filing numerous reports for similar patent where only 10 of those petitions have been accepted but 17 of those petitions denied. Bass has been discouraging the cost of drugs in relation to the dosages and affordability of the drugs.

Bass founded the Hayman Capital Management a Dallas Texas based hedge fund and is also its principle. He gained popularity after predicting the subprime mortgage crises but has over time received criticism for his unethical behavior. His hedge fund is also not doing that well because of all other predictions he made only the mortgage crisis was right. May media houses and newspapers have however been seeking his opinion about the financial industry and the European markets. Bass has been driving to the drains any pharmaceutical companies through his continuous campaigns. Most of those campaigns are not true and only destroying the capacities and potentials of many pharmaceuticals. Allegedly Bass says that he is doing the campaign to protect citizens and promote affordability of the drugs. Most of his pleas about the patents have been denied.

UsefulStooges wrote that Bass has been claiming that many drug companies have been repackaging and reducing the required dosages of their drugs. His move with his coalition of affordable drugs led to Arcadia’s stock dropping by 10%. He says that he is trying to do good for the society and making more money but this strategy is not working for many patients, and they are against his campaigns. His fund Hayman Capital has not been performing very well especially in 2012 when it recorded a loss of 32%. Bass was only right with only one prediction that made him a fortune, but he has since then made huge losses allegedly related to his poor opinions in his media interviews.

He was also identified as the supporter of Argentina especially when the country defaulted in debt in 2001. Bass supported the then President Kristina Fernandez and was seen supporting her policies which led to the poor performance of the country in the market to the point of being issued a ban. Bass association with general motor did not go very well, and the firm in return performed poorly. CNBC has some good interviews about how unsavory Kyle Bass continues to be in the public eye.

Securus Technologies Packs Innovation in its New Inmate Video App

Securus Technologies launches a new innovative product in the market that aims at connecting inmates all over the country with their friends and loved ones. The product supports most mobile phones devices.

New Inmate Video App Gets Widespread Market Reception

Securus Technologies recently launched a new and innovative app that aims at connecting inmates with their families and loved ones. The app supports mobile phones and other devices that use either android or apple operating systems. According to me, this is quite exciting and impressive for the company as it aims to solidify its place as the market leader providing civil and also criminal justice solutions. Its products offer solutions for corrections and monitoring, public safety as well as investigation support. As the general public, we are glad to have such an innovative company equipping our security apparatus with top notch solutions.

The new mobile app has received exceptional market reception with the android version attaining over 60,000 downloads in less than six months. The apple version has already received 5,000 downloads in a span of one week. With this app, making video inmate phone calls and visiting inmates has been made easier. Using the free app, families get to share special moments with incarcerated loved ones.

About Securus Technologies

Securus headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. The company services span across North America with over 3,400 public safety apparatus using its products. These include law enforcement agencies, public safety bodies and correctional facilities. Furthermore, it serves 1.2 million inmates. The company is committed to providing emergency response services, incident management, investigation assistance, biometric analysis, inmate communication and information management, monitoring its products and services as well as empowering inmate self-services.

Securus is committed to making life safer for everybody. Since its inception in 1986, Securus Technologies has grown into other regions with offices in Atlanta, Georgia as well as Allen and Carrollton both located in Texas. In its 30 years in the market, the company has expanded its services to cover 48 states of America. It runs round the clock customer call centers throughout the year. To date, the company has over 140 patents with another 90 pending. Securus has over 1,300 associates in the United States. The Securus difference is revolutionary, superior, relevant and continuously evolving to meet market needs.

Securus Technologies is in no way affiliated with the following: Securus the health product or the site Securus America.

Sam Tabar: How to Target the Best Investors

In many aspects of financial analysis, it’s vital to have a strategy that targets the best investors. Because of this, investment companies know it takes a specific type of person to not only find investors, but also communicate clearly with them in order to gain their confidence. When it comes to financial analysts who have the communication skills needed to work well with investors, it’s Sam Tabar.

As an experienced lawyer who has gained a worldwide reputation for excellence, Sam has used his abilities over the past decade to help numerous investors meet and exceed their financial goals. Whether working for PMA Investment Advisors or Bank of America, Sam has always been able to study trends within the financial market to help investors around the world make the right decisions. Recognized as an expert in Asia-Pacific economics and finance, he makes regular trips to Hong Kong, Beijing, and other cities in order to meet with company executives as well as other investors. Due to his vast knowledge of the area’s economic policies, Sam has become an analyst who is trusted across the region for his knowledge and experience.

In addition to this, Sam also spends much of his time studying the latest market news in order to help investors make the best decisions for their short and long-term goals. Always eager to develop additional cutting-edge marketing strategies, Sam is known as a risk taker who always comes through for his clients. A detail-oriented analyst, he knows what it takes to find success over and over again.

Continuing to build upon his reputation as a financial genius, Sam regularly seeks out and finds only the best investors for his business ventures. In his position as Head of Business Strategy and Development with PMA, Sam realizes the importance of helping the firm’s hedge fund grow as much as possible. Having been able to grow the fund from an initial value of $2 billion to well over $3 billion, he has demonstrated his ability to produce results that are considered fantastic by others in the industry. With more investors than ever lined up for his services, Sam is well on his way to superstardom.  Be sure to follow Mr. Tabar on Twitter for updates, but also check out his GoFundMe campaign where Sam works with AWI for African children.

A Week Using Wen by Chaz

Everyone wants to look their best and, according to a popular hair care line called “WEN by Chaz”, having fantastic looking hair can be a reality. Even for those of us with flat, thin, or unmanageable hair, Wen by Chaz Dean boasts that it can transform our appearance with a few simple washings with the shampoo, conditioner, and styler that is all in one nice little bottle. A young lady name Emily McClure put Wen by Chaz to the test and keep an account of her seven-day journey.

While Ms. McClure started out a bit leery of the product, she says that she began to feel immediate results even during her washing routine. She states that her hair, which is naturally thin, began to feel thicker as she massaged the product through her locks.

Although very happy with the initial results, Ms. McClure warns readers that her hair was very greasy when she woke up the next morning. In fact, while she had great results after showering each day, her hair became a problem if she didn’t have time to wash it when she got up each morning.

What was the end verdict from Ms. McClure’s experiment? She claims that Wen Hair products from sephora is a great product for those who have fine hair and need some additional boost and shine; however, she also points out that, unless one is willing to use the product every day, they will struggle with some serious oily and unmanageable hair.

If you want to read more about Emily McClure’s Wen by Chaz experience, you can check out the full story at