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Lawyer for Mayor de Blasio Criticizes Board of Elections

According to article in the Wall Street Journal, Laurence D. Laufer criticized the New York State Board of Elections for not only referring a case against the mayor for investigation into possible criminal proceedings, but also for leaking the information to the news media. Laufer is the attorney for de Blasio’s campaign.

The board has accused de Blasio of breaking the rules that limit how much can be donated to political candidates. According to Laufer, the board misinterpreted the law. He accused the board of being highly prejudicial and political by leaking the letter referring de Blasio for criminal investigation.

Laufer and the state board were referring to Mayor de Blasio’s Campaign for One New York and donors to it. Allegedly the mayor’s administration lifted a restriction on a deed owned by one donor, allegedly allowing the donor to make a profit of $72 million. The board questioned the relationship between two donors and the New York City Police Department. De Blasio and his administration raised funds in 2014 for Democratic candidates for state senate.

De Blasio’s administration had admitted to error regarding the property deal, but says it did nothing improper in regard to the other allegations. It is cooperating fully.

In 2014 de Blasio raised funds for the state senate candidates, then sent the money to county committees, which then passed the money on to those candidates. According to Risa Sugarman, lawyer for the Board of Elections, the transfers were done in such a way as to suggest they were trying to evade the law.

Ross Martin Abelow is an attorney located in New York City, and is registered to practice law in the state of New York.

Abelow works in various aspects of private law practice, including family and matrimonial law. He works with contract law for entertainers and athletes. People in those industries must be especially careful about their contracts. That’s true because producers in the industry tend to grab all the rights they can, and also because their careers are vulnerable to things beyond their control, such as how well they go over with audiences.

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Realizing That I Have Friends On Skout’s App

Every time I realize I have friends waiting for me on Skout’s app, I take time to sit back and smile. In the past, I had a lot of trouble making friends. Even when I attended school or went to the university for classes, I found it difficult to strike up conversations with people. I realize now that I found it difficult because I felt like I did not know anything about these people. Now, when I go to a bar or club to meet new people I feel the exact same way. I feel lucky to have found this extraordinary new application for my smart phone that allows me to talk to new people online.

What Types Of Relationships Can You Develop From Skout?

Skout is a fun, innovative new way to make friends and meet interesting people on your phone. You can meet new online friends and develop serious, caring relationships with other people before you even meet them in real life. Meeting people on Skout is fun, and it is easy to take these relationships to a new level of friendship, or you can find a new romantic partner based on the people you meet on Skout.

Skout lets you choose what type of relationship you are looking for when you search. You can meet friends online through Skout, and you can arrange to meet these people in public if it seems like a good match. Taking a relationship from the digital world to the real world is very exciting. You already know so much about the person you are meeting when you get to know them on Skout before meeting this person in public. The platform is designed to match people based on their interests, so you will likely find a great match on Skout.

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Mark Sparks, An Entrepreneurial Machine

Mark Sparks, of Timber Creek Capital LP, is definitely NOT an overnight success after enduring through 34 years of business ventures at what he has termed, Sparks Speed which is how he refers to his “Outrageous Sense of Urgency”. He is not the rich kid that grew up playing with his family money and squandering opportunities handed to him on a silver platter.

Mark grew up in Austin, Texas as a ‘C’ student and wants everyone to know that if you want to be successful, you can! His recently published book, They Can’t Eat You, is rated FIVE STARS on Amazon and outlines his journey to success, through his failures and victories in the business world and offers the reader his 50 Sparks as a foundation for your next business venture.

Mark Sparks starts and ends each day with a 15 minute Bible study of his favorite scriptures. A deeply religious man, he finds a great deal of peace in his faith. Expanding on his faith, Mark has been involved with, The Samaritan Inn since the 1980’s. This organization gives people that are down on their luck a place to live for up to five months at a time. Through The Samaritan Inn program, residents get counseling, financial education, job placement, family services, and health programs. Mark’s other passions include the Habitat for Humanity, where Mark has personally helped to build a dozen homes for the needy, and Sparky’s Kids charities.

So, how do you go about impressing someone like Mark Sparks in a venture capital presentation, you ask? He outlines four steps that every presentation should have.

1) Make a point with every visual that you use.

2) Tell a legitimate story with your data

3) Keep it simple

4) Bring out the entire team.

As part of Timber Creek Capital LP’s growth, the company recently moved into a new office space. The office space is large enough to house three separate companies. Having the new businesses all under the same roof ensures that Mark and his team of experts can nurture and ensure the prosperity of their investments.

Stay away from the two most destructful traits an entrepreneur can have. First, substance abuse of any kind including alcohol and drugs; which absolutely destroys your focus and ambition and second, a large ego. People with a large ego, Mark says, don’t listen to their customers and advisors. By staying focused and having the ability to listen, your business will grow exponentially.


Fashion Made Easy By JustFab

JustFab is an online subscription fashion retailer that attracts quite a number of people who are fashion cautious because they offer the best deals that are irresistible. When it comes to styles and trends, no one does it better than JustFab. They value the need for their clients to look classy and so they provide the best styles that sooth their clients’ satisfaction.

JustFab on retailmenot also has the VIP section in its range of products. This section seeks to provide pocket friendly products to celebs and VIP without having them pay more. It is a service that enables the user to skip certain months that they do not wish to shop as a result no charge will be taken from their credit cards. It also provides incentives to its customers by delivering freely on products ordered at over $39.

Denim jackets provide the best casual look one will look forward to. A denim jacket worn with jeans preferable skinny jeans and snickers bring out the perfect casual look experience that will inspire you through the day and gives you the confidence to walk in the streets. Denim jackets are also available for those who want to look sporty.

With the company seeking to establish itself in the swimwear it is expected that they will launching unique trendy and quality swimming gear.

Fashion knows no gender and it is important to note that one is charged with how they dress and so it is important to bring out the original and unique part of fashion that is only exceptional to you. Choosing dressing designs is not an easy job and so it is recommended that one consults the fashion specialists who will bring out the best part of you dressing. Tips on making good selection can be found on

Festivals are fast approaching and for those who love floral crowns and head pieces need to look for the new products that have been designed uniquely to bring out the perfect look. This pieces of head wear are so important and are considered a fashion statement by those who wear them and hence a need to try them out.

Wen get Big Points with Pro Stylists

WEN is a hair care system that is a no-lather conditioning formula that is an all in one product. You can find Wen online ( in affordable packages with other Wen hair care system products that can be used in tandem for a more optimal result. The product is a deep cleaning product that gives optimal shine and thorough clean in one shampoo.
Emily McClure is a professional hair stylist. She’s a young woman and has an issue with flat, fine hair. She uses a lot of styling products as a result of this. After hearing so many positive things about Wen, she decided to try it for herself to find out what all the hoopla was about. Below is what the process was and what her findings were.

Day 1-5

She put WEN to the test for 5 days. In that period of time, she used the product the way she felt she should and not always the way it was recommended. This is due to her profession but,by day three she was using the amount recommended.  She also reported far less breakage of hair in the drain. This means easier styling!

As her week went along, she went for a drink with friends and they commented on how shiny her hair was. This was important because she uses a lot of hair styling products day to day. Generally protection and curling products. The only thing she noticed which could have been her styling products and not Wen, was that her curls fell slightly faster than normal.

The Success of Dick DeVos

Recently in news, the final two sailing races concluded two majors events located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. These two big events were the Melges 32 Lauderdale Cup as well as the Melges 32 Blue Water Series that is specifically hosted by the Lauderdale Yacht club. The overall event consisted of 15 knot winds as well as a professional crew that can be proud of their new win. The winners of both the finals as well as the series consists of none other than Dick DeVos, a prominent name in the world of business. Mr. DeVos, with team Volpe, are all elated on the big win and plan to have the same luck for the upcoming year.

One of the great aspects of this past event was the inclusion of children on board during the races. This not only enabled the children to sail with some of the best sailors in the world, but also allowed for the children to learn a couple of new skills. Dick DeVos is especially proud of his team and enjoys the fact that sailing is not only a hobby for him, but it is also a chance to help others improve on the sport of sailing. The photos of this fantastic event are a testament of the fun and competitiveness and everyone was feeling during race day.

Dick DeVos is a prominent businessman who comes from a wealthy background and has been able to develop his family’s name even more. Dick DeVos is currently residing in West Michigan and is held in the highest respect there for not only his donations to his community, but also for his leadership within the community. DeVos gained his wealth and prestige by developing the family name into a multi-billion dollar corporation. This company, called Amway Corporation, is current available both on the national market, as well as on the international market.

Dick DeVos”has worked with Amway Corporation for all of his life. After graduation college with a business degree, Mr. DeVos went on to hold several executive positions within Amway Corporation. With his power and prestige, Dick DeVos has been able to improve his community and create a region that is both wealthy as well as prospering. One of the biggest interests that Mr. DeVos has is to give back to the community through education reforms.

Madison Street Capital’s Executive Wins The Annual M&A Advisor Emerging Leaders Awards

Madison Street Capital is a top international investment banking firm that is based in Chicago, Illinois. One of the things that it makes it very successful is the presence of a highly qualified team. Their team offers excellent financial advisory services, make accurate valuation of businesses and help clients in merger and acquisition. Recently, one of their executives won an impressive award.

Anthony Marsala was recognized as the winner of The M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. He is the firm’s Chief Operating Officer. This Award was started back in 2010 as an equivalent of the 40 Under 40 Awards. The winners are selected by an independent panel of judges.

The award recognizes the efforts and achievements of M&A young executives and professionals who have attained a certain level of success and made extraordinary contribution to the investment world. The winners of this year have an even better advantage since the award has been extended to cover countries in Europe including the United Kingdom. David Ferguson the President of The M&A Advisor said, “the 2016 US award winners join a truly global network of young leaders’. Ferguson further said that he believed that this award will have a positive effect in the progress of the industry.

A black tie Awards Gala will be held in New York at the New York Athletic Club on June 10th, 2016. The purpose of this Award Gala will be to celebrate the achievement of the 2016 winners and to introduce them to the business industry. This event will also be a chance for the past and the current winners and leaders to interact.

Anthony won this award which was contested by other executives in the industry due to the numerous achievements he has made. He is the Co Founder of Madison Street and its Chief Operating Officer. He has a great career profile from 15 years of working in the investment banking. He is a Certified Valuators and Analysts. Anthony has received other awards and recognition in his career. He participated in Crain’s Leadership Academy Program recently. The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts named him as an honoree in their recognition of 40 Under Forty program.

Madison Street Capital provides various investment services with professionalism and technique that make their clients top the international market.

Hey look what QNET is up to now!

One of Asia’s top direct selling pioneers gives back as it continues to help others. QNET under the banner of We Care has helped provide a water storage facility for Government Primary School in Sriram Nagar, Hyderabad. Along with The Lions Club of Hyderabad, Dist. 316 F, QNET is helping to bring safe drinking water to more than 800 students. The principle goal of this project is to supply the school with well maintained water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. This project goes right along with the Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya Government campaign for promoting hygiene awareness. Along with the Lions Club QNET will continue to carry out similar programs on a regular basis to help to better the local society and the environment.

Two very important philosophies in QNET are Raise Yourself to Help Mankind, and RHYTHM and In Service which encourages selfless service to others. QNET works with legitimate NGOs and associations like the Lions Club and encourages active involvement of all its employees and independent representatives. QNET has been inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s great example of selfless service which not only changed a country, but the world. . Mr. Gandhi said “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” QNET agrees with this concept.

The parent company of QNET is a group called QI and is a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Network being the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. QNET on an international level has done much to help the homeless and destitute taking it as their Corporate Social Responsibility. They have helped support a healthy check drive at the Home of Hope in Bangalore where over 200 adults have been helped in a 2 month intense health program where they are given NUTRIPLUSTM Protein Power – health supplement from QNET, India. I have found out also that in India QNET is a member of the Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA)

QNET is an amazing company that offers top quality products for healthcare and wellness, educational opportunities, jewelry and watches, technology, a titanium motor treatment, products for personal care and beauty, holidays and more.

Japanese Sword Expert Michael Zomber

Antiques are desired by many collectors. An antique item is often cherished because it has superior workmanship and impressive details. Many people over the years have found it useful to have such items in their house and places of business. A beautiful antique item can be a source of pleasure as well as a means to connect with the past. One person who knows about the value of antiques very well is specialist Michael Zomber. Like many of his fellow experts, Zomber has a particular specialty that he find particularly fascinating. In his case, this is the world of Japanese swords.

Japanese Armor and Swords

Zomber, a native of the United States, first became interested in this field as as young child when he read tales of Japanese swordsmen. His fascination continued as he grew older and learned more about the subject. He found himself drawn to this area as he explored the world of Japanese culture. He began to learn all that he could about the subject, eventually deciding to make it his life’s work. He studied the field closely in order to learn even more about it as he grew even more fond of Japanese craftsmanship and expertise in this area.

His Background

A native of Washington, D.C., Zomber earned multiple degrees in the field of literature. Since graduating from college, he has chosen to settle in Philadelphia, making it his home base as he continued his career in the field of all things related to Japanese swords and armor. He has become one of the world’s foremost experts on the use and creation of Japanese Samurai swords. Many people have turned to him for skilled advice in determining which particular type of swords may be right for their current collections and any new collections the may wish to start.

A Storyteller

Perhaps above all else, Zomber is a storyteller. He loves to tell stories of all kinds, especially those related to the world of Japanese armor and sword making. He has turned this talent to good use, writing very frequently about the world of the Japanese Samurai for pleased audiences all over the world. His passion can’t be deterred by anything.

How Slyce is Driving New Search Technologies

Search engines are becoming increasingly more important in the business world. With thousands of companies relying on search engine marketing and advertising, search engines play a key role in delivering products to consumers. While many people may think that search engines are limited to simple text, companies like Slyce are changing the search engine world with its innovative visual search technology.

Unlike traditional search engines that rely on text input, visual search technology from Slyce allows for users to interact with search platforms in new and innovative ways. Slyce eliminates the barrier of having to type in a search term by allowing the user to take a picture of what they want to search for. The user can then get instant results and product suggestions. The instantaneous results is particularly important in today’s modern world, where companies must fight for the attention of their consumers.

Visual search technology is a game changer when it comes to e-commerce. For example, as reported by Marketwired, Slyce and US footwear and accessories retailer, Shoe Carnival, have recently entered into a deal to incorporate visual search for Shoe Carnival products. The system includes a fully automated 3-D search technology that allows users to take a picture of footwear with their mobile devices and instantly be presented with matching products from the Shoe Carnival product library. This implementation of visual search is particularly useful for the consumer as it allows them to find the shoes that they want by taking pictures of similarly styled shoes either in person or from a magazine.

In the case of the partnership between Slyce and Shoe Carnival, the innovative visual search techniques help to engage Shoe Carnival customers and presents them with options that they may not have considered otherwise.

Shoe Carnival is the newest of many already participating companies that have used Slyce’s visual search technology to interact with their consumers and new ways. Many large retail brands, such as Target, JCPenney, Home Depot, and more are already integrating Slyce’s innovative search techniques to drive sales and engage consumers. Visual search can be a powerful tool for companies to use in their advertising and marketing efforts.