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Kenneth Goodgame Keeps Up The Success

Kenneth Goodgame is an individual that has had a lot of success in his professional life. Kenneth Goodgame started his professional career with his education. He received his bachelors of science in marketing at the University of Tennessee. From 1995 1999 he worked at The Home Depot as a senior product merchant. After that, he went on to be a director of property brands. Kenneth Goodgame then went on to work as the director senior global product merchant from 2001 to 2002.

Goodgame was able to generate a $18 million increase in the gross margin by designing and implementing rebates that were very functional in order to power engine suppliers for different equipment. From 2000 to 2007 he worked for Newell Rubbermaid. He was able to serve as a Senior Vice President of marketing, the President, and General Manager. In those positions, he was able to grow new business to $490 million with in only 18 months. Goodgame was able to design many different national campaign ads, he was able to launch many product lines that were able to secure $70 million in sales. During his tenure at Newell Rubbermaid he was able to achieve 94% growth to get $250 million in customer goods.

Goodgame was also able to work as a Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandise Officer at True Value Hardware; he served as general merchandise manager at Ace Hardware Corporation, and he also served as President of Baja Motorsports at the Tektronix industries in North America. Kenneth Goodgame is a very effective and influential operations management leader; he has used a combination of his innovation in marketing and merchandising to create effective business strategies.

Goodgame is an individual that has been able to deliver a balance of corporate alignment, employee engagement, and performance indicators. Goodgame is definitely an individual who has extensive experience when it comes to operations management, and he truly is an individual that has added value to every establishment in which he has worked. Kenneth Goodgame has had the privilege of having many articles posted about him and his influence on different markets. Goodgame has had articles posted about him when it comes to effective price point gaps, fresh food for pets, and effective end caps as well.

Talk Fusion: Business For the New Age

There is an expression and it might sound extreme, but I believe it: adapt or die. Now, obviously, they don’t mean literally die. However, they mean that if you don’t adapt to the times, roll with the punches, and go with the flow, you will get left behind and your business and your career will fade away. No matter what your age is or what business you are in, you have to be able to ready for the unknown. There is an old adage that if you want to make someone laugh, tell them your plans. This means that life is ever changing.

Because of the changing times, you have to change with them if you want to stay ahead, stay current, and be marketable to potential employers. You want to have a diverse and experienced resume. One product that is helping people with that is Talk Fusion, which is an all-in-one video experience which helps make the lives of business owners easier and much more efficient. Many people often say that there isn’t enough time in the day. Because of this, they don’t feel like they have gotten enough done. With Talk Fusion, you get a lot done in a little time.

One of their most popular features is video email, as it allows you to send emails to someone using a video format. You can say everything you need to say in a video format and send it as you are waiting on the train or waiting for your bus perhaps. There is no such thing as wasted time anymore. Now, each and every second is valuable and you have to use it to your advantage. Any wasted minute is time lost and possibly money. You have to keep moving and keep moving forward.

The world is going to change and it is going to change every day. With Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, however, you can be ready for whatever is around the corner, no matter how daunting or scary it might seem. When you are prepared for it, have done your homework, and researched, you are ready to play.

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Eric Pulier’s Contributions to the Society

At one time or another, you have probably heard the name of Eric Pulier come up. Be it in the business, philanthropy, public speaking or technology world, the name Eric Pulier has certainly been heard. This is because he is one of the sharpest minds in all the mentioned sectors.

Pulier gives hope to children who are talented with computer. He started computer programming when in fourth grade. This is pretty inspiring. While in high school, he was already materializing his computer interests. And, this is when he started his very first computer database company.

His skills were further sharpened by his attendance to Harvard University and Massachusetts institute of Technology. While at Harvard, he was an American English and Literature Major. He also participates in the Harvard Crimson column, taking the tasks of both an editor and columnist. Subsequently he attended the nearing MIT where he continued to sharpen his technological skills. In the year 1988, he managed to graduate Magna cam Laude.

Shortly after graduating, Pulier moved to Los Angeles where he started his company, People Doing Things. The company aimed at helping kids and young individuals make their lives better by providing solutions in some aspects of their lives. After founding People Doing Things, other companies such as Desktone, US Interactive, and ServiceMesh. With various ventures, Pulier has managed to raise over 700 million dollars.

Pulier is passionate about communities. He contributes and donates to various charities with the aim of empowering people, both economically and in terms of health. Pulier started Starbright World for children suffering from chronic illnesses all over the world. With this social media platform, these kids are able to make friends and share experiences with other children who suffer the same illnesses as they do. Similarly, he seats on the board of Painted Turtles, a foundation that helps chronically ill children.

He sits on the board of XPRIZE. The XPRIZE foundation holds various technological development competitions. Projects with highest potential at bettering the world are picked and funded. This way, Pulier is able to steward change in the world through technology.

Diversant LLC, Builder of Professional Networks and a Rewarding Career

John Goullet is a renowned entrepreneur with a proven track record in the development of several highly successful ventures in the IT sector. Initially, John served as an IT consultant before switching to IT staffing in 1994. With interest to resolve emerging market trends, John Goullet founded Info Technologies, a specialist company in finding solutions to challenges facing Fortune 500 companies nationwide.

In only five years, Info Technology grew to a worth of $30 million earning it an eighth position among the 500 fastest growing private companies listed by Inc. Magazines. In the year 2010, John’s Info Technologies and Gene’s Diversant Inc. merged to form Diversant LLC. Meanwhile, John serves as the Diversant’s principle with a passion for finding new solutions for challenges arising in the ever-evolving IT sector.

Diversant LLC is the largest US-based IT staffing and solutions company owned by African-Americans and fully certified by Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE). For the past several years, Diversant’s growth rate has grown more than double that for the entire industry reflecting firm’s commitment to providing talented IT workforce and resolve arising issues among the Fortune 1000 and midmarket clients. Much of Diversant’s success is attributed to their consultative approach by viewing clients as business partners and striving to understand their individual needs and challenges. As a result, the company customizes its goods and services to resolve unique challenges.

The name Diversant reflects their commitment to promoting diversity in all its activities. Their products and services are uniquely designed to promote diversity in the supply chain, and source, train IT professionals unavailable elsewhere. Diversant’s veterans program creates a career pathway for the qualified applicants in the IT sector through training, mentoring, and guaranteed employment.

In a nutshell, Divesernt is about growth, growing your career and building a professional network. Growth is achieved through training, mentoring, and creation of job opportunities for the qualified IT applicants. Candidates are trained how to work in a diverse office environment and respond to emerging trends in the ever-evolving IT industry. Diversant’s culture is based on a healthy competition and respect to individual rights; thus, it helps you build professional networks as you develop a rewarding career.

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James Dondero Partners with Linda Owen

James Dondero is the President of Highland Capital Management, an institution that specializes with asset management. He is also a co-founder of the company. James Dondero has a lot of experience in his career, and this explains why Highland Capital Management has been successful under his leadership. Dondero is based in Dallas.

Recently, James Dondero announced that his company was planning to partner with Linda Owen. Linda resides in Dallas, and she is a popular civic leader in the community. She was once the president of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. The main aim of the partnership is to help Highland Capital Management donations. The institution has grown significantly in the recent past, increasing its charitable programs. The company has started a special program, known as Dallas Foundation that administers the donations it gives. Linda Owen will be Highland Capital Management charitable giving manager. She will be expected to partner with the Dallas foundation to make a difference in the community.

In the recent past, Highland Capital Management expanded its philanthropic activities. It would be difficult to distribute the charitable contributions to the needy without a dedicated and skilled professional. Linda Owen is known by many people for her contributions in public-private partnership. Her skills will come in handy in ensuring that the contributions by made the company made a significant impact in the lives of the beneficiaries. Her vision is to ensure that she makes a difference in the community, making her the right candidate for the job.

Through the Dallas Foundation, Highland Capital Management donates over three million to different charitable organization in the world. Most of the funds are given to help in education, health, veteran causes and the Dallas community. The money is also given to support local groups such as the Perot Museum of Nature and many others.

James Dondero believes that his company is committed to philanthropic activities. The organization supports different causes in the community that goes beyond the normal funding. The employees from the institution give their precious time and energy to support noble causes in the community too. The partnership with Linda Owen will bring more positive changes in the Dallas Community.

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Teachings of The Kaballah Centre

Kabbalah Centre is a primordial insight congregation that applies and supports basic components for generating and enduring personal happiness, being an amazing structure of concepts that will totally alter the vision of your cosmos and modify,enrich your passage through life.
This non profit establishment designates the standards of Kabbalah comprehensible and pertinent to every day life, and creates optimistic prospects and diverse distinctions in the odyssey of life.
The Kabbalah Centre mentors present interested scholars with spiritual ethics founded on Kabbalistic doctrine that scholars can implement to enhance their life which subsequently makes the world an improved domain of existence.
Their integral focus is to establish a solid platform to assist scholars to embellish their lives and make the proper judgments and correct choices.
The Kabbalah Centre implements as a global flowing vessel of insight and knowledge that emerged before religion itself and even the holy bible, and can be contemplated by anyone indifferent of and contrary to their religious beliefs. This course of study interprets and encompasses the perception of Creation,the spiritual constitution of the cosmos, human concept and presence as well as the unique pilgrimage of the human soul.
Kabbalists frequently utilize ancient cultural Jewish origins to clarify their abstruse tutorings.
The Kabbalah which emanated in Judaism in the 12th century Europe ,is a compilation of mysterious teachings designed to define the liaison between an enduring and mystical eternal infinity and the dire immense inexplicable universe and forms an approach of mysterious religious beliefs and presents methods in comprehending and embracing the compelling Jewish Faith, observances and scriptures. Kabbalah also attempts to justify the theory of the universe,human entity and the definitive objective of life.
Kabbalah has numerous definitions that have transpired through the centuries,and the aspects mean contrasting things to our diverse society.
The Kabbalah Centre was established by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922 and extends geographically including the vast online populace.
Kabbalah’s interpretation diverges in regards to the constituted practice of those abiding by them.
Conventional experts have the conviction that Kabbalah teachings precedes religions , forming the primeval master plan for Creation’s ideologies, denominations, sciences, arts and political structure. Visit their website for locations and other information.

How To Find A Lucrative Investment Opportunity And Prepare Yourself For Wealth

Would you like to learn how the stock market works and start making money fast? Want a step by step on how to make a fortune in your own business or other lucrative investment opportunity? May be you would like to find out the insider’s secrets to creating vast fortunes. You can achieve financial success and start living a great life if you follow the teachings of those who have already made it big money in the business and financial world.

Before you start on your way to financial freedom, make up your mind to stay away from pessimists in your life – people who are not optimistic or encouraging. Pessimists think about the negative aspects of every situation and try to come up with reasons why things will go bad. They want you to believe you cannot succeed in your new endeavor and try to convince you to give up without even trying.

If you have someone who is a friend or relative and who doesn’t offer words of encouragement or motivation, you may want to let them know you do not welcome their advice or opinion. These types of people always see a glass half empty, rather than half full.  At least according to these articles.

When you experience problems or setbacks on your journey toward a great new life of financial abundance and prosperity, don’t give up. Re-evaluate your plans and strategies, fix the problem and get back on your way to your ultimate goal of financial independence.

Wealth Wave is a fabulous training course created by Jim Hunt – a top rated author, publisher and world-class marketer through VTA Publications. This excellent training course is jam-packed with high quality, highly sought after information and advice on how to enter the stock market and make a fortune. This fabulous course is presented in a way that even a beginner, can easily understand how things work in the stock market, and start making money right away. Investing in this outstanding training course is a great way to increase your chances of success in the stock market.  StreetWiseNews has more information.

New Brunswick Hotel Creates Loan Repayment Woes

In a perfect world, loans would all be paid back and paid back on time. People, however, do run into problems managing their finances. That said, in a most imperfect world, it would be assumed that a well-established corporate/government entity would pay on obligations. The Middlesex County Improvement Authority has shown this not to be the case. As the Press of Atlantic City reports, the MCIA has not paid $1 million in “principal and interest” to the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The $1 million only reflects a small percentage of the money in question here. The total of the loan is in the $20 million range.

The current fiscal problems are not new. Over the past five years, the MCIA has not being staying current on payments. The entity is roughly $7 million behind in its payments, which is not exactly something the lender wants to deal with.

At the center of the controversy is the New Brunswick Hotel known as The Heldrich. Loans and bonds funneled money into the hotel with the hopes the establishment would become a fantastic money maker for investors and a good source of tax revenue for local and state governments.

This has proven not to be the case. Revenues have been slim and the hotel is not generating much in terms of funds.

The New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO) developed the hotel and conference center. Devco is a nonprofit entity that has invested in – and achieved success with – various urban redevelopment projects in New Jersey. Other DEVCO projects include the Rockoff Hall University Apartments and Civic Square Public Safety Building of Middlesex.


Jose Manuel Gonzalez for Political Reform

When it comes to taking a look at the specifics of politics, there are almost more red flags in any given race or arena than anyone would like to know. In fact, some of the reason why so many individuals who are otherwise qualified are currently staying out of politics just because of the mess and the chaos that they create in general. However, when you start to take a look at all of the negative points of view, scandals, and general treachery in politics there are still some individuals who can provide hope. One of those individuals is Jose Manuel Gonzalez.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is someone running for office, but it probably wouldn’t make sense to actually call him a politician. The reason for this is because while politicians and other white collar bureaucrats are good with pushing paper and changing policy, the people who actually do the work and roll up their sleeves are the type that Jose Manuel Gonzalez tends to be around. Throw in his actual time and experience spent in the world of agriculture in the private sector and you can see why voters and citizens want him to lead them in office.

Regardless of what your political stances are, when you consider the fact that Jose Manuel Gonzalez has done tremendous work already in both the private sector and in the political realm, you can see why so many other individuals want him to take a leadership position in office. He may not be the traditional political candidate that frequently holds a position, but that is why so many like him. In a time where political correctness and stuffiness in general has flooded politics, down to Earth people such as Jose Manuel Gonzalez are the honest leaders that the citizens want to turn to.

With as many questions as certain areas face, leadership is extremely important. For his jurisdiction, the people are adamant about a single idea. They want to put Jose Manuel Gonzalez back in office and let him lead because they understand he is a great person as much as he is someone who can unify and protect the region.

The Lovaganza Foundation Is On A Mission To Stop Hunger In Children

The topic of world hunger didn’t become a social issue until the Great Depression in the United States. Malnutrition has been killing children around the globe for centuries, but not much was done about the problem until the beginning of the 20th century. Attempts to eliminate hunger have been going on ever since then, but the rise in food prices has prevented any meaningful solution to the hunger issue especially hunger in children. The United Nations became one of the primary organizations that attempted to eliminate world hunger. The UN established the World Food Program and the International Fund for Agricultural Development; those two organizations are meant to promote food security and sustainable agricultural production in developing countries.

The United States didn’t get serious about preventing hunger until the 1950s. By that time, trying to defeat the hunger dragon was a monumental task. Eliminating hunger has been the battle cry of political parties ever since then, but any real attempt to stop world hunger in children has been an unorganized, half-hearted and slow-action process that hasn’t produce results. More than 3.1 children still die from hunger every year.

But there is hope that hunger in children will be eliminated by the year 2035. That hope is called The Lovaganza Foundation. The Lovaganza Foundation is the brainchild of J.F. Gagnon and his wife, Genevieve. Gagnon is a French-Canadian music producer, composer, writer, singer, and director, and Genevieve is an actress and the producer and director of the “Lovaganza Convoy.” The Lovaganza Convoy is a film trilogy that will be released in 2018. The film trilogy is designed to raise funds for the Lovaganza Foundation and to get other foundations to join the quest to eliminate hunger in children ages 0 to 15 by 2035. The Gagnon’s mission is not to control hunger by 2035. Their mission is to eliminate hunger in children by 2035.

The Lovaganza Foundation has six goals that will eliminate hunger. The first goal is to provide clean drinking water for children around the world. The second goal is to have sufficient food available in every country in the world. The third is to provide shelter and clothes for all kids, and the fourth is to provide the basic health needs for children. The last two goals of Lovaganza are to provide a basic education and to provide safety by taking children out of the war equation.

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