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The Secret behind Cotemar Company Success

Cotemar Mexico has been well established because of petroleum revolution effects. The presence of Cotemar Industry in Mexico has led to the development growth in many sectors of the country’s economy such as transportation and industries sector. They heavily inspect their vessels which are also used for transporting people to and from their respective working place. Cotemar Mexico has taught their clients how to use modern technology on their oil rigs. In return, they produce high-quality products and are able to maintain their level of production even during the hurricane threat. They ensure that their tools and equipment are of the highest standards a fact that has enabled Cotemar to remain relevant in the market till date. The Cotermar Mexico has well-skilled professionals who perform their duties keenly which include fixing up oil rigs so that they can be in good working condition whenever they may be required for use. Cotemar plays a great role in helping Petroleos Mexicanos with experience to maintain their good reputation.

To fulfill sustainability obligations, cotemar Mexico offers their staff favorable working conditions and good health care. Moreover, they ensure that their employees are well skilled and equipped with the required knowledge and experience. They provide job opportunities to over 9000 employees and operate about 35 vessels in its various duties of keeping Mexican petroleum economy stable. Furthermore, cotemar Mexico provides the best food services to the employees. This makes them keep fit and be of good health enhancing the provision of better services.

The company has maintained its good history of providing the best in petroleum production. It takes a significant role in stabilizing the country’s economy as it generates a return from both domestic and foreign exchange. It contributes a significant percentage of the country’s gross income. Also, Cotemar Company assists the community by providing their services at an affordable cost. Cotemar Mexico is the best firm to work with, and most qualified personnel should seek vacancies in the company as they never disappoint.

Atlanta Hawks Files Lawsuit against AIG

Atlanta Hawks, LLC recently filed a lawsuit for a breach of contract against New Hampshire Insurance Company (also known as AIG). Atlanta Hawks was sold in 2015 to a group led by billionaire Anthony Ressler for $850million, Its former owners were AHBE group, led by Mr. Bruce Levenson, a successful entrepreneur based in the U.S. Mr. Levenson graduated from Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and soon afterwards began his journalism career as a writer at the Washington Star. He later worked with Observer Publishing as a writer.

Mr. Bruce Levenson co-founded United Communications Group (UCG) with Mr. Ed Peskowitz in 1977. He is still a partner at the company. He joined the board of directors at Tech Target, Inc. in February 2015. His appointment was due to his expertise in the business field and his excellent leadership skills. He has also served on the board of directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Bruce Levenson is also an acclaimed philanthropist, reveals PR News. He served as the president of the ‘I Have a Dream Foundation’, Washington chapter.

The claims against AIG

The lawsuit, which was filed in September 2016, was for failure on AIG’s part to pay Atlanta Hawks for covered losses. Accordion to ESPN‘s report, it involves AHBE and not the current Atlanta Hawks ownership. AHBE claims that it had taken out a policy which covered them against certain losses. Atlanta Hawks’ former general manager, Danny Ferry, made the claims in 2015. Court documents reveal that some of the claims made were for losses that were covered under the policy yet AIG has refused to honor its obligation to AHBE with no justification for its failure.The amount of the claim is confidential. The lawsuit is also claiming an additional 50 percent penalty for the unpaid losses and for other inconveniences caused.


OSI Group Proves Its Strength By Further Penetrating Into New Markets

The business world is dynamic and any company that wants to achieve great goals has to comply with the demands of the market, which change very often. The food industry is one of the biggest and fasted growing due to the increasing demand food products have proved to offer. Humans cannot survive without eating and they want to have different varieties that are also interesting. Companies that invested in this specialty enjoy great support that has seen them get the best results over the years. However, this success does not come until the company offers what the customers demand.

OSI Group represents companies in the food industry that have made strides offering high quality food products. Since its inception over one century ago, OSI Group has been working on keeping its unique tastes and offering new varieties that match with the desires of the market to explore and enjoy new tastes. OSI Group has been serving the North American region for decades and is one of the few companies in the U.S. to have more than 20 subsidiaries in other countries across the world.

The great performance that came with product diversification and offering new varieties has helped the company to rank among leading providers of food products across the world.

Reason for the success
To achieve the massive success OSI Group enjoys today, the company had to go through a series of transformations that eventually aligned it to the demands of the market. It has been working with professionals who come up with unique and revolutionary ideas that are geared towards enhancing the quality of products offered and t varieties availed to the market. In this pursuit for getting a sizeable share of the market, OSI Group invested more in enhancing its quality and offering products that are not only affordable, but also designed to offer satisfaction and to cater for the needs of customers.

Also part of the development process included the acquisition of several successful companies in the food processing and distribution industry. One of the companies that OSI Group acquired is Baho Food Company, a company that serves Netherlands and Germany. Baho Food Company deals in several varieties of foods including bacon and pizza and its performance in the industry has been impressive. Acquiring a big stake that allows OSI to control the company was a successful strategy of capturing a new market and enhancing performance.

The Future of Technology and Fashion by Chris Burch

Chris Burch, founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, recently wrote an article about the future of technology and fashion trends. He stated that the technology and fashion industries had been the reason for many changes in the previous years. Both industries have grown together and led to several developments. According to Chris Burch, Technology is fashionable while fashion is more of technology fashionable. A glimpse of the present and past times should determine the trends of future technology and fashion. During the 70s, the cassette decks was a product that many people carried. In the 90s, people had the ability to create a personal music experience. The music device was known as the Walkman. Years later saw the introduction of the iPod.

Christopher Burch is behind the article about technology and fashion. He is not a leader in any of the industries. However, he has the best option for anyone that wants to get into technology, fashion or both. Mr. Burch is also a startup entrepreneur. He has helped in the growth and success of several companies known in the world today. He has grown 50 companies that are highly successful. He provides services to most of the companies work with him. Burch has a love for helping people. He has a lot of thoughts to making things better for everyone in the financial industries.

Even though Burch has not done a lot in the fashion and tech industries, he has contributed incredible in the growth and success of other companies. His collaborations with many individuals have given him the chance to make things better in the technology industry. Chris Burch has collaborated with many startup products. He has aided in these products to get off the ground and become successful.

Anyone interested in both the technology and fashion industry should have heard of Chris Burch. He is popular in these two industries for his forward having a forward-looking perspective. His business has also contributed to his popularity and success. The Burch Creative Capital Company has been able to provide a successful venture with cutting edge technology. The firm is one of the most successful financial firms in the market today. Therefore, when Burch speaks in any tech or fashion forum, people tend to hear him. He did a recent expose about the fusion of technology and fashion. His thoughts have since been implemented in the future design of the two industries.

AIG in trouble for breaching its contract with AHBE

AHBE, the group that formerly owned the Atlanta Hawks NBA team before selling it off to Antony Ressler, is suing AIG. According to AHBE, AIG breached some of the terms in its contract in the process of settling claims with Mr. Ferry, the former general manager. Bruce Levenson was a controlling partner in AHBE. Bruce’s team claims that this lawsuit does not, in any way, affect the current management. The spokesman of the current ownership group goes ahead to confirm this.

The amount being claimed by AHBE has not been disclosed. In the lawsuit, the firm representing AHBE claims that what breached the contract is the failure of AIG to pay for the losses that AHBE endured during the settlement with Mr. Ferry. The firm goes on to explain that, AIG hasn’t come up with any clear justification to this. AHBE considers this as bad faith. AIG can’t also claim not to have noticed the contract being breached. This is because the insurance firm was served with a notice by AHBE, notifying them that Mr. Ferry had asserted the claims. It is after this notice that Ferry and the Hawks ownership came to a buyout agreement.

About Bruce Levenson

According to his Wikipedia page, Bruce Levenson, who was among the former owners of Atlanta Spirit, LLC, is a partner at United Communications Group (UGC). He is also a Co-Founder of UGC, a company he helped bring up in 1977. UGC’s other founder is Ed Peskowitz. Before founding UGC, Levenson worked as a writer and publisher for the Washington Star. He was also among the directors that ran Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Levenson’s philanthropic spirit became evident when he headed the “I Have a Dream Foundation”. He has since been associated with other philanthropic works.

Bruce Levenson is a graduate of the Washington University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the institution. Visit for more information.


Importance of the Video Visitation Application from Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a reputable company that provides criminal and civil justice technology solutions to the corrections, public safety, investigations, and monitoring facilities in the United States. Not long ago, the private company announced that it was going to transform the lives of the inmates by introducing the video visitation service.

In the past, the only visitation that was allowed would not allow the inmates to see anything outside the correctional facilities. However, the new Securus Video Visitation will allow the inmates to have a clear view of their homes when they are still in the correctional centers. The new service is also perfect for increasing safety in the jails.


Thanks to the new service from Securus Technologies, friends, and friends of the inmates will be able to schedule visitation sessions at home. During these sessions, the prisoners will connect with the extended family, children and friends who are not able to travel and see them in the prisons. The inmates will also have an opportunity to watch their favorite pets while at the confines of their cells.

The Christmas holiday this year will be enjoyable thanks to the unique application. The young children will also enjoy the holidays with their parents who are incarcerated. It will be fun and enjoyable to watch the young children open their presents for the holiday in front of their parents.


Richard Smith, the current chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, said that using the high- technology software, his organization is reducing the isolation and inconvenience brought by incarceration. The video visitation is considered to have limitless opportunities for the individuals working in the prisons and the prisoners.

The video visitation will use the webcam to have a clear view of their homes, spend some time with their pets, watch a ball game and spent time with their families. These experiences are paramount to the individuals who are concerned. The team of professionals in the company understands that connecting with family is critical when people want to reduce crimes in the country, and this is why they have introduced the service.


The incarcerated moms and dads will have an opportunity to read a book for their children during the night. During important days such as birthday, the parents will watch as the kids blow out the candles. The special occasions in life will never be the same again, thanks to the application. The organization has spent a lot of money marketing the product, and they are hoping that it will make an impact in the lives of the inmates.

The Success of Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law has been growing in popularity over the years due to not only the ability to interact with more individuals all over the world, but also due to the fact that transportation and the cost to travel has become more accessible and lowered over the years as technological advancement has been made. Comparative law is specifically the study of the different legal systems all over the world and the study of how these different legal systems compare and contrast to each other. The study of comparative law is not only comparing present day legal systems, but is also the study of past laws that have been implemented by monarchies, dictatorships, as well as by communist regimes and even by democratic societies. The goal of this study is to examine what has worked in the past and what currently works in present day for the purpose of developing a new legal system for the future.

The study of comparative law does not only consist of laws in the past as well as the present that have been created by governments. This form of study also includes laws that have been set into place by cultural values and by cultural norms. The field of comparative law even studies the laws that have been put into place that are based upon religious values. This study has grown to especially focus on ancient civilizations such as Greece as well as Rome. Within the study of comparative law, one individual in particular stands out as an expert within this field of study as well as an innovative individual when it comes to the study of law.

This individual is Sujit Choudhry, a professor who possesses not only degrees in law, but degrees in other fields of study that have interested him. Mr. Choudhry is truly an individual who continues to do what he loves and has the overall goal to inspire those that he teaches. As a professor, Mr. Choudhry also conducts research and continues to study the different legal systems around the world in hopes to create a new legal system for the future that will support globalization.

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