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Reducing Violence Using Securus Technologies Call System

Working in a jail is perhaps the most dangerous job in the world. Each day that I go to work could be my last because these inmates may attack at any time. Even if they do not attack me or my fellow officers, they could hurt other inmates or even people who visit the jails. To combat the violence in our jail, we deploy a number exercises that has turned things around in recent years.


One of the first things that me and my team of corrections officers will do is to search every person coming to visit an inmate. Even with numerous signs posting that jail time is a possibility if caught with anything illegal, many visitors will take the risk because they will do anything for the inmate. In some cases, these visitors know getting arrested will only give them credibility in the jail and that appeals to them.


Later in the day, we surprise the inmates with cell inspections. Even with the help of the dogs, we usually only find things like weed or small trace amounts of other drugs. Getting the drugs is important because a high inmate could turn into a potentially violent inmate.


We used to make use of the inmate phone system to try and listen in and intercept trouble, but these inmates can be very skilled at hiding how they talk about things that could incriminate them even further. The LBS software with the new Securus Technologies inmate call system was about to give us a new way to combat violence in the jail. Almost immediately, the system would alert us to chatter between top ranking inmates and their gang members, talking about getting weapons through the visitor center, where to hide them, and which inmate was a target. This technology has allowed us to stay a step ahead in many of these violent episodes.

Erick Lefkofsky Talks about Centralization of Cancer Patient’s Data

During the Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference, Mr. Lefkofsky reveals that for effective treatment of cancer, doctors, clinicians, and researchers need to work together to achieve the best outcome. They need to share information relating to specific cancer patients and how they are responding to treatment. At the same time, data on what seems to be working for patients should be available when needed.

Erick Lefkofsky says that all the data needed by various people in the health industry is out there, but a platform to combine and interlink the information is missing. He also says that if one visits a cancer treatment center and asks for specific information, it will require a grant and a minimum of 90 days to be able to get the information. Eric argues that this data should not be difficult to find, instead, it should be easily available to clinicians, researchers and other interested parties.Eric aims at providing an avenue for oncologists and neurologists to freely collect data for research and analysis. This has led him to develop Tempus, a creation that runs through existing electronic medical records and pathology systems, taking information, filtering it and then sending back the filtered version of information to each source. This collective data can then be used to provide detailed information about patient treatments and how they are responding to their specific treatment.

More about Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and CEO OF Tempus, a technological system that seeks to provide a uniform platform of obtaining cancer treatment and medical response data. Before founding Tempus, Erick has co-founded many companies including Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Lightbank, Zest Health, and Groupon. Eric also gives lectures at the University of Chicago.Eric graduated as a Doctor from the University of Michigan. He is a renowned philanthropist. In 2006, together with his wife Liz, they founded the Lefkofsky Family initiative. Through it, they seek to support the able but disadvantaged children get through with their studies. The foundation also develops effective tools for teachers as well. He is a trustee member of Lurie Children’s Hospice, Art Institute based in Chicago, as well as Steppenwolf Theatre firm.

Practicing Law In The Greater Philadelphia Area:” Karl Heideck’s Success Story

Karl Heideck practices law in the Philadelphia area

Karl Heideck practices law in the Philadelphia area

Karl Heideck is an attorney who is based in the Greater Philadelphia Area. He has been in the law practice for a number of years and has handled many challenging briefs for a multitude of clients. He is also a member of the bar association and has affiliations with legal associations throughout the country.

As an attorney, Karl Heideck bears several important skills which have made him stand out as one of the best litigators in the country.

Just like all law students in the United States, Karl Heideck did another degree before he joined law school. He studied English and Literature at the prestigious Swarthmore College. Afterwards, he joined the Temple University Beasley Law School. Karl Heideck graduated with honors and decided to pursue litigation as an area of practice.

While Karl Heideck has been a litigator for the past ten years, his career did not just start off as successful. It took him many years to work on his passion and become specialized in his area of expertise. He has experience and expertise in contract law, risk management and bankruptcy management.

When you decide to study law or go into litigation practice, you must consider putting in the hard work. There are many lawyers who shun litigation because they find it challenging as opposed to other areas such as academia. However, according to Karl Heideck, litigation is diverse and satisfactory, however challenging.

Apart from practicing litigation, Karl Heideck is also involved in various other projects. He has supported charity events and other philanthropic works which are aimed at helping the community. He is also an inspirational speaker who has motivated the youth in Philadelphia and beyond to pursue the legal career. If you are interested in joining this prestigious profession, be diligent and work as hard as Karl Heideck.

Jason Halpern Earns the JHM Development Company a Business Repute

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft

Jason Halpern is a renowned innovative and industrious real estate developer in the US. He is the founding member and partner of the JMH Development. In his past, Jason has worked with several other real estate companies including some with over 50 years’ experience in the construction and management of various properties in the US. His family owns several residential apartments in the NY City and the Westchester County.

Jason Halpern: with Production

Jason’s early background exposure enriched him with exceptional skills to lead JMH Company through the acquisition, development of innovative and the pioneering several historic properties. He gained passion in building, and it became his niche. Jason always creates a good relationship with various people in the cities he builds of which is very critical to the historical images of the JMH development company.

Jason’s Own Time

Apart from business, Jason is also a philanthropist he is devoted to offering his personal time and possessions to various charitable endeavors happening in the society. The Halpern Trauma Centre is one of the examples where Jason has invested his philanthropic efforts in to prove the community. The center is equipped with several facilities and talented personnel to offer emergency surgery and open-heart surgeries among others. Jason has also extended his philanthropy passion to his workplace by endorsing various initiatives to charity through the JMH Development Company.

In 2014, the JHM development Company in collaboration with the Madden Reals Estate Ventures developed the Aloft South Beach to bring back the historic Motel Ankara. The JHM Development has created a reputation of restoring the historical creatures, and hence the Aloft South Beach will play a fundamental role to preserve history.

Jason’s Family

The JMH Development Company leads in providing full services in the development of real estate. The company has an extensive background experience in developing and owning major commercial and residential properties in the United States. The company has a unique and innovative approach to building up structures especially in the luxury category. Also, JMH Development Company is devoted to offering high quality, classic and long-lasting structures across the US.Jason Halpern is therefore an individual who has positively impacted the real estate industry.