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Rodrigo Terpins: An Epitome of Excellence in the Racing Career

Terpins is famed for his excellence in Brazilian rally competitions. The 41 years guru is a member of the famous Bull Sertoes Rally Team and has accumulated several victories in main course championships. Similarly, his brother Michel Terpins is as active as he is in the competitions and has more than once given him one on one challenges while equally teaming up with him. Terpins majorly competes for the T1 prototype category where he secured himself the 7th position during the Sertoes Rally 22nd edition. The critically-acclaimed rally brothers have received national recognition for their remarkable driving skills.


Rodrigo Terpins has participated severally at Bull Sertoes Rally. During a recent competition, Rodrigo hired Fabricio Manchiana to be his teammate. The duo pulled off a record of 58 minutes 9 seconds and managed the sixth position, reveals His brother was not left out in this competition either. Michel Terpins was one position ahead of Rodrigo, after teaming up with Sves Von Borries and collectively made a 56 minutes record. The Terpins brothers share a belief of determination and consistency in soaring high in their racing careers.


Terpins has been featured in a couple of interviews chaired by prominent Brazilian media houses. Through these exposures, one thing is clear: Rodrigo takes close attention to his recent competitions, something that helps him mold his present & future performances. Rodrigo Terpins is not left out when it comes to keeping pace with modern innovation. Just like any other advanced individual, he owns a couple of social media accounts where he connects with his fans and loved ones. The accounts are on famed social network sites which include LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Through these profiles, Rodrigo engages with the larger world on the web and equally maintains a proper online reputation.


Anyone interested in keeping pace with Rodrigo’s exciting and upcoming events, then visiting Terpins’ Tumblr page will be convenient. His LinkedIn majorly concentrates on showcasing him as a qualified rally driver. Other than these general sites, Rodrigo Terpins owns a personal web site which gives one access to his biography. This also offers full details concerning past and recent interviews.,54bd7cb0f5c5c9af717c8be93fc5d9afbnagcihv.html

Securus Technologies Crime Prevention Strategies

Securus Technologies was one of the first inmate communication providers to come up with a crime prevention initiative to ensure the general public and protect their customers. Their program has been successfully and allowed customer feedback as one way to prevent inmate communication crimes. Unfortunately, 1/3 of all correctional facility crimes start over the phone and Securus is there with the technology to help. Their technologically advanced features guarantee a safe network with proper surveillance, monitoring, and safety communications support. Each call is regulated by the official rules set forth by your local Public Utility Commission.


Crime Prevention Initiatives


– prevent illegal cellphone use

– stop illegal inmate gambling

– prevent illegal money transfer

– eliminate inmate communication abuse

– assist facility security

– increased general public safety

– customer feedback forum

– and more…


Securus CEO, Rick A. Smith believes crime prevention goes well beyond incarceration. He played a major role in their current crime prevention goals with set programs that were immediately put in place. He was also the first to recognize their technologically advanced features would be the first solution to their crime prevention iniative. PRN Newswire was one of the first to rreport their successful crime prevention program.


Who Is Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies got their start as a government regulation provider and quickly excelled as an inmate communications provider. They have exceed competitor prices $4 to $1 with the best rates in the telecommunications industry. Securus understands how important it is to remain a competitor network with quality services and great rates. They are committed to keeping inmates and their families connected over a safe network. You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for more details on their services and features available for their first-time customers.


IDLife Helps Victims of Hurrican Harvey

Logan Stout’s health and wellness company named IDLife helps customers lose weight by gearing their nutritional supplement to their specific needs. They realize all customers are different so having one supplement that helps everyone is not realistic.

We all are differ due to genetics, diet, medications and lifestyle. ID Life uses a personalized nutrition system that addresses each person individually. They set out to change the one supplement fits all concept. They use the highest quality sourced ingredients in all their products. These products are tested and developed by medical and science professionals.

The owner of the company Logan Stout is a successful athlete, businessman, and mentor. He went to Panola College and earned a business degree. Later he went to University of Dallas and received a degree in psychology. He is the founder of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization a group that provides one on one mentoring for youth.

He published a book in 2013 called Stout Advice: The Secret to Building Yourself,People and Teams. In this book he encourages individuals to live their lifelong dreams and strive to live up to their potential.

Because of his background in sports he knows the importance of nutrition. That is why he understand the basics of running a company that caters to each individual’s needs. He recently helped with the cleanup efforts for Hurricane Harvey and closed down his office to help do this.

He collected items needed items and stored the merchandise in his warehouse on pallets. They were picked up and taken to the cities of Tomball and Houston. Logan offered his warehouse space to use for whatever they needed it for. He decided to use his trucks to transport the supplies.

Other businesses joined him in helping with the rescue efforts. Some of them used their company trucks to carry the merchandise. They wanted to help anyone that had weathered Hurricane Harvey. Life ID and Black Tie Moving both donated their trucks to help carry supplies for victims of the hurricane. Larry Stout believes that helping others that cannot return the favor is the best way to give.

Logan Stout’s Facebook Page:

Sahm Adrangi Mobilizes Investors to Raise $100 Million Raising Kerrisdale`s Investment Fund

Kerrisdale Capital Management, through Sahm Adrangi, mobilized investors to raise around $ 100 million for a single stock. Kerrisdale`s co-investment is a unique fund and first of its kind. Most Hedge fund managers raise capital to focus on specific projects such as the recovery of failing energy companies or mortgage-backed residentials.

Kerrisdale is a relatively small firm as compared to the Hedge fund organizations. The firm plans to use the investment fund to purchase short stock and unveil an unnamed firm as a public company. In an email reviewed by Reuters, Adrangi thanked the investors for their commitment. Sahm noted that Kerrisdale had raised the required amount of capital within a short time.

Adrangi noted that the organization endeavored to help every investor understand the mission of the $10 billion organization. Sahm had some progressive insights that would help the company grow. Adrangi is working with the organization`s analyst, Shane Wilson, to prepare a website, videos and a report that would convince others about Kerrisdale`s thesis. The two will present their collective research in the upcoming campaign.

A speaker, on the anonymity condition, revealed that the target company will be revealed in mid-May because the information was private. The public will learn about the organization objective during the unveiling. The investment fund is being used to purchase stock to establish Kerrisdale`s position in unnamed organization.

Kerrisdale now manages over & 500 million after the investment fund. The firm has a history of betting against organizations before taking its case public. Kerrisdale has been involved in activist positions at Globalstar and Sage Therapeutics. The organization has recorded an average of 28% profit, from its betting, for the last five years.

About Adrangi

Apart from being the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer of the company. Since its establishment in 2009, Sahm has played a significant role in all of the firm`s development. He started the organization with less than $ 1 million. For more info about us: click here.

Adrangi is a holder of a Bachelor`s Degree in Economics from Yale University. He started his career at Deutsche Bank where he served as a credit officer. He worked as a credit advisor at Chanin Capital Partners. Before he established Kerrisdale, Sahm worked at Longacre Management.

Sujit Choudhry – The Constitutional Process Advisor

Sujit Choudhry, the CCR (Center for Constitutional Transitions) founder, was a participant in Kiev, Russia to discuss on Ukraine semi-presidential system. He was joined by great individuals on occasion, who among them were Thomas Sibelius from Dalarna University and Bisarya from International Idea. He discusses on the wave of inclusion in transitional democracy. As a constitutional process advisor, he suggests that all constitutional reforms require through discussions by leaders to enhance any changes.

Changes to the constitution are center of interest to many people and should, therefore, be taken seriously. Centers for constitutional transitions are in charge of providing support to the constitutional transitions by educating the people concerning the constitution. Sujit Choudhry says that the Center of Constitutional Transitions has been able to provide clear details to support plan setting by leaders on constitutional matters.

He commends collaboration between the stakeholders including NGOs, worldwide system of Multilateral Associations and other relevant specialists who aid in every process of constitution transition which includes; workshops, conceptualization, and meetings, enrollment of specialists, distribution, and spread of the research results. Experts addressed included scholars and policy specialists. He suggests that idea sharing is one of the most important matter when dealing with democracy matters.  Read this relevant article on

The Constitutional Transitions organization was established in 2012. The organization deals with enabling collaboration of specialists in policymaking. It aims at providing updated research data on the constitutional matter in various countries.

Sujit Choudhry serves as Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. He studied in various universities Oxford University, the University of Toronto, and Harvard Law School. He holds a doctorate in law and works as a professor at the New York University. He has a record of being consulted in various nations like South Africa and Ukraine on matters relating to the constitution. He is well known for his great knowledge in law and constitution formulation and understanding.  For a related article, click on

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Apart from constitutional and legal matters, Sujit Choudhry is a writer who has produced various articles, journals, and books.  Visit his page to read his blogs.

With his passion in law, most of his writing contents revolve on the constitution and law-related matters especially in his famous book; ‘Constitutional making.’ Due to his work, he has been awarded severally by various countries and universities. More to read on

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