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Malcolm CasSelle’s Career Has Led Him To WAX

Loot boxes, competitive gaming, and professional gaming have brought real value to the items in certain video games. Games like PUBG, CS:GO, and H1Z1 can have items that sell for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. Rare and limited items are brought into the game via special events and limited promotions. These items go for a lot of money but trading these items is the problem.

OPSkins was the first company to tackle this problem. They set up shop, purchasing items from gamers and selling them to other gamers. Just like any other business, they purchased low and sold high, making profit and operating as usual. The future holds many changes, and blockchain is one of the most apparent upcoming changes. Malcolm CasSelle, of OPSkins, recognized this. That’s why he started WAX – a blockchain fueled decentralized marketplace.

Where as OPSkins is only able to trade items from certain games – games that are popular – WAX is able to accommodate gamers of every game. WAX, as a network, is merely the middle man. Gamers will have to use their WAX tokens to participate, but this means gamers can sell items from any game they like.

This is truly revolutionary for the gaming community.

Blockchain has two major advantages. It solves the problems of fraud and record keeping all at once. Blockchain, due to its wide-spread nature, means it is nearly impenetrable by hackers. Unlike public forums, you will never find a fraudulent seller on WAX.

WAX also disrupts the language barrier because it accepts all type of currencies. Gamers from one side of the world can trade an item with someone on the other side of the world, despite not using the same currency or speaking the same language.

About Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle attend MIT and Stanford, gaining the knowledge he needed to thrive as a entrepreneur. Early in his career, he invested in Facebook and Zynga. He is now involved in many bitcoin related investments.

Malcolm CasSelle’s previous companies include tronc, SeaChange International, Xfire, and PCCW.

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Rodrigo Terpins: What You Should Know

Rodrigo Terpins is a renowned Brazilian businessman. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge on matters related to retail and is a member of several associations. He also works in the field of sustainability and is a partner of the Floresvale, which is an environmental reforestation firm. He is also a talented rally car driver and has participated in several rally competitions.




Rodrigo Terpins and his brother were able to finish one of the toughest races in about two hours, hence being ranked among the top ten drivers in the competition. They were not expected to perform that good because the vehicle they were driving had some challenges. Terpin’s family has a good history in sports. His father was an excellent basketball player and he is still involved in sports activities.




Where the idea of starting Floresvale came from




Rodrigo Terpins and his friends had good thoughts about the environment. Therefore, they decided to start a business regarding the environment as well as sustainability. The largest part of wood extracted from the forest in Brazil has no certification. Rodrigo and his friends decided to come up with a business that will not only mind the well-being of the environment but also increase the supply of certified wood. Rodrigo is a busy man. He tries to divide himself between the city and the countryside. He remains active throughout the day to keep the company going. You can visit





About Rodrigo Terpins




Rodrigo Terpins is one of the most famous Brazilian rally drivers. Rodrigo and his brother Michael Terpins are both members of the Bull Sertoes rally team. The two compete in the circuit racing. You know what? The Sertoes Rally is a challenging as well as difficult circuit when it comes to Brazilian rally racing. The rally features different kinds of difficult terrains. The rules require the two-man team to finish the race with the most appropriate or the best time.




Rallies are generally complex sports that require the participant not only to stay calm under pressure but also to have certain skills. It also requires the rally participants to work together and also have the chemistry that helps the pair to work perfectly as well as maintain consistent chemistry. Rodrigo Terpins and his brother had all these requirements.

An Immigrant’s Small Business Turned Huge Corporation

OSI Group operates today as one of the largest business in the food market. They distribute and manufacture meat for wholesales and restaurants all over the globe. Quality and correct pricing have allowed them to grow into an established brand in the food industry.

The start of this company began as a Chicago based family business over a hundred years ago. Immigrants from Europe were flocking to the United States in hopes of creating a better life for themselves and their family. Otto Kolschowsky was apart of the large population of Chicago’s immigrants.

He began his business as a small retail market. With time the company grew and he began to wholesale meat. With even more time, came even more growth which caused for the business owner to need to open up a second location in a neighboring Chicago suburb. As the decades went on, the founder passed company down to his sons. That is how Otto & Sons came about.

With the sons of the founder running this meat market business, they saw a lot of potential for what their father’s small meat market business could bloom into. Therefore, they began speaking with a businessman that was able to begin franchising the company. These franchises led to what is known as McDonalds today.

The decades passed and the business boom and soon the company flourished into OSI Group. Today, OSI Group has a huge influence over the way meat is cared for, packaged and delivered. They run a huge logistics operations for the food industry. This company has advanced technology which allows for them to offer the most updated and modern tools possible to meet the meat demands of food companies on an international level.

OSI Group has grown so quickly with success it had expanded its operations. The decades to come look bright for this giant food supplier. Europe and Asia are the markets this company is expanding into. The company is also working on joint ventures in Canada. Ultimately, this company will continue to expand offering premier meat to millions of people across the world.

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Jeunesse Global breaks new ground in cosmetics with Instantly Ageless

One of the most innovative companies to come on the global health and beauty scene over the last few years has been Jeunesse Global. The company was started in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, two of the most successful entrepreneurs in the direct-selling business. Ray and Lewis wanted to focus on creating groundbreaking products that would harness cutting-edge science and help people around the world meet their health and beauty goals. In this, they have succeeded in superlatives.


Ray and Lewis were able to build Jeunesse Global from a small hobby business that the couple was running out of their Florida garage into one of the most formidable health and beauty companies in the world today. And they were able to do this with their decades of collective experience and the strong vision and intrepidness required to implement it.


From the beginning, Jeunesse was founded on the idea that no expense was to be spared in developing products once a market need was spotted. Lewis was able to go to her deep list of industry contacts, hiring some of the top product-development scientists in the world to create products the likes of which the industry has never seen.


Instantly Ageless, the company’s micro-crème and deep facial cleanser is a good example. The crème is an excellent product by traditional measures, standing up admirably versus all competitors and coming in on the extreme affordability end of the pricing spectrum within its class. But the real selling point for Instantly Ageless is the product’s anti aging properties.


Made with the company’s proprietary anti aging molecule known as APT-200, Instantly Ageless is able to erase years off of a user’s appearance. The crème has been clinically shown to sharply reduce the incidence of wrinkles on a user’s face while simultaneously making it difficult for new wrinkles to form. Instantly Ageless is also able to restore skin elasticity that has naturally been lost to the aging process. Because elasticity is one of the most important attributes of skin’s youthfulness, Instantly Ageless is able to deliver exactly what its name would suggest: instant reduction in apparent age.

Why Tony Petrello’s Name Is a Sweet Melody to Many People

Good deeds will always follow you. This is a statement great business leaders like Tony Petrello know very well. As a seasoned business leader, Tony has done a lot for his business and the community at large. He serves at Nabors Industries as the CEO, president, and board chairman. Nabors Industries isn’t just a major supplier of gas and oil in Houston, but also in other parts of the country. The company also supplies its products to the Middle East, Africa, and the Far East among other places. Without Tony, Nabors Industries would not have obtained the success and fame it has achieved today. Business leaders like Tony are worth much recognition due to their pivotal contributions.

Tony served at Nabors as a competent chief operation officer in 1991 when he joined it. He was committed to the department he was working in until the top management couldn’t have ignored his spectacular contributions. The top executive leaders believed in his leadership and the business skills he showed while working as a junior employee there. In 2002, Tony Petrello became the president of Nabors Industries. He became the deputy chair of this company in 2003. He rose to the top rank in 2012 when he became the board’s chairman and CEO.

Besides being a director at Nabors Tony Petrello is also a director in some other great companies and health facilities. He has been a director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Stewart & Stevenson, and Tony is an astute lawyer with a Juris Doctorate from Harvard University. He also went to Yale University for his studies in Mathematics. He graduated with a degree in this subject and a master’s degree. He joined a law firm, Baker & McKenzie, in 1991 and became a partner. In every place Tony ever worked, Tony Petrello left a tremendous legacy.

Although Tony Petrello has a great career and numerous achievements, he always gives back to the community. It’s a philosophy Tony cannot deny. He gets massive support from his wife Cynthia in supporting charity organizations. His wife has been to different philanthropic missions, and this has attracted numerous awards and recognition her way. As a couple, Tony and Cynthia have come up with a non-profit organization called Petrello Family Foundation. This organization focuses on the needy children, healthcare, and education.

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The Chainsmokers: A Tsunami of Success

Success can happen suddenly. For The Chainsmokers, it came like a tsunami.

The duo’s hit “Somebody,” featuring Drew Love, has more than 21 million YouTube views in a little over two months.


Drew Taggart and Alex Pall live the dream. “Only thing that I can’t afford is to lose myself tryna be somebody” is how they put it in their latest hit.


You can get an inside-the-studio look at Drew and Alex working on “Somebody.” Yeah, they love what they do. You can find a more in-depth look at the duo in an Apple Music documentary The Chainsmokers – Memories.”


Since forming in New York in 2012, The Chainsmokers have had a string of hits and awards. In 2016, “Closer” peaked at No. 1 in the U.S., charted internationally and rang up 2 billion YouTube views.

Billboard’s Dance 100 listed the electronic dance duo at No. 1 in March 2018. In an interview with Billboard, Alex expressed his gratitude. “You have no idea how much this means to us,” Alex said. “We put in a lot of work and effort for our fans and you guys have been so great to us.”


Also in March, The Chainsmokers scored at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, including Dance Artist of the Year and Best Collaboration for “Something Just Like This” with Coldplay.


Their Collaborations feature a variety of styles, from Coldplay’s alt and pop rock to the r&b and hip-hop of Drew Love and the electronic pop of Daya.


At the halfway point of 2018, the Chainsmokers have released “Somebody” along with three other singles. “Sick Boy,” You Owe Me” and “Everybody Hates Me” are on the upcoming “Sick Boy” album, which is being released song by song.


The guys have a work-hard/play-hard ethic. Both specialize in music production and song writing. Alex is the pianist. Drew is the singer. And they’re riding a wave of success.


Their current tour has them hopscotching the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Mexico. You can find show dates on their website,

The making of Peter Briger.

When he first walked into Princeton, he may not have realized what a defining moment that was, this however would change when Peter Briger graduated with his B.A in 1986. Princeton to this day is one of the most important places to him and this has been shown in his continuous and generous contributions that he continues to give. When the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee came calling he was ready and would help establish the Alumni Entrepreneurship fund which helps others to finance their startups. Peter Briger understands the need to have a very strong entrepreneurial spirit in the school and driving it towards the Princeton entrepreneurial way. This will ensure that in years to come Alumni from the school will be captains of industry, investors and potential employers.

This understanding is what has made Peter Briger on of the most influential business minds in America. He began his career at Goldman Sachs, where he nurtured his love for business and deal-making to new levels. He would then hone these skills by attending the prestigious Wharton School of Business where he learnt much more. His 15 years stay with Goldman would prove to be very instrumental to both the bank and his own career.Those he worked with recognized his leadership abilities and by 96 he had made partner. It did not take long for Fortress investment group to notice this potential and he joined the team. This happened in 2002 at a time when Fortress investment group was growing rapidly. Having started with 400 million they were at the thirty billion mark and growing.

Peter Briger realized this was the kind of growth and ambition, he craved and as such rose through the ranks quite fast. By 2006 he had joined the board of directors and would help Fortress go public in 2007. This was no mean task as the group was already managing assets worth about 70 billion dollars. Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs were underwriting the IPO at the time. This was an area he was already familiar with and everything went on quite smoothly. The IPO would create the first billionaires for Fortress including the co-founders. The leadership skills of Peter Briger have been not only useful at the Fortress Investment Group but also applicable in other boards where he is a member. He hopes to continue mentoring younger entrepreneurs while at the same time growing Fortress.

Paul Mampilly’s Change of Passions from the Wall Street to the Streets of Common Men

Wall Street stands accused of many things, mostly negative. However, it was the one place that nurtured Paul Mampilly to the keen man he is today. He is a man that basks in stock brokerage and admits that his success is as a result of his love for reading. Paul left the sharks of Wall Street for the baby sharks that are regular individuals dreaming of making it in the stock market. Since then, his journey has seen greener pastures of being the most sought out editor and advisor for financial advice. He is the editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is also a force in Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes, True Momentums and Winning Investor Daily. Follow Paul Mampilly on

His enormous contribution to the businesses linked to his name is a fireproof way to solidify his case as a mogul that knows his money. Paul Mampilly left life at Wall Street to enjoy a slower life, his family and educate the masses on good trading. His philosophy is that everyone has the power in good stock brokerage. He understands that for a society to move forward, the super-rich cannot do it alone. He is helping the average person set sail in a world of endless opportunities. Paul Mampilly’s words of wisdom to beginners are simple. Invest when the market is hardest, bet small and diversely for a surefire way to make good stock.



Mampilly is the light on top of the hill for young businesses. Often, businesses building foundations find breaking to the surface hard. Paul, however, advises them to look beyond seeking help form Wall Street because they lack the capital to pay the charged fees. As a solution, he encourages them first to be best then be first.

More about Paul Mampilly

Mr. Mampilly might not have genuinely enjoyed his decades at Wall Street but helping regular people find their feet today is his happiness. He is a firm believer that millennials have the most significant chance of making it big because they have the whole world at their fingertips. Paul believes that investing in the internet provides a multitude of opportunities to young people. He believes in the potential on the streets, and his followers attest to his genius prediction in good stocks. His role model is Elon Musk and his biggest motivation his family. Anything that elates them is his pride and joy. He believes his calling is growing money. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Ideamensch.