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Sheldon Lavin Has A Legacy That Is Worthy Of Respect:

The story of OSI Group is the story of constant innovation and growth. Behind a large chunk of that innovation and growth has been none other than longtime CEO and Board Chairman Sheldon Lavin. Since the 1970s, Sheldon has been a leading figure at the company and has pushed an agenda of expansion that has seen OSI Group grow to the point that today it has operations in seventeen countries. This expansion has been fueled by a combination of mergers, acquisitions and upgrades. Along the way, Sheldon Lavin has made sure that the company has stuck to its family-value oriented culture as well as maintaining its complete commitment in the area of customer service.

Before the years of global expansion started to get going strong, OSI Group got its beginnings in the Chicago area just under a decade after the opening of the Twentieth-Century. In the early years of operation, the company was but a local butcher shop. OSI’s founding family the Kolchowsky’s eventually transitioned into wholesale distribution and food processing and this is what really started the company down its eventual path to global expansion. OSI became one of the suppliers for McDonald’s restaurants in the 1950s and this was a huge overall boost to the company’s fortunes. By the time Sheldon Lavin came on board in the 1970s, the company was primed for expansion beyond the United States market.

It was the run that OSI made in the 70s and 80s that saw the company expand globally to markets such as South America, Asia and Europe and today the company has further expanded to markets such as Australia. A recent merger with Australian firm Turi Foods has seen OSI Group gain valuable position in Australia, yet another feather in Sheldon Lavin’s cap.

Expansion was on the menu for OSI Group recently in Spain as the Sheldon Lavin policy of upgrading existing facilities when possible was utilized in Toledo, Spain. The OSI facility located in that city has been able to produce twice as much processed chicken as it was previously capable of. This is due to a new production line with high capacity that OSI officials had installed in the facility. This has been a huge move for the company’s operations in this area of the world as this facility supplies Spain and Portugal. This expansion at this facility is instrumental in helping to company the meet the demand for this product that is currently prevailing in this region.

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How Ted Levine Found Success In The Miami Legal Industry

Todd Levine is a Miami, Florida attorney who largely handles cases involving real estate litigation. He graduated in 1988 from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. In 1991 he earned his law degree from this university’s Frederic G. Levin College of Law. He started working at an area law firm called Kluger Peretz Kaplan & Berlin soon after completing his education.

He stayed at this law firm for nearly 18 years. Todd Levine and some of the other people in this law firm’s litigation department decided to open their own law firm in April 2009. He has worked at this law firm, Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L., ever since. As an attorney, a lot of the disputes he handles involve people in sports or entertainment. He has also represented contractors, real estate brokers, buyers and sellers of real estate properties, property managers, and lending institutions.

He says that his outside hobbies make him a better attorney. He grew up playing the guitar and since that time has added the keyboard and bass guitar to his repertoire. He also enjoys doing art such as painting and photography. Todd Levine says that these outside interests help give him a unique approach to legal matters and broaden his experience.

He is a member of a number of legal organizations. Among these are the America Inns of Court, the Florida Bar Grievance Committee, and the Dade County Bar Association. His work has been discussed in publications like the South Florida Business Journal, Super Lawyers Business Edition, and Florida Trend Magazine. In 2018 he was named by US News and World Report as one of the Best Lawyers in America For Litigation among other honors.

OSI Feeds Their Patrons A Smart Diet

The OSI Group is proud to lend over a century of experience to the food industry. It has been an amazing journey from a small meat processing plant to become one of the largest food processors in the industry. Their committed to a smart food diet that has fed millions of patrons around the world. They’ve never hesitated to display clear visibility about what’s in their food. Their strong disclosure details have been available on their website. They believe transparency is an important part of the food industry. Plus, they’ve been able to respond to a stabilized food network while other networks are hestitant.

Who Is The OSI Food Group

The OSI Group is a stable food network that nearly doubled their chicken production in the past year. They credit their success to their new international and statewide food mergers. Their food leaders have been committed to expanding their food service portfolio. OSI has attracted many new food service clients to the industry. They’re dedicated to a transparent food disclosure that has allowed them to become honorees of several food services awards. Their most popular award has come from the British Food Council Awards. The OSI Group proudly accepted the award in 2016.

Meet The OSI Food Service Leaders

There are several executives and over 60,000 global employees at the OSI Industries Food Service network. However, their CEO, David McDonald continues to stand out. He has been able to use his leadership position to bring more clients to the food network than ever before. Plus, he’s been able to participate in several local charity networks. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to meet their executives by visiting their interactive website. Sheldon Lavin is their acting COO and also lends over 15+ years of experience to the food industry network.

The OSI Group has always had an eye for detail in the food industry. This has allowed them to partner with some of the biggest food service giants overseas. Their most important food service international food deal has been with the quiet Baho Foods Group in the Dutch food industry. The OSI Group has decided to market their organic vegetables. They’ve also been able to welcome the EU food industry to their international food portfolio. They’ve been able to partner with the Flagship Europe foods network. Learn more about the OSI team of professionals by visiting their unique website for details today.

Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian Rally Champion

Rodrigo Terpins is an excellent figure in the car rally driving industry. He is a Brazilian who has managed to create himself a big name in the motorsport industry. Rodrigo Terpins has a great passion for rally driving races. Rodrigo Terpins is a member of Bull Sertoes rally team. This is one of the teams that are involved with off-road championships competitions that are referred to as Sertoes Rally Competition. Rodrigo Terpins brother, Michael Terpins is also a member of this team. Michael Terpins is also a car rally driver, and they both represent this team. In addition to their membership, they are also the co-founders of the Bull Sertoes team. They are both equally competitive and talented in car rally races. They have won several races in the championships.


The love for sports is grounded in their family starting with his father, Jack Terpins. Jack Terpins used to be a basketball player when he was young. Terpins used to be a great defender, and he sued to play for the Habraica tea. Jack Terpins used to serve in the Jewish sports organization where he helps excellent positions. Rodrigo Terpins has managed to earn himself many fans in the rally championships due to his unique races that are generally held in Brazil. For more details visit Ideamensch.


Rodrigo Terpins was among the participants who took part in the T1 Prototype category of the Brazilian championship rally. Rodrigo Terpins has a significant success trend in the various championship. He was among those who participated in the 22nd edition of the Sertoes rally. This edition covered a distance of 2600km. It also incorporated two states in conjunction with seven stages. Rodrigo finished as the third in the T1 Prototypes and was ranked in the eighth position out of the 38 members who participated in the general category. Rodrigo affirmed that this performance with his partner Fabricio surpassed the expectations since it was highly competitive.

In the 24th edition, Rodrigo in partnership with his brother participated, and they emerged second in the prototype and were rank position five in the overall performance. This was an impressive performance from these two brothers. These brothers partnered to represent their team, Bull Sertoes against T-Rex car that was established by the MEM Sports Organization.


Bumble Incorporating New Features

Whitney Wolfe is a woman who is known for her work as the creator of Bumble. This app has changed the way women utilize these dating apps. It opened the door to empower women and encourage them with the chance to stand up for themselves and garner that strength to be bold with their choices. Gone are the days where women have to hide before they speak to a guy. Bumble uses the swiping feature and creates matches when two people both “like” each other on the app. In order for the conversation to start, it is required that the woman must respond and send them the message first. If she doesn’t, the match is gone. For more latest update connect with Whitney Wolfe on Twitter.

Bumble is now incorporating new features into their system to make it more fun, interactive, and a generally better site to use. Many users would use the app nonchalantly and constantly either be on the app or generally delete it from their phone to rest from using the app. They would then place a message on their bio saying that they didn’t have the app on their phone and won’t be responding to matches but will be eventually.

Bumble then saw this change in how the site was being used that they decided to add in the new feature, Bumble Snooze. Snooze allows you to send an instant message to anyone whom you make a match with, and it will basically let the person know that you are not using the app. Whitney Wolfe knows this idea is great for those who don’t want to stop using the app altogether but want to take a break from being on it so much. Bumble is receiving criticism because their thoughts involve people not using the app, but Whitney Wolfe knows what her app is capable of doing and she wants to give people that freedom to take a break if they so choose.

It is rare for an app to give users the benefit of not having to use it and take a break when they need it. Whitney Wolfe believes in her product and loves this idea.

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Freedom Checks: A New Source of Income

Many Americans are looking for an additional source of income, now that prices are soaring high and it seems a little difficult to pay their bills. One of the writers for the Banyan Hill Publishing Company, Matt Badiali, released a video encouraging the public that they should invest in freedom checks instead. Matt Badiali worked with the oil and petroleum industry for years, and he got the information about these checks when he was still a geologist for a large oil and petroleum company. He knew that the information would help a lot of people in the present day, so he decided to upload it online and convince a huge percentage of the population that investing in these checks is a great idea. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.


According to Matt Badiali, these checks can be availed from companies which are part of the MLP circle, or the master limited partnerships. MLPs formed after the law called the Statute 26-F was signed by President Richard Nixon. They are the companies which have accepted the conditions posted by the Statute 26-F, saying that they could operate in the United States without paying any taxes if they will be providing freedom checks to the public. The MLPs agreed to the deal, and right after the law was signed, they started handing out these checks to those who wanted to buy it. Through the years, only a few people knew about the existence of freedom checks, and most people do not realize how advantageous it could be if they would invest a small portion of their money to these checks.



Freedom checks can be purchased from $50 to $100, but if the company that they have chosen to invest to would score gold, they will be able to take home a huge pot of money. He also provided several examples to encourage the people in buying these checks. Matt Badiali said that those who have purchased a lot of freedom checks are able to receive thousands of dollars in their mailbox. He knew that more people would be interested in these checks right after hearing the testimonials that he shared. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

Guilherme Paulus, An Internationally Celebrated Entrepreneur

Guilherme Paulus is a very successful businessman, the largest one in the history of Brazil’s tourism sector. He is a renowned entrepreneur, well known nationally and internationally for the great services he has provided in the tourism industry.

Paulus is the founder of CVC, an operator and travel agency; he is also the current chairman of the GPJ Group, the company that controls GPJ Hotels and Resorts as well as GJP Construtora e Incorporadora. He is a former member of the national Tourism council and today, the chairman of the Board of Directors of the São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau. He doubles up as the vice president of the International Relations of the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies (ABAV).

Born in 1949 in São Paulo, Guilherme Paulus studied business administration in college, a course that formed the basis of his career in the tourism industry. He has been working for the industry on different capacities for close to 50 years now. He founded CVC together with his former business partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari in 1972, when he was just 24 years of age. He has since worked very hard to ensure that his company would become prominent in Brazil. Paulus has amazing talent and together with his exceptional skills, he has created a wide range of travel packages, which are unique and much better than his competitors’. This is what has made his company a great success in the international scenes.

As if creating Brazil’s largest tourism operator is not enough, Guilherme Paulus is now creating a hotel empire with about 20 units spread throughout Brazil. The businessman believes that the hospitality industry should solely involve the art of serving customers well. Even at 68 years of age, Paulus continues to work hard because he is a man that enjoys generating jobs and helping Brazil grow. His efforts are not just recognized on a national level but internationally as well. CVC has been regarded as a premiere tourist company for Brazil in many countries, including the Caribbean, South America, Europe and the United States. This has earned Guilherme Paulus recognition by many governments in various countries across the globe.

Fortress Investment Group Making a Difference

The first of its kind, the alternative asset investment management company, Fortress Investment Group, it is leading the world with its expertise in asset-based investments, mergers and acquisitions, and company portfolio building. They currently have 1750 investors with an invested wealth of $43 billion. They are 900 strong now following the principles on which the company is built. Fortress Group Investments started as private equity firm back in 1998 and have come a long way since then. Founders Rob Kauffman, Wes Edens, and Randal Nardone shaped up the company. They are equipped with tools to manage returns on uncommon investments. Their intention is to invest in high-end vehicles and raising private equity. Asset-based investments are comparatively safer with guaranteed regular revenue generation for a longer term. The feel confident to do so because of their significant exposure to managing, pricing, financing physical as well as financial assets.

With 20 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, they are easily able to connect with important board members, professionals, stakeholders and maintain a healthy long-term relationship with them.

They expanded at an astronomical pace, acquiring high-value assets and there was a substantial increase in investors. This went on for years until 2007, when the company offered its shares with an IPO. They were the first alternative-asset investment management firm to take such a bold step which immediately put them on a global notice. Fortress Investment Group LLC went global after they built headquarters in San Francisco, Shanghai, and Singapore in 2011.

In 2017, SoftBank, a major conglomerate based in Tokyo, acquired Fortress Investment Group LLC at a cost of $3.3 billion. It was agreed upon that Fortress Investment Group will have the independence to operate and innovate under the guidance of their principals Peter Briger and Wes Edens.

At present, Fortress Investment Group operates on these three divisions which are Credit division, Private Equity, and Permanent Capital Vehicles.

Principal Peter Briger joined Fortress in 2006, with an experience of 15 years at Goldman Sachs, is managing the Credit division introduced in 2002. Emphasis is given on intricate and illiquid investments they feel can be used to generate revenue. On the other hand, the private equity division is responsible for regular returns from investments in North America and some places in the Caribbean.

PSI Pay’s Managing Director, Phil Davies About The Fintech Sector

PSI-Pay was founded in 2007 and offers payment solutions such as debit card, pre-paid cards, contactless programs, and virtual cards. The U.K.-based financial institution offers its services worldwide, in 173 countries and 44 currencies.


In a recent interview, the Managing Director of PSI Pay, Phil Davies talked about his current position with the company and the trends in the payments industry. The first task that Phil Davies had was to energize, stabilize and overhaul the workforce at PSI Pay. He streamlines certain processes in order to be more competitive, and improved the look and feel that the company had to rejuvenate the customer experience.


He notes that the workplace at PSI Pay became more comfortable and adopted a flexible working policy, introduced motivational rewards, training opportunities, and benefits for employees. From an external point of view, the company streamlined access to its products and services. When discussing Fintech, Phil Davies mentions that the things he learned early in his career that resulted in a greater understanding of it were to plan meticulously and don’t rely on luck.


Fintech (or Financial Technology) is a new type of business that tries to innovate and create new financial services for customers and businesses. The goal of Fintech companies is to make financial technology easier, faster and more convenient. They often offer apps and websites that enable people to manage their finances much easier. Mobile apps are also a popular tool employed by Fintech companies, as apps are used to make payments easier by using cell phones at a restaurant or other establishments.


Fintech companies are currently working with designers in order to create wearable payment devices. PSI Pay worked with K Wearables in order to create a contactless payment ring. The ring allows people to make purchases in the United Kingdom and in Europe by holding it up to the card readers that allow MasterCard contactless payments.

Phil Davies, having been Managing Director at PSI Pay for more than 20 years, became accustomed with the challenges that the Fintech sector presents. One such hurdle is presented in the form of financial regulations, as they don’t apply to new technologies such as cashless and contactless payment devices. However, he notes that technology is no longer the barrier that it used to be and the challenges are more mundane.