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Steve Ritchie Administrative Style to Impact Papa Johns Positively

Steve Ritchie is among the like-minded individuals who have contributed to the tremendous growth of Papa Johns. Steve Ritchie currently serves in the capacity of a Chief Executive Officer After being appointed in January 1st, 2018. Papa Johns global dominance and prominence has made ranked the third largest pizza delivery firm globally. Papa Johns has so far expanded to 5000 facilities with an employee base of 120000.

Steve Ritchie career journey at Papa Johns began way back in 1996 as a customer service attendant at an hourly rate of 6 dollars per hour. He was promoted in 2006 to a director of all matters franchise operations. Later in 2014, Steve Ritchie was appointed to serve in the capacity of a Chief Operating Officer (COO). In 2015 he appointed president before he was appointed in the CEO position.

Steve Ritchie’s vision is to see Papa Johns on top of the world regarding brand and facility development. He aims to do this through digital innovations, brand marketing and the evolution of the entire customer experience. He believes his dedication and passion will send Papa Johns towards success.

Papa Johns has been through tough situations recently regarding customer satisfaction and sake trends. The situation has forced Steve Ritchie to pen a letter to all the stakeholders, customers, and employers regarding how he was going to handle the situation.

Firstly, he started that the Papa Johns management was going to do a through extensive training to its employees all over the globe. Secondly, the management is going to develop an independent audit team that is set to investigate the cultural diversification of all stakeholders. Then recommend the possible measures and solutions to be undertaken. Thirdly, he said that all the employees and franchise owners are going to be involved in the region making of Papa Johns. Lastly, the management was going to develop an advisory group to offer guidance on matters Papa Johns brand.

Steve Ritchie also in his letter highlighted the long-term steps that will move Papa Johns forward. The first step is the expansion and development of the franchise that is owned by minorities. And the second step is to form a foundation that will focus primarily on impacting positively to communities and employees.

Steve Ritchie’s understands that for Papa Johns to remain relevant and sustainable in the industry, diversification, equality, and inclusion should be the key priorities.

Fortress Investment Group Branching Out to Finer Wells, Randal Nardone

If you have been keen enough to observe the market shift, companies are buying out or acquiring other companies in the same line of business. Of course, there are many benefits attached to it including diversification of risk, market penetration, an effective expansion strategy among many others. The fundamental explanation is to grow and expand the business. Naturally, the parties involved bring their concerns to the negotiating table from whence they establish the way forward. Randal Nardone just recently spearheaded such a move.

SoftBank, a technologically based institution has had lone expressions of interest to work with the Fortress Investment Group. Well, I know this comes as a surprise since the latter is in communication and tech business. However, the two companies tangle in the areas of branching out and establishing themselves all over again. SoftBank just closed a purchase deal to acquire Fortress at a cost of US$ 3.3 billion. The Fortress shareholders unanimously voted for this pact in July 2017 but the news only went public in December 2017.

This move will see this multinational company expand into delivery of financial services. SoftBank is an umbrella for other small companies in various sectors from tech services, the fondly known product to e-commerce and internet provision. Over and above this, it has always worked hard to become the largest investment company globally and Fortress Investment Group’s acquisition is a major step towards achieving that. Randal Nardone who is the CEO is excited about this project and prospects a good future and so is SoftBank Founder Masayoshi Son. Read more about Randal Nardone at Crunchbase.

About Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is an alumnus of the University of Connecticut where he did his Bachelors in Arts – English, and Biology. He later enrolled for a law program at the Boston University School of Law where he graduated with honors. He has worked with a number of financial instructions managing private equity, capitalization and financing functions. Just to prove his performance most of the companies he has worked for at the moment have gone public. Today, he is a Principal and Co-founder at Fortress Investment Group. Randal Nardone holds advisor positions at Brookdale Senior Living New Residential Investment Corp., Springleaf Holdings and Gagfah.

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OSI GROUP’s Humble Beginnings

For more than a century, OSI Group has been in the food processing industry. The firm has enjoyed great success through its illustrious history and there are still many great heights to be scaled. It started out as a simple butcher shop and has grown to become a major player in the corporate world. More than 20,000 employees source their livelihood from the firm. Its reach extends to 17 countries where it has close to 65 facilities. Even with the ever-evolving global economy, OSI Group continuous to give competitors a run for their money.

Otto Kolschoswky’s family was the brain behind the well-established company. He was a German immigrant who came to the US at the beginning of the 20th Century. He came through Chicago, Illinois and chose to pitch tent in the city. Many other immigrants had set their sights on plains in the western part of the country where they hoped to set up farms. The city was a buzz of business activities thanks to the growing number of citizens.

As he settled into life in the US, Kolschowsky decided to establish a retail meat market. He worked consistently in his business and ten years later he had started engaging in wholesale activities. This development came as the dust settled on World War 1. He served residents of different Chicago suburbs including Mayhood. He kept at it and after another decade he brought his two sons on board. The move necessitated a change in identity and in 1928, Otto & Sons came to life. The family business was on its way to achieve unmatched success.

In the years that followed, the firm worked their way into the hearts of Americans and did so with great success. As the postwar economic period set in, the Otto’s partnered with McDonald’s in a move that would turn things forever. Otto & Sons became the sole supplier of fresh beef to the McDonald’s group of restaurants. This soon became the core business of the family business.

McDonald’s enjoyed tremendous growth in the years that followed and Otto & Sons followed suit. In the mid 1960’s the firm was rebranded to OSI Group. The transformation kept going and they expanded their reach beyond the local market. OSI Group is currently miles ahead of their competitors in the food industry.

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Equities First Holdings: The Lending Tree of Accomplishments, Goals, and Growth

Speaking about being one of the ones amongst a crowd to stand out because of their compressed lending benchmark. Equities First Holdings reaches out to individuals wanting a credit-based loan, even though they aren’t able to qualify. In the view, of people needing to raise money promptly are being welcomed by this institution. Reason being business is growing, and Equities First Holdings is the head of the lending tree by offering stock-based loans. Even though, the bank has begun to make the process dense for borrowers to qualify.

However, AlChrsty, Jr., the CEO, and Founder stepped in and decided to fill in the gaps of where consumers needed. For obtaining loans with collateralized stocks to help people achieve their business goals. Making borrowers comfortable with accepting fixed interest rates and loan-to-value ratio. Because Equities First Holdings has vowed to build businesses on, “a code of integrity and transparency.” they are different. The mission is reaching to offer the highest profits for the consumer at a minimum amount for either ambition wither it’s personal or professional.

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The Role of Talkspace in Providing Online Therapy

Talkspace and Michael Phelps announced their new partnership which will see Phelps join the organization’s board where he will be sharing his story about his lifelong battle with depression and anxiety and also participate in a national mental health program. He will work together with Talkspace to create awareness on the issue of mental health as well as the benefit of seeking help. Therefore, Phelps willingness to share about how therapy assisted him to combat depression and anxiety forms a natural partnership between him and Talkspace. Phelps disclosed some of the challenges that patients go through arising from the fear of being stigmatized if they ask for help. Therefore a public figure like Phelps speaking about his struggle with depression would help people to overcome some of those challenges. Find out more about Talkspace at

According to Michael Phelps, therapy is a helpful means combating the challenges that one goes through while suffering from these mental problems. He explained how therapy assisted him to overcome depression and anxiety. He said that Talkspace as a digital platform that provides therapy services online by linking mental patients to licensed therapists. This platform provides a wide range of services at different prices. Therapy via the use of this platform is provided through the use of text messages, talks or video chats. One can simply access this online therapy via his laptop or even a tablet device. This will greatly save the lives of many mental patients who are suffering from depression and anxiety.

Talkspace is, therefore, an online therapy platform that offers low-end and confidential therapy and has a network of licensed professional therapists. Its mission is to enable users to have quick access to professional therapists where no appointments are needed.

Therefore, Talkspace offers an effective approach to online therapy whereby with the growth of the internet, accessibility to various online programs has been made easy. It functions in a similar way with face to face therapy options. Majority of the times, people u more: sually experience difficulties opening up to therapists in person. Therefore, this means that they will be more comfortable communicating through texts messages. Regular forms of therapy may also be very expensive to some, thus Talkspace becomes the only option left for the majority of the people who can’t afford regular forms of therapy.

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Dabie Tsai’s Opinion About the Future of Accounting

Dabie Tsai is a former KPMG partner with over 23 years of experience offering assurance services to a global customer base. She held various leadership roles with the company, including Partner Champion for KPMG’s Network of Women and also its Asian Pacific Islanders Network. She was also a member of KPMG’s Lead Partners Forum and the KPMG Executive Leadership Institute for Women.

As an industry expert, Tsai has received various awards, including the KPMG Mentoring Award. She has been published in financial newspapers and spoken to an array of audiences, including both professional and industry forums and universities. She also has significant expertise working in various countries around the world.


During an interview, Tsai said that, as a former Big Four firm partner, she understands that accounting is tremendously essential to any company, since it serves as the foundation of the organization. Without the best accounting practices and policies, an organization may lack the strong infrastructure needed to provide the necessary support for its main activities and operations. According to Tsai, unless appropriate accounting policies and practices are put in place, a new company may run into functional and operational difficulties, which may ultimately limit its growth. This will also hinder the corporate governance and its ability to offer transparent business reporting accountability.

About the future of accounting, Tsai said that accounting standards evolve and advance all the time, and so does a company’s business. This is why it is essential to utilize and leverage proper accounting practices as an organization seeks to execute its strategy and vision.

The Career Success of Peter Briger

The businessman is one of the principals at Fortress Investment Group (FIG). At the firm’s board, he works as a co-chairman. Peter Briger has been part of FIG’s management committee for the last sixteen years. He became a member of FIG’s board in 2006. In 1996, he joined Goldman Sachs as a partner and worked in the organization for fifteen years. At the firm, he also helped the management in ensuring the success of the Asian Distressed Debt Business. Other positions that the businessman holds include being part of the board of organizations such as the Hospital for Special Surgery, and the Central Park Conservancy. His vast knowledge can be attributed to the skills he acquired institutions such as the Princeton University where he received a bachelor’s degree in arts. Read the article at Wikipedia to learn more.

Peter Briger is in charge of the credit and real estate divisions at Fortress Investment Group. He is a board member of a non-governmental organization in San Francisco called Tipping Point. Due to his passion for the education sector, he was appointed to serve in the board of directors at the Caliber Schools. Peter Briger has worked in various asset management firms for over two decades now. Both private and institutional investors have benefited from the services offered at Fortress Investment Group. The company manages assets with an estimated value of more than $65 billion. He participates in various philanthropic efforts to help the vulnerable members of the society. For example, he has partnered with the Global Fund for Children in charitable activities.

Business acquisitions are a common scenario in the business world. There are many benefits that the companies involved can get from that process. One of the most recent acquisitions in the finance sector took place in December last year. It involved SoftBank and Fortress Investment Group where the former acquired the latter. The deal cost $3.3 billion and the money was given in cash. The move was a strategic decision by both firms to rebrand themselves. At the helm of Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger has always put different measures to ensure that the organization remains competitive in the sector.

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Isabel dos Santos: Developing Multiple Industries in Africa

Angola is one of the richest countries in Africa, located on the south-western section of the continent. The country is known for their petroleum industry, and through the years, the continuous pumping of oil and natural gas generate huge income for the government, allowing the economy to thrive. Jose Eduardo dos Santos, the president of Angola during this economic revival, stated that the government is dedicated to open up new oil refineries to ensure that Angola’s oil and petroleum industry will continue to expand. His eldest child, Isabel dos Santos, was entrusted with the state-owned oil and petroleum company Sonangol. He was appointed by his father as the company’s chairwoman, and she contributed a lot for the company to grow further. Isabel dos Santos is known for her excellent skills in managing her businesses, and it is not surprising that she was given a role to fulfill within the government.


Isabel dos Santos is the first child of Eduardo dos Santos from his Russian-born first wife. She was born in Azerbaijan, a predominantly Islamic country in the Caucasus. Because of the power that his father held, she was given a chance to study abroad, and when she reached college, she decided to take up electrical engineering. Upon graduating, she decided to go back to Angola and established her business empire. She attracted a lot of business people to invest in Angola, and she is proud of her accomplishment of transforming the nation’s capital into one of the most progressive and advanced cities in Africa. In 2018, the Forbes Magazine reported that Isabel dos Santos is currently the richest woman from the continent, having more than $3 billion net worth. Because of her success in the field of entrepreneurship, she was given several awards and recognitions coming from different organizations. The BBC also recognized her as one of the world’s most influential women.


Isabel dos Santos invested a lot in the telecommunications, oil and petroleum, finance, media, and retail industries. She has been making a lot of money because of the rising number of investors who wanted to build a headquarters in Luanda, the nation’s capital. She also claimed that all of her businesses are being managed effectively because of the advice coming from her business advisors, who are leading the companies under her name to the right path.



Robert Ivy Acknowledges Professional Organizations To Turn Your Business Around

Robert Ivy is a great figure in the Architectural industry. As a leader in the Architectural industry, he is always in search of the various ways to grow his business. He is a strong advocate of professional organizations. He has seen the advantages of professional organizations in different industries over the past few years.

Robert Ivy serves as the Executive Vice President and the CEO of AIA, American Institutes of Architects. He had done outstanding works by different association including one that helped change tax legislation in the nation.

Professional organizations offer networking platforms to their members. It is custom for organizations to hold annual meetings and conferences to discuss matters affecting their member. This also gives them an opportunity to tell members of their new ideas and plans. Through these conferences and annual meetings, businesses learn from best players in the industry. They also get an opportunity to show off their works in the workshops and other activities.


Robert Ivy and many businesses that participate in professional organization programs get to collect credentials from different associations he is involved. By being part of a professional society, one can keep up with current trends and updates in the market. They can also attack more clients by being part of the community.

Some associations give specific requirements to be met by members before joining the society. By going through strict tests, companies can improve their skills, products, and services. Robert Ivy’s company, AIA has a strict code of ethics that members have to follow to avoid termination of their membership. This code helps people from all rays of life to appreciate their work.

Lastly, professional organizations hold occasional job fairs which employees from different companies. It helps many challenge their abilities through seeing works done by other people in the industry. Ivy has always encouraged employees to participate in this event throughout the years.

Robert Ivy is among the best in the architecture industry. He recently emerged as the winner of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. Robert Ivy loves his work. He always looks for ways to make his career much easier like professional organizations.

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A Comeback Plan for Jacob Gottlieb

Early 2016, Jacob Gottlieb, who was the chief investment officer of Visium Asset Management LP liquidated his firm following an insider-trading scandal. The closure of the firm was prompted from indictments against the staff for miscalculating security values to overcharge investors and deceive them on the liquidity of the funds and other scandals. Mr. Gottlieb, however, was excused from any misconduct in the scandal. Despite the downfall of his company, Jacob, who is zealous about investing pledged to the world that he would make his comeback in the investment world.

Several People working at the hedge fund were charged with several allegations and suffered huge losses. A Visium portfolio manager Sanjay Valvani was accused of making transactions on critical government information on generic-drug approvals. Days after the accusation and charges, a partner at Visium’s Healthcare-Focused Fund was discovered dead in his home in controversial suicide circumstances.

Stefan Lumiere, Portfolio manager at the firm, was also indicted of mismarking securities with the motive of overcharging investors. After pleading not guilty, he was convicted for 18 months in prison, three years supervised release, and a $1million fine. Several other people went down with the firm which affected their profession to date such as Lumiere who has been barred by the Securities and Exchange Commission on working in the securities industry.

Since the closure of the Hedge Fund, Mr. Gottlieb has been waiting for the appropriate time to introduce a new hedge fund. He has finally managed to plan a Return in the market through Atrium Capital. He has established Altium Capital as a family office with a capacity of six employees involved mostly in the management of his wealth. His firm will emphasize investing in healthcare and is already making bets on the stocks in the sector. Gottlieb has said that the strategy of the new fund whose Chief Operating Officer is Mark Gottlieb, Jacobs’s brother will be similar to Visium’s most substantial funds but with a different focus based on systematic research.