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Todd Levine – Commercial Real Estate Litigator

US News and World Report named Todd Levine, a founding member at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. the 2018 Best Lawyer for Real Estate Litigation.

In addition to this honor, Todd Levine has been mentioned in Super Lawyers Business Edition here, Florida Trend Magazine and South Florida Business Journal. He was also recognized by Martindale Hubbell Legal Leaders as one of South Florida’s Top Rated Lawyers for Commercial Litigation in 2012.

Todd Levine earned his Bachelor’s in Finance from the University of Florida and he later went on to earn his law degree from the University of Florida, where he graduated with honors.

Todd Levine found his talent for litigating early in his career. He recognized his talents in being able to simplify the intricate which allowed him to find success in complex commercial litigation.

For Todd Levine, productivity is key. He tries to utilize all of his available time and makes sure to prioritize his schedule so that he is able to ensure that his clients receive the service they deserve and expect. He credits his preparation as one of the keys to his success.

Todd Levine has built his practice by doing the best job possible for his clients and through his success in the courtroom. He has cultivated his firm by maintaining a client-first mentality, not only because his clients are the lifeblood of his business, but also because he truly cares about his clients and their cases. In this manner he has been able to build his practice mainly through client referrals. In fact, he recommends finding a specialty and developing that because the more quickly one can become the subject matter expert, the more likely that clients will seek them out instead of the other way around.

Apart from his legal practice, Todd is an avid musician and an artist. He enjoys playing the guitar and keyboard and he also credits his love of the arts for having helped him in the courtroom and in mediation.

Eric Lefkofsky: Using Technology to Change Lives

very successful entrepreneur has a story to tell, and Eric Lefkofsky is not an exception. He has founded many companies and was recently in an interview on Bloomberg about recent startup, Tempus Inc. Tempus is a health company that is fast growing. Lefkofsky said in the interview that patients need to know the drugs they are taking and how they are responding to the drugs. His company also offers sequencing services. He said that they provide sequencing that is clear and in great depth.

The company combines clinical and molecular data to figure out patterns that exist to help figure out the best drugs needed for a patient. He also said that he decided to use technology to keep people alive and give them a better life. Currently, Tempus has about 250 hospitals working with it, and Lefkofsky grew the company from 30 million sales to four billion in sales.

Tempus is a technology firm that is building clinical and molecular data to ensure that such data are accessible. The company that started in 2015 is no doubt a great addition to the health care sector. The firm enables physicians to provide patients with personalized care using interactive machines. Additionally, the organization delivers sequencing services to help physicians make real-time decisions. The primary focus of the company is to ensure that each patient benefits from each treatment. It does so by providing the healthcare industry with the needed tools to provide accurate data.

Eric Lefkofsky is not only involved in founding successful health companies but also involved in charitable works. He has a Lefkofsky Family Foundation that he uses to enhance human life. Lefkofsky established the foundation in 2006; he started the private philanthropic foundation together with his spouse to advance high impact enterprises. The successful businessperson is also a trustee in Lurie Children’s Hospital which is based in Chicago, the museum of science and industry among other institutes that are based in Chicago. Lefkofsky also serves as the chairman in the board of Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He is involved in the education sector where he teaches at the Chicago University. Lefkofsky finds watching a movie more relaxing, and his favorite movie is Star Trek Guy.

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Matthew Fleeger

Mr. Matthew Fleeger is an American oil tycoon, businessman, and, entrepreneur. Mr. Fleeger attended Southern Methodist University and received his bachelor’s degree in business with an emphasis in finance and marketing in 1985. Mr. Fleeger started his career in 1985 as well, he was the president of his family-owned oil company called Gulf Coast Western Inc from 1985 to 1990. His father founded this company in 1970. In 1990 he left the family business and started his own companies, eventually selling them both and returning back to the family business. Mr. Fleeger is currently the Chief Executive Officer, president ,and a director of Gulf Coast Western LLC. Since returning to the family business Mr. Fleeger has turned the company into an oil Giant.

Oil companies and the US government thought that America’s hydrocarbon reserves would eventually be exhausted. Then new drilling techniques started to be discovered so oil that was not feasible could be profitable for the first time. This new development had a positive effect on the country and help to boost the economy forward. Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing were the two technologies that helped the oil drilling process which made hard shale and sandstone formation drilling possible. Experience was a key aspect into the success of the company doing this recent oil boom. Mr. Fleeger & Gulf Coast Western were able to adjust quickly to the state of the art drilling techniques. The company combined the new techniques and geologic knowledge to uncover some of the most lucrative drill sites in the country.

Mr. Fleeger also thinks that the recent oil boom has been very profitable as of late but this is just a small sample and that this boom should continue through 2040. Doing the oil recession Mr. Fleeger tried to become more efficient in every aspect of the business, cutting over head without losing people, and just being more creative. He also maintain a positive attitude and this positive attitude trickled down through the entire company. Mr. Fleeger took his education and experience of being around the oil industry growing up and created two successful businesses on his own. Then he made his way back home and took the family business to the next level.

Brian Torchin’s Innovative Business Approach

Brian Torchin is making a name for himself amongst medical professionals, he is a leading recruiter in the field. Brian is unique in this role because he began as a medical practitioner himself. Brian Torchin began his career by graduating from the University of Delaware in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. Upon getting out of school, he worked in a number of firms and even opened some of his own. Sticking around the east coast as far as practicing medicine, Brian lives in Philadelphia. Brian’s current fame in the industry outside of his practice, is a company he founded; HeathCare Recruitment Counselors. Find out more about Brian at

HCRC Staffing handles the complicated task of helping individuals find the right job in the health care and legal industries, and operates across the country, not just along the east coast of the United States. Brian is able to promote job openings and facilitate relationships in the medical community via his Facebook profile. On his profile, Brian actively promotes job postings across the country. He has links to his group which focuses on the latest chiropractic news and advances in the industry. Brian is also active on Twitter which also promotes job postings in various locations and tries to engage a broad amount of people in a short amount of time. By creating so much interaction and reaching the vast consumer bases on social media, Brian Torchin and HCRC Staffing have been innovative with their approach to how they interact with clients and potential employees and will continue to push the envelope going forward.

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