59% Of Kyle Bass Petitions Denied By The Patent Trial And Appeal Board

Kyle Bass formed an association he named Coalition for Affordable Drugs which has been challenging many drugs and dosages by a group of pharmaceuticals companies. From all the pleas made by the coalition of affordable drugs patent trial and appeal, the board has identified 59% of them as not valid. Bass has been challenging the patents and pharmaceutical companies like Acirda Therapeutics Inc., Celgene Corporation and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. Allegedly bass coalition identified one drug named dimethyl fumarate meant for treatment of multiple sclerosis under us patent number 8, 399,514. He also held a challenge for Biogen Inc. with multiple sclerosis drugs. Of all the reports bass has been filing numerous reports for similar patent where only 10 of those petitions have been accepted but 17 of those petitions denied. Bass has been discouraging the cost of drugs in relation to the dosages and affordability of the drugs.

Bass founded the Hayman Capital Management a Dallas Texas based hedge fund and is also its principle. He gained popularity after predicting the subprime mortgage crises but has over time received criticism for his unethical behavior. His hedge fund is also not doing that well because of all other predictions he made only the mortgage crisis was right. May media houses and newspapers have however been seeking his opinion about the financial industry and the European markets. Bass has been driving to the drains any pharmaceutical companies through his continuous campaigns. Most of those campaigns are not true and only destroying the capacities and potentials of many pharmaceuticals. Allegedly Bass says that he is doing the campaign to protect citizens and promote affordability of the drugs. Most of his pleas about the patents have been denied.

UsefulStooges wrote that Bass has been claiming that many drug companies have been repackaging and reducing the required dosages of their drugs. His move with his coalition of affordable drugs led to Arcadia’s stock dropping by 10%. He says that he is trying to do good for the society and making more money but this strategy is not working for many patients, and they are against his campaigns. His fund Hayman Capital has not been performing very well especially in 2012 when it recorded a loss of 32%. Bass was only right with only one prediction that made him a fortune, but he has since then made huge losses allegedly related to his poor opinions in his media interviews.

He was also identified as the supporter of Argentina especially when the country defaulted in debt in 2001. Bass supported the then President Kristina Fernandez and was seen supporting her policies which led to the poor performance of the country in the market to the point of being issued a ban. Bass association with general motor did not go very well, and the firm in return performed poorly. CNBC has some good interviews about how unsavory Kyle Bass continues to be in the public eye.

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