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Diversant is a company currently being celebrated within the business world for it’s innovative platform and compelling success story that shows the result of when talent and hard work meet and join together and the undeniable power generated. Firstly, for those out of the loop, Diversant is the biggest IT staffing firm owned by African-Americans in the United States. They are probably the most recognizable and celebrated MBE or Minority Owned Business Enterprise in their field across America. Divergent operates the complexities of IT staffing and everything that comes with it. They cover a sprawling collection of solutions to issues surrounding mediating staffing, including IT direct hire, a variety of solutions as related to diversity, and staff augmentation, increasing the abilities and sharpening the skill sets of everybody employed. Diversant is all about an increasingly transformative platform that puts the people first, engaging clientele on a person to person level. In other words, they see the big picture and see the benefit in helping people help themselves and their communities. Diversant is shaped by principled action that revolves around client satisfaction. Their success and their integrity go hand in hand. Diversant conducts themselves in a consistent, professional manner. They show respect to others, they function as a group, and they practice what they preach.

Diversant is defined by the people who work there. One of these individuals, John Goullet, their principal executive, is a celebrated entrepreneur with a lot of experience in the IT world. His career is defined by enigmatic victories defined by innovation. He has worked as a IT consultant in addition to staffing and is able to apply his experience. His abilities as a leader were likely honed at Technolgies, where he was the CEO.

Goullet is dedicated to deciphering the caustic corporate climate while establishing a system that connects client and consultant based on their character. John Goullet is rare in his uncanny understanding of how both people and technology work. He knows how to facilitate consistent and successful collaboration in a dynamic environment. John points toward finding solutions, not wading in problems.

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Led By John Goullet, Diversant Provides Innovative Staffing Solutions