Ara Chackerian Creates Innovative Space in Healthcare Startup Industry

Angela Stevens of the San Francisco Patch recently recognized Are Chackerian and his Healthcare startup, where both the company and industry have thrived in the current economic expansion. As healthcare start-ups who are new to the scene bring innovation, creativity, and value there are concerns from investors in the longevity and stability of the startup era.


Ara Chackerian is not new to the scene of healthcare and innovation, where he has since recognized the positive impact innovative technology can have on patient outcomes and business models. The key to innovative success is being backed by entrepreneurs whom believe in the sustainability and innovation promised by Chackerian.


The San Francisco states that in 2017 $703 Million worth of venture-capital funding were raised by 79 NYC healthcare startups. The city is a platform for startups with major universities positioned nearby, support from local and state government, and most importantly access to capital. While the Patch repots concerns, there is still success with healthcare startups exemplified through the numbers. Despite financial setbacks and risky predictions, Are Chackerian and other talented entrepreneurs are truly driving change in the industry through their research and innovative techniques brought to the industry through its funding. Check out for more.



Ara Chackerian closes with stating these healthcare startups and investors who back them are ultimately bringing positive patient incomes through their partnership. The innovation behind these startups and the entrepreneurs that drive them is that they are creating the “treatment of tomorrow.” Though there will always be a risk, today is the time to learn, keep up with trends, and invest in this exciting time where a positive impact can reach vast amounts of patients. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Ara Chackerian is based in San Francisco, California where he serves on a number of boards of early stage healthcare companies. He advocates for sustainability, environment, and the healthcare industry. His interests include technology and fitness. You can visit their website