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The Contribution of George Soros and the Troubled Conservatives

George Soros is a name that is heard innumerable times in the philanthropic world with different contributions, activism on human and civil rights, interference to create strong democratic communities around the globe, and more. In October 2017, his name hit the headlines but raised the eyebrows of everyone. He transferred more than 70% of total fortune to philanthropy. The transfer of $18 billion to his philanthropic wing, Open Society Foundations, is expected to shape the societies around the world. Analysts have already communicated the importance of the transfer considering the fall of democratization in Asian and African countries.

However, the conservatives, who always see Soros as their enemy, showed their frustration towards the transfer and started creating conspiracy theories, as usual. The credentials of Soros, including his fights for liberal values, opposition to Donald Trump and George W. Bush during the presidential elections, scathing attacks on flawed policies of conservatives and their divisive policies, and more, have made him one of the primary targets of conservatives. Right-wing theory sites like Breitbart declared the OSF as a Death Star and welcomed the news. Giving an image of a philanthropic boogeyman to Soros is another strategy of conservatives, and it is reflecting the current political standard of conservatives.

However, these stories can create detrimental effects on the society and encourage dark forces to move and work against democratic values for destroying the societies. It is also expected to reduce the grassroots level activism significantly and leading to discussing the meritocracy of philanthropists without touching how they are shaping the society. In the history, it has shown that philanthropists are experienced many cases of abuse for their acts, but the industrialization in the 19th centuries gave rise to billionaires who were ready to spend for shaping the societies. The United States was highly welcoming the philanthropists and their works and interferences in the societies.

However, it also generated a political system that focused on creating conspiracy theories against philanthropists. Considering Soros is a champion of progressivism, capitalism, and globalism, his critics are effectively utilizing all these spectrums to direct theories against him. To people who do not know him, he is a strong critic of laissez-faire capitalism which accesses all areas of human lives and damaging democratic and open societies. Though Soros earned his fortune from the opportunities that capitalism provided, he is cautious about the integration of market values into human lives and warns against it – the mindset of a truly democratic and open society champion with a generous heart.

George Soros is from a Hungarian Jewish family and was born in 1930. His family moved out to England after the Second World War, and he enrolled at the prestigious London School of Economics. After earning graduation, Soros decided to use the market opportunities in the United States and crossed the Atlantic Ocean. His initial career as a stockbroker in the American capital markets was highly successful. In early 1970, he created his own hedge fund group named Soros Fund Management. After generating substantial business success, he turned towards philanthropy by founding OSF.

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Need An Constitutional Expert? Get Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry, director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, met with other elite constitutional exerts in the world in Kiev, Ukraine, in July of 2017.

These experts were in Ukraine to discuss the quasi-presidential system of the Ukraine as well the constitutional obstacles that the government faced. The Unkraining people that met with these experts were heads of think tanks like the international institute for democracy and electorate and the center of policy and legal reform. There were also intergovernmental groups that have tried to sustain democracy all over the world. Choudhry felt honored to meet with the experts and to be able to talk about executive powers. He told these experts that the democratic process is not stable. The amount of presidential power, the legislature and the weakness of the some of the political parties have contributed to the instability of the country. Additional article on

There were some notable people at thihomas meetin. Some of the notables were Thomas Sidelius, Dalarma University, Sumit Bisarya, International IDEA, Vladimir Vasilenko, a Ukrainian human rights representative, Sergyi Holoyatyi, a representative for Ukranian Supreme Court, ad Viktor Musiaka, a representative for the Center for Policy and Reform. Related article on

Sujit Choudhry is known around the world as an expert on constitutional processes. He has published a book called Constitutional Making, a collection of academic and classic articles about Constitutional Law. Check this on

Sujit Choudhry is still currently a professor at UC-Berkeley School of Law. pHe is still an expert on constitutional law and politics, In Jordan, Egypt, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Tunisia and Yemen, he has acted as an advisor on the process of building a constitution.  More of his advisory works in this link on

He is still a director for the Center for Constitutional Transitions. This center helps countries build constitutions with the help of an international network of experts. So far, this center has partnered with more than 50 experts in over 25 countries. These experts come from international groups, non-profits and think tanks.  Read his views in this interview, click on this.

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MB2 Dental Solutions: Dental Practice Management and Development Services

Some dentists believe that setting up a dental practice is a breeze. The reality is that, for many dentists, the process can be daunting. There are many factors which come into play when setting up any kind of business. A dental practice has its unique requirements, and to understand all these, you may need professional assistance. This is where the services of a dental management, and development firm comes in. if you are looking to set up your dental practice in Houston, or anywhere else in Texas you should consider hiring the services of MB2 Dental Solutions.

MB2 Dental Solutions

For every business owner, coming up with a business idea is not easy. The most crucial part of the process is how to bring the idea to life. For a dentist, there is need to consider the target market, which is unique. Dealing with patients is a sensitive matter, as they are a unique group of customers. At MB2 Dental Solutions, the professionals understand the need to design a practice that caters to the needs of your patients, while making profits out of it.


Any dentist who hires the services of MB2 Dental can take advantage of very many services. One of them is staffing. When you start your own practice, you may decide to partner with a colleague, or friend who is a qualified dentist. However, you cannot do everything by yourselves. Staffing is important for any dental practice, and MB2 Dental Solutions has the right fit for you. The firm can take care of your recruitment process, and identify qualified personnel to work for you.

Another service which you can expect from the professionals at MB2 Dental Solutions is accounting. You do not have to get involved with the numbers if you do not have the required expertise. This will give you more time to attend to your patients.

MB2 Dental Solutions also does branding, and marketing for dental practices. It is not enough to set up your own practice. Having the right kind of exposure can lead more patients your way. Apart from branding services, MB2 Dental will also see to it that you create a network of dental affiliates.

Job Opportunities

For those who are looking for career opportunities in a dental practice, MB2 Dental Solutions can also help. They can match you to a suitable job that fits your qualifications, and experience.


Sujit Choudhry And The Legal Expertise He Offers For Ukraine

There are many articles today about Sujit Choudhry. But, you still can’t get enough of him mainly because the information you read about him may be biased, noise-filled and confusing. Articles about him may also be so filled with ads that you couldn’t get anything good out of the article.

In this article, we will try to address that. We will offer you a conflation of the good information about Sujit Choudhry that would help you understand where he is going with his career. Shall we move on?

The Ukraine Constitutional Commission

It could be essential to include in this article the fact that Sujit Choudhry is the Director of The Center for Constitutional Transitions, and it is his duty today to make sure that the governments who are still starting with their government can get the guidance from the right experts who have experience in the drill. It is the hope of the many people from Ukraine that the guidance from Sujit Choudhry will go towards a grassroots kind of transformation and that would address the actual needs of the citizens, and not from a top-to-bottom mandate. In the Release Fact article, it is also said that the current constitutional system in Ukraine is facing such an immense set of challenges that the help of Sujit Choudhry could be a great help. Check to read about his published work.

About Sujit Choudhry

There are many titles behind Mr. Sujit Choudhry, but one of the most prominent ones would be the fact that he is right now not only the director of a famous organization, but he is also one of the great minds in Harvard Law School who have been able to offer expertise in constitutional law constructions.  Additional article on

While constructing a country with its constitution is such an uncertain and perplexing process, it should be noted here that Mr. Sujit has shown a great deal of expertise and experience in making things work from the ground up regarding formulating a country’s laws.

Related article here.

It is also the hope of the many people involved in the process to make sure that Mr. Sujit has skin in the game, where he takes responsibility in whatever proposal he makes.

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NeuroCore Gives Solution to Depression

Depression is a common illness in American, affecting close to 16 million adults each year. While depression is more common in adult females, it can happen at any age to anyone. Two thirds of those affected with the disease, while those who do receive treatment are generally successful. Stigma may affect those who choose not to receive treatment.

Education about depression is the greatest way to stop the stigma. Some may not know that outside factors, or environmental influences, may have no bearing on the development of depression. Stress can increase the risk of developing it, but it may come out of no where. Also, many may not know there are different types. Persistent depressive disorder is one that affects the person for years, while post partum focuses on after the birth of a child. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Symptoms of depression are not always that obvious. People do not always stay in bed all day, but they may still be affected with it. The emotional effects of depression are not the only issue with depression. Depression affects the body physically. Headaches, stomach aches, and tension in the body are just some of the signs and symptoms that depression is effecting the body physically.


Suicide is the second major leading cause of death in young children and depression is the contributing factor behind. The feelings of hopelessness make people feel like death is the only solution. Depression affects people in their daily lives, and it is the leading cause of disability among those 15-44. Depression research needs more funding. Right now it only receives 1/100 of the amount that breast cancer research receives. Even the most severe cases can be successfully treated and managed over time.

Neurocore centers attack the problem at the root of the disease. They diagnosis the malfunctions in the brain with full spectrum diagnosis and then work to retrain the brain. Through a multitude of tests, like EEG and Heart Rate Variability, they work to discover the real root cause of the problem. Once diagnosed, neurocore works with the patient to improve the neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to recover. Read more at about Neurocore.

Ecommerce Personalization

For your online store to be successful, your on.line store needs an edge against the competition. This is key because there are thousands of online stores online that are your competition, and each competitor is trying to make sure that they take away your customers. One great thing to put into your online store is sentient AI. This AI is built for online business and for your online store. Sentient AI is a key for e-commerce personalization so that your customers have their own individual experience custom created just for them. This is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition and is a great way to make your customers loyal because their experience is customized.

Personalization is a great way to build a loyal customer base. It will create products that are customized just for them, give them a personal experience every time they come to the online store, and it will earn more profit for you because customers will want to spend more money because of the personalization. This is key, because of the thousands of competitors; you need a loyal customer base that will buy more which will earn you more profit. AI is also great because it will take less work out of your hands and will give you the ability to focus more on other business aspects such as marketing and stock levels. With AI, you can an employee that you do not have to pay or train, it knows all the knowledge to create a loyal customer base for your online store so that you have more free time and so that you earn more profit. In the world of online business, AI is great for creating e-commerce personalization so that your website creates a loyal customer base that comes to your website and not your competitor’s online stores.

Creating and building a online store can be hard. Marketing can be even harder. But with AI, you gain a valuable tool that you can use to make sure that your marketing is great. More and more customers are buying their products and services online, so you need to cash into this gold rush of online traffic that is wanting to buy. With AI, your online store will out-compete the competition. Marketing is very valuable and with AI, you can focus more time on our business and less time on focusing on how to market to your audience.

Sujit Choudhry, Expert in Constitutional Reforms

Sujit was among the team of experts that discussed about the transformation of the presidential system of the government of Ukraine. He joined the team in July 2017 and currently serves as the director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. He outlined some of the factors that led to the weak political system in Ukraine.  Additional article on

The team was comprised of among the most renowned personalities in Ukraine with a deep understanding of its legal and constitutional affairs. Their knowledge was required since they formed a critical foundation of analyzing the transformation to be made for Ukraine political system.

Sujit Choudhry advises that those figures that are responsible for constitutional reforms should only take options that are policy based rather than those that favor their own selfish situations. He argues that constitutional reform is a process which should be thoroughly researched on. Have a better insight into his career choices, click  Knowledge is borrowed from different sources, compared and only the best pieces get borrowed.

As a master of Law, Sujit has been involved in many countries, giving advice in law and on constitutional building processes. He has published many books and articles addressing a broad range of constitutional issues and issues related to politics. Check to read about his published work.  He also serves in the United Nations as a member of mediation and as a consultant at the World Bank.

He is a bachelor’s degree holder in Law at the University of Oxford. He studied further and obtained his maters’ degree in Law from Harvard University. He has also served at the University of New York as the Cecelia professor of law. He was a Scholl Chair at University of Toronto. He also served at the University of California as the I. Michael Professor of Law school of Law and there, he served as the Dean.  More to read here..

Sujit have been awarded severally from his outstanding work in transforming constitutions. Click on to read more about his outstanding achievements.   His successful contributions have changed the political way of thinking in many countries. He has helped in understanding the constitutional reforms and has participated in the transformation from dictatorial systems of governments to democratic ones, addressing every move to prevent occurrence of political crises or violence related to changes of such transformations.

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OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin Is Feeding The Human Family

When many people hear the name Sheldon Lavin, they think of the business colossus at the helm of the OSI Group, an organization with over 20,000 workers, 70 facilities and hundreds of millions of customers all over the world. While all those things are true, Sheldon Lavin is much more than that. At heart he is a loving, caring individual that is deeply concerned about his staff, satisfying growing customer base and making sure his company’s policies and practices protect his workers and the environment and produces the tastiest, most nutritious products possible.

A husband and father, Sheldon Lavin has an abiding love for family. While he has grown the OSI group from a small family meat market into an international food processing giant, he has managed to maintain the family atmosphere within the company. He regularly has lunch with rank and file members of the company and everyone is encouraged to call him by his first name. Lavin has worked hard to create thoughtful programs that benefit not only the employees of the OSI Group, but their families as well. He has often said that the creation of those types of benefit programs is one of the things of which he is proudest.

Sheldon Lavin’s background is in banking and financial services. He became involved in the food services industry when the OSI Group approached his financial services company in the 1970s looking for the resources to expand. Lavin saw the company’s potential, got them the financing they needed and became one of their investors. When the company was for sale in the 1980s, Sheldon Lavin purchased it. He then created an ambitious plan to have the OSI Group take their high-quality meat, dough and vegetable products to consumers all over the world.

The vision Sheldon Lavin had for the company is now a reality. The OSI Group is a world leader in food processing and distribution. They have a presence in Europe, Asia, Australia, North, South and Central America and beyond. Sheldon Lavin’s company is praised worldwide for the culturally-sensitive food they provide for each unique market. Lavin and his company have also received many awards for worker safety and environmentally sustainable production practices. He believes these things are vitally important.

To Sheldon Lavin, the world is one big family and the OSI Group is helping provide this human family with the tasty, nutritious food it needs.

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What Are The True Values Of Democracy

Freedom is the overall objective of democracy. We also, being human beings, created this form of government and in order to give power to the majority. The majority is also known as the people. The power of democracy is made to rest within the hands of people and the majority decisions they make be it through representatives or themselves.

Sujit Choudhry is a political leader in the world of democracy and not because he works as a politician. Sujit Choudhry is a professional who works in transition and world progress. Transition is a term given to the process undertaken by nations when they work to enter a modern level of democracy. The work is done by Sujit Choudhry as he leads the legal field.  For further reading about the professor’s works, browse on

The Freedoms In Question Today

Sujit Choudhry got his start in transition through the traditional steps of education. He became a legal professional and took all the right steps to reach his success platform today. Those steps helped to pave the professional life that Sujit can now claim. He holds a position within the professional world of transition, and this consists of a worldwide reputation to his name.  Related reading on

The work of Sujit Choudhry has added numerous nations to democracy and by redeveloping their torn lands with better understandings for democracy. Sujit Choudhry is able to do these things as the legal perspective required in transition is great. Not every nation will develop in the same manner as the United States or in the same manner that France did. For a must-read interview of the professor, click this link on

The end result is a need to help in the process of transition.

Why Voices And Opinions Matter

Sujit Choudhry stands as a huge advocator to the world of democracy. He stands in the spotlight due to recent conflicts in Spain. The conflicts stand on the principles of Spain’s Catalonia region and what its people believe of themselves. Spain operates as a modern world democracy. What occurred in recent weeks challenges just how democratic Spain really is.

Hop over to this useful link to learn more about his outstanding achievements.

Leading this procession is Sujit Choudhry. An open letter he published to the world and Spain speaks about the potential threat from corruption. Spain walks a fine line between its own laws of democracy and its own desire to do what it pleases and as expressed by Sujit Choudhry. These actions are brought out in the open and by Sujit Choudhry’s loud, calling voice.  More to read on

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Ted Bauman Believes Debt Is A Danger To The Economy

There are certain people out there who have an opinion as to what can be done to help the United States and her economy. Ted Bauman is one of those people. He believes that debt is something that is affecting everyone in the United States, and he believes that it is an issue that must be addressed. This man believes that debt could be a bigger deal than taxes when it comes to the money that people have access to in the United States and all that they are able to do with that money.

According to Ted Bauman has called debt an “invisible threat” to the wealth of individuals. He believes that clearing away some of the debt that people have is more important when it comes to the economy than lowering the taxes that individuals have to pay.


Ted Bauman is a man who works as a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing. He shares all of his knowledge with the world through the writing that he does. He hopes to help people better manage their money, and he hopes to help better the economy of this country, through the writing that he does. Ted Bauman has been with Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013, and he has done much work for that company in the time that he has been there. He is someone who works not only as a writer but as an editor. He has served as editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and the Alpha Stock Alert in the time that he has spent at Banyan Hill Publishing. He dedicates his time to the financial world and to writing about all things money.

Ted Bauman was born in Washington, D.C., and he was raised in Maryland. He currently makes his home in Atlanta, GA. He is a man who has gotten around and he is a man who has done a variety of work with the hope of helping people grow financially independent according to He has spent many years researching and writing about finances and money, and the knowledge that he has is important to all. His writings should be read, and the information that he shares should be understood and counted as important by many.

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