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Sujit Choudhry Teaches Constitutional Law

Professor Sujit Choudhry, a constitutional advisor with over 20 years of experience, recently published a chapter that dissects a tweet made by Eric Holder (  Eric Holder formerly served as the Attorney General for the United States during President Obama’s time in office. The tweet was about the topic of Robert Mueller, White House Special Counsel, and the potential removal of him from the office under President Trump. Holder insists the actions would be crossing a very important line in a democracy that would lead to repercussions.

Choudhry finds it interesting that instead of suggesting ways that this action should be dealt with legally, he tells the citizens of the United States to take to the streets with protest to express their dismay of the situation. Holder believes that the actions of the American people will lead to the actions ultimate reaction by the government in this matter.

He also addressed an example of a president seeking the dissolution of a term limit that was set forth in the constitution to limit the power of a potential autocrat. Both examples are what could be considered democratic failures. He goes on to give further examples such as electoral fraud and the seizure of power by government figures.

Sujit Choudhry has been the Director for the Center of Constitutional Transitions since the year 2012 to now. This organization provides a network of experts that can mobilize and be consulted during times of constitutional crisis (  Their experts come from countries around the world.

As well as practicing constitutional law, Sujit Choudhry also teaches it at the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Law. Since the year 2014, he has held the position of the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law. Prior to this from 2011 to 2014 he acted as the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law at New York University’s School of Law. His list of achievements goes on and on but quite possibly most impressively he is also a Rhodes Scholar and holds three law degrees. Related article on

OSI Food Solutions acquires Baho Food

OSI Food Solutions is one of the largest food suppliers in the world. It was founded in 1909 and their main headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois. OSI can help a business with food product development and global food supply management. The staff at OSI is dedicated to providing business with a customize plan to make your business more profitable and easier to run. The staff is dedicated through each step of the process, which are sourcing, processing and distribution. OSI Food solutions has 65 facilities in 17 different countries, so customers know that they can deliver their products all across the world. Their website is easy to use and has their contact information, which customers can contact OSI through their phone number or email address. OSI won the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council for their dedicated work in delivering safe and high quality food. Their company was named one of Top 100 Food Companies in America. OSI was give given this honor because they are trustworthy and delivering high quality products on time.

OSI Food Solutions is continually growing. The recent acquisition of Baho Foods will allow for better distribution networks in Europe. David G. McDonald, president and chief operating officer of OSI Group, talked about how the acquisition of Baho foods will help OSI grow and how their business networks could help OSI better serve their customers. Baho Foods had five companies, who had processing plants in Germany and Netherlands. These companies such as Baxk Foods and Q Smart Life will be added to the OSI family and will help serve high quality service all across Europe. Also, OSI will attain the services of Baho Food’s Managing Director, John Balvers and his team of managers. John Balvers and his team will help with the merger and has knowledge of the European distribution networks. Balver talks about the experience of joining with OSI. Balver explained that with the combined efforts of Baho Foods, that they would be able to serve the needs of their customers better. Balver and his team seem to fit well with OSI’s motto of helping customers realize their business goals and helping with the distribution of their products around the globe. OSI Food Solution recognizes employees are a big part of the success of a company and always recognizes good employees when the see them. OSI Food Solutions is a company has a very professional and knowledgeable staff that is dedicated to serving high quality food all around the world.


Dr. Saad Saad and A Brief History of His Professional Medical Career

There are many articles today that will try to enlighten you with the right values to consider when being a physician. Some of those values would be about making sure that the intrusion of a physician would not end up harming the patient. Today, Dr. Saad Saad is one of the most reputable people today who have been trying to not harm patients and to always have been virtuous by having skin in the game in his procedures through paying for the consequences of actions.



The Palestine Doctor



Being born in Palestine is both a challenge and a blessing for Dr. Saad Saad. He feels he has to slightly adjust his methods and habits because United States, where he is focusing his work right now, has slightly a different set of attitudes and methods compared to what he is used to. Being born to one of eight children is also an added challenge, but Dr. Saad Saad didn’t see it as a hindrance of what good he can still do while being a physician.



The Medical Background



Dr. Saad Saad is right where he is right now because of the education that he has gained over the years. First of all, he earned his medical degree happened about four decades ago from the reputable and renowned Cairo University in Egypt. It’s also impressive that he got the degree in honors and flying colors.



With such high esteem and awards, the new things that come as blessings to him right now would be safely attributed to such hard work and education. It is also impressive to know that despite the high education of Dr.Saad Saad has already done eight elaborate medical missions to Jerusalem and given complete free complicated and expensive surgeries to the marginalized children in Jerusalem.



It is also worth noting that Dr. Saad Saad has been able to also act as the Chief Surgeon of what is now popularly known as K Hovnanian Children Hospital, which is located at the Health Care System in the Hackensack Meridian.



Another interesting part of Dr. Saad Saad is the fact that he’s still religious and faithful despite the fact that he’s in the medical field. With such faith, it’s humbling to understand that he submits the things still unknown to him to a higher power.




About Dr. Saad Saad



Right now, Dr. Saad Saad finds meaning in being the pediatric specialist in Eatontown, NJ. He’s been practicing for about 34 years already, and he’s also been able to offer a lot of skills for both thoracic surgery and the different medical procedures involving pediatrics.



With such achievement and dedication, it’s not that hard to imagine that he’s one of the most respected doctors in the industry today. Learn more:


Boraie — A Decade of Decadence, Atlantic City Beauty

Boraie Development has been ahead of the developing industry for a long time. They have spotted the capability of property in New Brunswick, New Jersey many years ago. It was usually on the thoughts of Omar Baraie, the president of Boraie development; he considered it a great investment. He is now 73 years of age and just as clever and warm hearted as ever. He rubs his chin as he recollects fondly the thoughts of years that have gone by. “…we started in 1972, it was lousy… this is an area where we can do something with.” He is aware of that to be the reality and his former adversaries are starting to key in on his wisdom. His advice is worth more than its weight in gold.


According to Patch, there’s presently a 250 condo home development in the process of coming to Atlantic city. It’s been in the process of being built for the past 12 months and once it’s complete the price in the location is set to skyrocket. It will be the primary marketable construction built inside the time span of 25 years. This is a first-rate improvement for Atlantic City. Boraie development is at the pinnacle of the development undertaking. It is being known as the seashore at South inlet and it’s currently valued at $81 million. The assets will serve 50,000 people who stay and work inside the city. It’s packed with typical accommodations so the travelers will flock to the brand new development with present day upgrades. It is a clean look for Atlantic City. For more details visit Crunchbase.


The last decade has been hard on Atlantic city. The decline in casino sales and the decay of the gaming industry hit the city tough. It left a mark in the neighborhood economic system that appeared almost impossible to get better from. But, the perseverance and foresight of Boraie development have presented the opportunity to turn it all around. New initiatives like the gateway venture are countering the gaming industry’s negative impact and bringing new light to a bleak situation. The economic system is starting to stabilize. Sam Boraie may be investing on housing stock for the town, trying to attract new residents to live in the beautiful city. This can bolster the economy and bring a new light to the town. The new beginning will convey a refreshed sense of wealth and could make the financial system wholesome once more.



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Ricardo Tosto: Brazilian legal expert

Brazil is a country with a rigid legal system which can be strenuous for people who are not qualified in any related legal field. To make it in the country’s judicial system, one will need the services of a lawyer who is familiar with the laws governing the country. For outsiders who are looking forward to establishing businesses in the country, they must always make sure they seek legal counsel from professional with integrity. It is easy to find yourself entangled in court cases without your knowledge. It is important to seek legal counsel on how to establish a business in such a way that you abide by the rules of the land.

Brazil has a very high number of lawyers. There are over one million lawyers. However, among all these lawyers, not all of them qualify to represent clients. It is, therefore, significant to know that you are getting the right deal when looking for lawyers to represent you as a client. You do not want to end up with a lawyer of questionable credentials. The task of picking only the best lawyers is one that cannot be ignored. A reputable lawyer will ensure you get justice while a rogue one will only be representing to make money from you with nothing to show.

However, all is not lost in the search for a reputable lawyer in the country. There is still a good number who will meet the needs of clients and even go to extra lengths in making sure justice is served to their clients. One such lawyer is Ricardo Tosto

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a founding member of the Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. This is a leading firm in Brazil. The law firm has the best lawyers who will represent clients in the best way possible. Led by Ricardo Tosto, they are hired to handle complex legal cases which have been dilly-dallying in the courts for a long time. Ricardo Tosto expertise is in commercial law although he handles other disciplines.

Ricardo Tosto graduated with a degree from the Mackenzie University. He is held in great honor in the country and has receive nomination for the best commercial lawyer in Brazil.

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Sujit Choudhry the Constitutional Guru

Formerly the Dean of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. Sujit Choudhry is recognized as Authority on Comparative Constitutional Law and Politics across the International community. Having served as an Advisor in the constitution building processes in countries like Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Ukraine and Yemen. This includes giving lectures in over Two Dozen Countries (  Along with his career accomplishments, he is academically accomplished as well by having graduated from Oxford, Harvard, and Toronto schools of Law.

After leaving Berkeley, He is the founder of The Center for Constitutional Transitions which generates and mobilizes knowledge to support existing and emerging democracies around the world. Working with over 50 experts from more than 25 countries they have built a significant body of knowledge to assist in the several types of transitions in the Constitutional process. Sujit Choudhry saw the need for this organization because of his experience being an advisor worldwide when it comes to building new or amending existing constitutions.

As a scholar for comparative constitutional law, Professor Sujit Choudhry sees that the world is facings the greats challenge to Democratic Constitutionalism since World War II. He finds that a comparative experience has never been more important in both the Mainstream Legal and within Political analysis. Seeing many of the things that the US is going through has been happened in other Constitutional Democracies under stress around the world and that the United States needs to learn from the success and failures of other countries.

Having worked with people from various countries he has found that you need to listen and be responsive to the people on the ground ( They are the key to you knowing what is going on and what is needed. Professor Choudhry finds that immersing yourself in local culture will help understand those needs and help with adjusting how you view certain issues because values in that region maybe very different from what they are in your home country.

With all this experience Professor Choudhry and the Center for Constitutional Transitions looks to launching its knowledge products this coming fall, check


Jason Hope Fights for a Long and Healthy Future for Humanity

As a successful entrepreneur focused on technological breakthroughs, Jason Hope maintains an active role in keeping up with those breakthroughs as well as using them to found promising businesses and to benefit human life in general. He grew up in Tempe Arizona and went to school at Arizona State University, where he earned both his undergraduate B.S. degree in Finance and his Masters of Business Administration from the W.P. Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope’s two big passions are the Internet of Things and using biotechnology to extend human life indefinitely. He has donated $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation to help them discover the medical breakthroughs that will heal and reverse all damage caused by aging at the cellular level.

In an article he published online, Hope describes how SENS is addressing one form of cellular damage that adversely affects human health: senescent cells. These are cells which have a programming in place to keep them from growing in an uncontrolled way, which is basically cancer. However, senescent cells do their own form of damage to our health because they produce substances that are inflammatory. If there are only a few of them, this is not a problem. However, as we age, we have more senescent cells.

Their programming keeps them from growing and dividing into new cells. That is good, because continuing growth could develop into cancer. In the skin, uncontrolled growth would mean the formation of extra scar tissue to heal a wound. Over time, as people age, they develop many of these senescent cells, and their secretions damage the normal tissue cells surrounding them. The two possible solutions to rid the body of these senescent cells is to develop some kind of drug that kills senescent cells while leaving normal, healthy cells unharmed. The other possibility is to enhance the immune system so it kills and removes the senescent cells. Killing these senescent cells would help prevent disease by making room for new, young and healthy cells.

Senescent cells should be easy to target. They have abnormal surface markers that healthy cells do not have. At the University of Arizona, using a grant from SENS, scientists are studying ways to enhance the immune systems of healthy mice by purging them of unhealthy anergic T-cells from their elderly immune systems. This could improve the effectiveness of their immune systems by allowing them to produce healthy new immune cells.

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Sussex Health Care

People have different beliefs and convictions when it comes to their health, those who believe in the almighty God believe that good health is a gift from Him. Others think that good or bad health lies entirely on their hands, that is, their lifestyle would determine the health. Sussex health care borrows this belief and stands in to provide health facilities and medical attention to individuals with deteriorating health or rather to give medication to those it is due.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare’s New Facility Is As Amazing As Its Quality Of Care

Sussex health care is old enough to have experienced experts in health biology, and so it is trustworthy. It bases its operations in the United Kingdom and various cities such as Horsham, Henfield, Nutley, Purley, Sharpthorne and warnham. The different homes are under qualified Doctors and taught professionals who are full of expertise and apply their skills relentlessly in saving people’s lives. Sussex health care offers the following services;

Respite care
Sussex healthcare gives respite care and short breaks where the patient is given particular attention to their homes.

Palliative care
Sussex health care provides super attention to patients with chronic ailments whereby they may work with other professionals or service providers in aid of controlling patient’s pain.

Specialist adult care
It provides specialist care to physically disabled patients who will also include young people with learning difficulties. Skilled nursing care is also another service provided to patients on a daily bases. Individuals with neurological disabilities receive specialist care too.

Care for older people
Since our body functioning weakens as we grow old, Sussex health care has approached the need to boost the health of aged people by providing varied attentions or therapies including reflexology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and dementia therapy.

Gym services
The increasing rate of ailments caused by lack of exercise, for instance, obesity, high blood pressure and hepatitis, Sussex health care has come in to curb such health challenges by providing recreational facilities in a bid to keep individuals health fit.

Sussex health care is currently advertising for vacancies in the following fields;
Registered Care Home Manager needed at Horsham.
Care Assistant/ Healthcare Assistant-whit lodge needed at Croydon
Deputy Care Home Manager MAT COVER –upper Mead is required at Henfield
Driver/Carer-Orchard Lodge needed at Horsham.

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Organo Gold: Premium Coffee, Long Life, and More

For those not yet in the know, Organo Gold is a company headed up by businessman and entrepreneur Bernardo Chua. He is the firm’s founder as well as its chief executive officer (CEO). The business was officially launched back in 2008.

Organo Gold

Chua’s company is an internationally-known gourmet coffee vendor that offers a full product line of coffee, nutraceuticals, tea, and other products. All of the business’ products include the firm’s key ingredient, Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma lucidum is actually a mushroom (or fungus) which can be found in Asia and is generally utilized as an antioxidant. Watch this video on Youtube.

Could Organo Gold help you live longer?

The “Annals of Internal Medicine” published an article on recent research that indicates that the consumption of hot coffee, such as Organo Gold, could actually be linked to a significantly lower chance of death by such medical conditions as heart disease or stroke. Research studies conducted prior to that have reported like observations regarding coffee potentially lengthening someone’s lifespan. In fact, a cursive internet search reveals that the various potential health benefits and the specific health limitations related to the consumption of coffee have been the subject of many research studies for quite some time now.

The most up to date study published involved more than 185,000 subjects in the U.S. The research groups featured an assortment of Japanese Americans, European-Americans, African-Americans, and Latin-Americans. The recent research revealed that the study subjects who drank coffee, be it Organo Gold or some other brand, decaffeinated or regular, seemed significantly less likely to die from kidney disease, stroke, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.


The study subjects regularly reported the detailed results of their own coffee consumption and also submitted individual five-year updates. Those who reported drinking two or three cups of coffee every day reportedly had an 18 percent less chance of expiring as compared to the people who did not drink any coffee over the full test period of 16 years. There have been studies in Europe as well.

The most recent European studies involved more than 520,000 people from a total of 10 different nations. The studies showed that individuals who consumed several cups of any kind of coffee every day were seemingly less likely to expire sooner than those participants who never, ever touched a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, none of the numerous researchers were actually capable of proving a true, scientific causal relationship. Visit to know more.

Professor Sujit Choudhry

Professor Choudhry is the Director of the celebrated Center for Constitutional Transition and also serves as the Dean and a law Professor (Berkeley School of Law) at I. Michael Heyman University of California. Sujit is a renowned global author and speaker who has discussed several issues on politics and constitutional law in various countries. The topics that Sujit explore are often well researched with thorough experience in the field that focuses on building constitutional processes for countries such as India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan Ukraine and Nepal.

Choudhry has published working papers, book chapters, reports and over ninety articles. He helped in the drafting of the Canadian constitution. Check Some of his reputable books include The Migration of Constitutional Ideas which is famous among history and law students. Many universities use his books to teach constitutional matters while countries refer to Sujit Choudhry books (constitution making) when drafting or amending their constitution.

Sujit Choudhry has 20 years’ experience in constitutional matters as an advisory during periods of political violence and ceasefire. In August 2017 Professor Choudhry was in Ukraine to discuss the challenges faced by the semi-presidential system. The workshop was attended by experts, party leaders, civil servants, parliamentarians, and bureaucrats. He has also been involved in several transitional democracies. The Center for Constitutional Transition focuses on mobilizing and generating supportive knowledge on the constitutional building. They partner with global network and NGOs to produce evidence-based policy options with will give peace to state experiencing war.

Sujit Choudhry acquired his law degree from Oxford University, Toronto, and Harvard. Additionally, Choudhry was a Rhodes scholar who would later serve in Supreme Court of Canada as a clerk under Justice Antonio Lamer. Typically, Professor Sujit Choudhry research covers a vast area of issues such as constitutional design which can manage a country’s transition period from violence to peaceful democratic politics (  It also covers semi-presidential decentralization and secession, bill of rights, group, and minority rights, federalism, constitutional design for ethnically divided countries, official language policy, constitutional building, the constitutional design of transition from absolutism to democratic government, security oversight and also relative constitutional law study.

Keep up with the Professor, follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.