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U.S. Money Reserve focuses on client education, public service

Over the last 50 years, the United States has undergone fundamental changes to its economy. Things were once taken for granted by workers in eras past, such as having a secure retirement that was guaranteed to be there when the time came, are no longer things that modern workers can rely on. America has entered into a brave new era, where individuals will largely be responsible for the provision of their own retirement income.


U.S. Money Reserve, the largest seller of precious coins in the United States, has taken it upon itself to educate the public at large about the risks of attempting to rely on traditional forms of retirement income for today’s generation of working-class Americans. U.S. Money Reserve believes that the changes that have taken place over the last 50 years in the American financial sector are both irreversible and impossible to safely ignore. They have widespread implications for every single American, rich or poor, who will someday retire.


Well a complete discussion of all of the macroeconomic factors which currently are driving new trends towards insecurity and more instability in markets could easily fill an entire book, U.S. Money Reserve has undertaken the task of educating all of its prospective customers about at least the most crucial points of these areas.


One of the ways in which U.S. Money Reserve advocates that customers can achieve significant diversification of their investment portfolios through the purchase of gold, silver and platinum coins. Well this is not a financial strategy in itself, it does comprise a crucial part of any well-balanced long-term investment strategy, especially for those who are seeking low-risk and reasonably high returns.


One of the best and most fundamental features of precious coins is their ability to withstand severe market downturns while holding their value or even appreciating. This has been seen again and again through periods of financial crises over the centuries. When markets collapse, gold coins hold value or appreciate. This time-tested characteristic of gold coins has been proven in nature’s laboratory again and again. This is the fundamental reason that all Americans should own a number of gold coins that represents a significant portion of their total net assets. Such a diversification strategy may not allow somebody to maintain a position of wealth if the worst kind of financial catastrophe hits. But it will enable them to maintain a level of wealth that will at least allow them to buy life’s basic necessities.


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Erick Lefkofsky Talks about Centralization of Cancer Patient’s Data

During the Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference, Mr. Lefkofsky reveals that for effective treatment of cancer, doctors, clinicians, and researchers need to work together to achieve the best outcome. They need to share information relating to specific cancer patients and how they are responding to treatment. At the same time, data on what seems to be working for patients should be available when needed.

Erick Lefkofsky says that all the data needed by various people in the health industry is out there, but a platform to combine and interlink the information is missing. He also says that if one visits a cancer treatment center and asks for specific information, it will require a grant and a minimum of 90 days to be able to get the information. Eric argues that this data should not be difficult to find, instead, it should be easily available to clinicians, researchers and other interested parties.Eric aims at providing an avenue for oncologists and neurologists to freely collect data for research and analysis. This has led him to develop Tempus, a creation that runs through existing electronic medical records and pathology systems, taking information, filtering it and then sending back the filtered version of information to each source. This collective data can then be used to provide detailed information about patient treatments and how they are responding to their specific treatment.

More about Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and CEO OF Tempus, a technological system that seeks to provide a uniform platform of obtaining cancer treatment and medical response data. Before founding Tempus, Erick has co-founded many companies including Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Lightbank, Zest Health, and Groupon. Eric also gives lectures at the University of Chicago.Eric graduated as a Doctor from the University of Michigan. He is a renowned philanthropist. In 2006, together with his wife Liz, they founded the Lefkofsky Family initiative. Through it, they seek to support the able but disadvantaged children get through with their studies. The foundation also develops effective tools for teachers as well. He is a trustee member of Lurie Children’s Hospice, Art Institute based in Chicago, as well as Steppenwolf Theatre firm.

Mike Baur Journey to Success

Mike Baur is one of the known people in Switzerland who has made it in the entrepreneurship industry. From Berne University he got an MBA and as well from Rochester where he got his MBA too. Furthermore he is also the co-founder and the executive chairman of Swiss Startup Factory. He as well has so many titles including a leader, investor and much more. He has also had a lot of knowledge in the industry of banking whereby he began as an intern at the UBS organization then he left and joined a private bank in Switzerland as therefore managing to become part of the board members. Through his career he was able to learn a lot and also made hi achieve more.


Mike Baur is a very good man because he also consumed his time in supporting and helping upcoming entrepreneurs in guiding them on how to develop their business. In Switzerland he has transformed a lot of entrepreneurs lives through coaching them to attain unique creativity and applying them to their business. Apart from directing on how to begin their business he as well provides them with capitals so they can start their business swiftly and prosper. Mike Baur also urges entrepreneurs to always follow certain pillars of business supervision that they can prosper. He also made sure that Swiss Startup Factory had developed by associating with other organization including Fintech Fusion and CTI for inventing new techniques and also for building a better future.


Due to the Swiss Startup Factory accomplishment it was recognized as one of the best private organization. Together Mike Baur and the organization came up with 3 months course that will prepare, direct and teach young entrepreneurs on how to develop their business and be successful in whatever they decide to adventure to. The company also generates exclusive organization that assists upcoming entrepreneurs whereby the organization ensures that those upcoming entrepreneurs succeed and accomplishes a lot. Mike Baur is always certain that working as a team is better because it will create better working relationship among the workers in the company therefore making the company to grow rapidly.


With the courses that the company provides, the company also makes sure that those who go through them are able to show their expertise and are inspected and also directed. Through Mike Baur the company has developed and also he has helped many people succeed.

Omar Boraie Continues To Breathe Life to the Residents of New Brunswick, New Jersey

Omar Boraie has continued to play a fundamental role in bettering the lives New Brunswick residents. In an article published by Newswire on October 21st, 2015, the real estate mogul pledged to donate $1.5 million towards a medical research at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. His commitment to the funding the research led to the establishment of the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. The creation of the Omar Boraie Chair was part of ’18 Chair Challenge’ campaign of the Rutgers University, which will match an anonymous donor’s $ 1.5 million resulting to a $3 million bequest.


Genomic science and precision medicine offer a new platform, which changes the way cancer id diagnosed and treated. It is a new field that seeks to analyze and treat tumors at genetic levels. This will enable oncologists to prescribe tailored and data based therapies for better treatment. The importance of precision medicine and genomic science is of paramount importance to the United States and the world as a whole. This is proved by the launch of National Precision Medicine to focus on finding the cure for cancer and other diseases.


Rutgers Commitment towards Cancer Treatment


Rutgers Cancer Institute emerged uniquely as the first institution to in the country to apply genomic sequencing as a precision medical approach to patient treatment. Genomic sequencing is important in finding unique and innovative therapies for patients with poor prognoses, rare cancer and those with limited or ineffective treatment options. Incorporation of precision medicine in genomic science increases the accuracy of classifying cancer into subgroups with similar characteristic but different genetics. This classification doesn’t help only in predicting precise patient outcomes but also in determining personalized cancer therapy.


The Rutgers Cancer Institute highly appreciated the role played by Boraie in ensuring that New Brunswick remains a healthy city. His relentless efforts in supporting an endowed chair will have a significant impact on cancer research and treatment.


Dr. Shridar Ganesan, an internationally recognized oncologist, was named the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. A cording to the experienced oncologist, oncologists have learned that cancer is a collection of diseases as opposed to being one disease. Genomic science is, therefore, helpful in analyzing the changes present in each cancer providing precise and individualized therapy. He said that the donation would be of great help in innovating medical research to enable physicians to understand the cancer biology that will give hope to cancer patients.


About Omar Boraie


Omar Boraie is an Egyptian-born American real estate developer. He is the CEO and founder of Boraie Development. Foy years, he has been recognized by the New Brunswick, NJ, residents for his unquenchable thirst for charitable causes.


For more information about the Omar Boraie Chair establishment, visit


Eric Lefkofsky Champions Revolutionary Cancer Care

Eric Lefkofsky has enjoyed a precipitous rise through the corporate ranks. However, some of his most notable accomplishments have come as the result of his philanthropy. Lefkofsky, who graduated from the University of Michigan with undergraduate and law degrees, began his first company in 1999. Since then, he has started or co-founded numerous corporations, the most notable being Groupon, which Forbes Magazine, in 2010, called the fastest growing company in history.

Success afforded and inspired Eric Lefkofsky to, in 2006, initiate the Lefkofsky Foundation. This organization provides funding and support to scientific and educational programs throughout the world, which help many segments of the population. Foundation’s mission tenets are to ensure persons in need receive a quality education, are granted fundamental human rights, can benefit from innovative medical research and enjoy the expansion of cultural initiatives. To date, Foundation has assisted more than 50 entities.

Along this theme, Lefkofsky co-founded and serves as current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Tempus Corporation. Tempus is comprised of scientists and physicians dedicated to providing cancer patients specialized, individual care.

It is Tempus’s philosophy that every patient’s illness is different and battling cancer is not simply about treating symptoms, but studying how the disease forms and progresses. Many cancers grow and spread due to genetic mutations contained inside the DNA of individual patients. Certain treatments address these mutations. Tempus employees gather, process and examine genetic samples and utilize technology to quickly assess specific cases. When research is completed, Tempus provides patients and their healthcare providers a comprehensive report and, should study conclude malignancy is caused by a genetic mutation, a patient and his or her physician can work together to find the most appropriate treatment options.

Tempus has partnered with academic institutions like the University of Michigan and honored healthcare facilities like the Mayo Clinic.

Lefkofsky is determined to continue establishing cutting-edge medical advancements designed to eradicate cancer and other life-threatening afflictions.


James Dondero Guiding Highland Capital Management Increasing Its Footprint in Nexpoint

James Dondero is a co-founder of a Highland Capital. Together with Mark Okada, they begun a journey of establishing and running the firm in 1990, they created a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. Through the joint venture they aimed at fixed income markets and it was also involved in the management of the senior bank loans. The venture evolution in 1993 and became PAMCO (Protective Asset Management Company), at that time 60% of the firm was owned by Protective Life while the rest 40% was owned by Mr. Dondera and Mr. Okada.



The company experience growth in the following years, in 1997 both James Dondero and Mark Okada bought the rest of the company from Protective Life in PAMCO. After the buyout Ranger Asset Management was started, and SEC Registered independent advisor. The coming year the company changed its name to Highland Capital Management L.P from that moment onward the company had various milestones. Dondero is Dallas-based hedge fund manager who has created his name in the industry due to his successful ventures. Mr. Dondero has shown highly unique leadership qualities this true due to the many companies that he has been appointed to serve as a member of their board.



Highland Capital Management, L.P managed to be in a strategic position in Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund this according to the new SEC filing. Currently, the fund has 793, 036 shares of the company that is 5.0% of the remaining similar stock, while Highland’s manager James D. Dondero who is the beneficially has 3.01 million stock of Nexpoint credit strategies.



All these total 18.8% of the company total ownership. By the end of the third quarter, Highland had owned $11.68 worth of Nexpoint’s stocks as it had bought 20, 286 new shares of the company at that season. After those high-level purchases, it makes the company the biggest stakeholder in the firm it only after Morgan Stanley that owns more than $16.77 million of Nexpoint shares. Nexpoint Credits Strategies Fund that is managed by Nexpoint Advisors that has a strategic relationship with Highland Capital Management. This is part of the Highland strategic milestone achievement.



The Success of Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law has been growing in popularity over the years due to not only the ability to interact with more individuals all over the world, but also due to the fact that transportation and the cost to travel has become more accessible and lowered over the years as technological advancement has been made. Comparative law is specifically the study of the different legal systems all over the world and the study of how these different legal systems compare and contrast to each other. The study of comparative law is not only comparing present day legal systems, but is also the study of past laws that have been implemented by monarchies, dictatorships, as well as by communist regimes and even by democratic societies. The goal of this study is to examine what has worked in the past and what currently works in present day for the purpose of developing a new legal system for the future.

The study of comparative law does not only consist of laws in the past as well as the present that have been created by governments. This form of study also includes laws that have been set into place by cultural values and by cultural norms. The field of comparative law even studies the laws that have been put into place that are based upon religious values. This study has grown to especially focus on ancient civilizations such as Greece as well as Rome. Within the study of comparative law, one individual in particular stands out as an expert within this field of study as well as an innovative individual when it comes to the study of law.

This individual is Sujit Choudhry, a professor who possesses not only degrees in law, but degrees in other fields of study that have interested him. Mr. Choudhry is truly an individual who continues to do what he loves and has the overall goal to inspire those that he teaches. As a professor, Mr. Choudhry also conducts research and continues to study the different legal systems around the world in hopes to create a new legal system for the future that will support globalization.

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Anthony Petrello is an Aggressive Leader in the Oil and Gas Recovery Industries

Anthony Petrello is a man who wears many hats and he wears them all well. Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), President and Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries, LTD (Nabors). He was elected to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Board in 1991. He took over the roles of president and Chief Operating Officer from 1991 until 2011. He was the Deputy Chairman beginning in 2003 and Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board beginning in June 2012. In addition to his operational duties, Anthony Petrello provides the strategic planning initiative enabling the Company to adapt and continue to prosper in the ever changing competitive environment of land drilling.

Nabors is in the oil business, not in the production of oil, but in the recovery of oil. Nabors is the leading provider of off-shore drilling rigs in the United States, being the largest land based drilling rig fleet. Nabors provides drilling services for the United States, as well as various international markets. They provide innovative drilling and recovery technologies in some of the world’s gas and oil markets, as well as performance tools and directional drilling services. Nabors currently owns and operates approximately 500 drilling rigs in more than 25 countries. Because of their expertise in the industry, Nabors is in great demand worldwide.

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Mr. Petrello’s educational background includes earning a Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Science (MS) degrees from Yale University. He also holds a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Harvard Law School. He saw his education as one of the most important stepping stones of his life and committed to making the most of his education. Before joining Nabors, Mr. Anthony Petrello was with the law firm of Baker and McKenzie. His focus was on general corporate law and international arbitration and taxation.

In addition to his Nabors duties, Anthony Petrello serves as the Director of Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson, LLC. He helps to guide the company’s to greater success, as well as serving clients more effectively.

He is also a member of the Board of Trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital. He is an unwavering advocate for clinical programs, as well as research to help address the needs of children with neurological disorders.

Read more about Anthony and Cynthia Petrello at the Houston Chronicle
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Atlanta Hawks and Entertainment LLC Cries for Justice

Former ownership Group of NBA Franchise, The Atlanta Hawks Basket Ball and Entertainment LLC recently filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company for breach of contract that involves claims made by the former General Manager Danny Ferry. The former ownership group of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment included Bruce Levenson and does not include the current ownership Group of the organization that is led by Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler.

The law Suit was filed on September 13 in the Superior Courts of Fulton County against the insurance company that is known to many as AIG. The Basketball organization sued the insurance company for a civil action for breach of contract as well as insurance bad faith. Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC claimed that it was insured by the New Hampshire insurance company under the policy for coverage of certain losses that are related to employment practice that included and was not limited to particular acts of wrongful termination as well as workplace torts. Documents presented by the courts showed that AHBE gave notice to the insurance company on the issues that they believed were covered on April 2 2015.

The court documents claims was confidential and the lawsuits stated that the sensitive limits of the liability were enough for the insurance company to pay Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. The lawsuit is also seeking 50% additional pay for the damages as well as the attorney’s pay.

Bruce Levenson is the co-founder and the panther at United Communication Group ( Bruce is a dedicated man and he is the founder and the President of Atlanta Spirit LLC. Mr. Bruce is not only an entrepreneur but also a writer who has written for the Washington Star as well as the Observing Publishing. Other positions that he has held include being the director of Tech Target Inc. a position he has maintained since February 10 2015. Bruce  Levenson is also a philanthropist and he supports I Have a Dream Foundation of Washington. He ho9ldsd a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from the University of Washington and J.D from American University.


Bruce Levenson Ferry Settlement Lawsuit

The AHBE (Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC) is the previous ownership organization of the NBA franchise, and it has filed a lawsuit against an insurance company, New Hampshire Insurance Company. The basis of the lawsuit was a breach of a contract entailing the settlements of claims from Danny Ferry, the former general manager. The AHBE is inclusive of Bruce Levenson, a controlling partner. The lawsuit excludes the Tony Ressler-led group that currently owns Hawks.

The lawsuit was filed on September 13 in the Superior Court of Fulton County, and it is described as a civil action for insurance bad faith and breach of contract. According to AHBE, it was insured under an insurance policy catering for coverage for specific losses that relates to employment practices including certain acts of “Workplace Torts” as well as “Wrongful Termination.” Hawks and Ferry ownership reached a buyout agreement that took place on June 22, 2015, and it was undisclosed. The buyout ended a six-year $8 million contract signed in 2012.

Bruce Levenson is a renowned American businessperson. According to Time Magazine he is a profound philanthropist and the former owner of an NBA team. Bruce was a co-owner of Atlanta Spirit LLC, currently Atlanta Hawks LLC, which owns and controls all operations of the Phillips Arena and Atlanta Hawks basketball team ( Previously, Levenson has served on the NBA Board of Governors as the Hawks’ Governor since 2004. In 1977, Bruce Levenson co-founded a communications organization called the United Communications Group (UCG). He was among the founding board members and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of an IT industry media firm, Tech Target, which is publicly traded. Read more on