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James Dondero Guiding Highland Capital Management Increasing Its Footprint in Nexpoint

James Dondero is a co-founder of a Highland Capital. Together with Mark Okada, they begun a journey of establishing and running the firm in 1990, they created a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. Through the joint venture they aimed at fixed income markets and it was also involved in the management of the senior bank loans. The venture evolution in 1993 and became PAMCO (Protective Asset Management Company), at that time 60% of the firm was owned by Protective Life while the rest 40% was owned by Mr. Dondera and Mr. Okada.



The company experience growth in the following years, in 1997 both James Dondero and Mark Okada bought the rest of the company from Protective Life in PAMCO. After the buyout Ranger Asset Management was started, and SEC Registered independent advisor. The coming year the company changed its name to Highland Capital Management L.P from that moment onward the company had various milestones. Dondero is Dallas-based hedge fund manager who has created his name in the industry due to his successful ventures. Mr. Dondero has shown highly unique leadership qualities this true due to the many companies that he has been appointed to serve as a member of their board.



Highland Capital Management, L.P managed to be in a strategic position in Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund this according to the new SEC filing. Currently, the fund has 793, 036 shares of the company that is 5.0% of the remaining similar stock, while Highland’s manager James D. Dondero who is the beneficially has 3.01 million stock of Nexpoint credit strategies.



All these total 18.8% of the company total ownership. By the end of the third quarter, Highland had owned $11.68 worth of Nexpoint’s stocks as it had bought 20, 286 new shares of the company at that season. After those high-level purchases, it makes the company the biggest stakeholder in the firm it only after Morgan Stanley that owns more than $16.77 million of Nexpoint shares. Nexpoint Credits Strategies Fund that is managed by Nexpoint Advisors that has a strategic relationship with Highland Capital Management. This is part of the Highland strategic milestone achievement.



The Success of Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law has been growing in popularity over the years due to not only the ability to interact with more individuals all over the world, but also due to the fact that transportation and the cost to travel has become more accessible and lowered over the years as technological advancement has been made. Comparative law is specifically the study of the different legal systems all over the world and the study of how these different legal systems compare and contrast to each other. The study of comparative law is not only comparing present day legal systems, but is also the study of past laws that have been implemented by monarchies, dictatorships, as well as by communist regimes and even by democratic societies. The goal of this study is to examine what has worked in the past and what currently works in present day for the purpose of developing a new legal system for the future.

The study of comparative law does not only consist of laws in the past as well as the present that have been created by governments. This form of study also includes laws that have been set into place by cultural values and by cultural norms. The field of comparative law even studies the laws that have been put into place that are based upon religious values. This study has grown to especially focus on ancient civilizations such as Greece as well as Rome. Within the study of comparative law, one individual in particular stands out as an expert within this field of study as well as an innovative individual when it comes to the study of law.

This individual is Sujit Choudhry, a professor who possesses not only degrees in law, but degrees in other fields of study that have interested him. Mr. Choudhry is truly an individual who continues to do what he loves and has the overall goal to inspire those that he teaches. As a professor, Mr. Choudhry also conducts research and continues to study the different legal systems around the world in hopes to create a new legal system for the future that will support globalization.

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Anthony Petrello is an Aggressive Leader in the Oil and Gas Recovery Industries

Anthony Petrello is a man who wears many hats and he wears them all well. Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), President and Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries, LTD (Nabors). He was elected to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Board in 1991. He took over the roles of president and Chief Operating Officer from 1991 until 2011. He was the Deputy Chairman beginning in 2003 and Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board beginning in June 2012. In addition to his operational duties, Anthony Petrello provides the strategic planning initiative enabling the Company to adapt and continue to prosper in the ever changing competitive environment of land drilling.

Nabors is in the oil business, not in the production of oil, but in the recovery of oil. Nabors is the leading provider of off-shore drilling rigs in the United States, being the largest land based drilling rig fleet. Nabors provides drilling services for the United States, as well as various international markets. They provide innovative drilling and recovery technologies in some of the world’s gas and oil markets, as well as performance tools and directional drilling services. Nabors currently owns and operates approximately 500 drilling rigs in more than 25 countries. Because of their expertise in the industry, Nabors is in great demand worldwide.

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Mr. Petrello’s educational background includes earning a Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Science (MS) degrees from Yale University. He also holds a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Harvard Law School. He saw his education as one of the most important stepping stones of his life and committed to making the most of his education. Before joining Nabors, Mr. Anthony Petrello was with the law firm of Baker and McKenzie. His focus was on general corporate law and international arbitration and taxation.

In addition to his Nabors duties, Anthony Petrello serves as the Director of Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson, LLC. He helps to guide the company’s to greater success, as well as serving clients more effectively.

He is also a member of the Board of Trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital. He is an unwavering advocate for clinical programs, as well as research to help address the needs of children with neurological disorders.

Read more about Anthony and Cynthia Petrello at the Houston Chronicle
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Atlanta Hawks and Entertainment LLC Cries for Justice

Former ownership Group of NBA Franchise, The Atlanta Hawks Basket Ball and Entertainment LLC recently filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company for breach of contract that involves claims made by the former General Manager Danny Ferry. The former ownership group of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment included Bruce Levenson and does not include the current ownership Group of the organization that is led by Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler.

The law Suit was filed on September 13 in the Superior Courts of Fulton County against the insurance company that is known to many as AIG. The Basketball organization sued the insurance company for a civil action for breach of contract as well as insurance bad faith. Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC claimed that it was insured by the New Hampshire insurance company under the policy for coverage of certain losses that are related to employment practice that included and was not limited to particular acts of wrongful termination as well as workplace torts. Documents presented by the courts showed that AHBE gave notice to the insurance company on the issues that they believed were covered on April 2 2015.

The court documents claims was confidential and the lawsuits stated that the sensitive limits of the liability were enough for the insurance company to pay Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. The lawsuit is also seeking 50% additional pay for the damages as well as the attorney’s pay.

Bruce Levenson is the co-founder and the panther at United Communication Group ( Bruce is a dedicated man and he is the founder and the President of Atlanta Spirit LLC. Mr. Bruce is not only an entrepreneur but also a writer who has written for the Washington Star as well as the Observing Publishing. Other positions that he has held include being the director of Tech Target Inc. a position he has maintained since February 10 2015. Bruce  Levenson is also a philanthropist and he supports I Have a Dream Foundation of Washington. He ho9ldsd a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from the University of Washington and J.D from American University.


Bruce Levenson Ferry Settlement Lawsuit

The AHBE (Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC) is the previous ownership organization of the NBA franchise, and it has filed a lawsuit against an insurance company, New Hampshire Insurance Company. The basis of the lawsuit was a breach of a contract entailing the settlements of claims from Danny Ferry, the former general manager. The AHBE is inclusive of Bruce Levenson, a controlling partner. The lawsuit excludes the Tony Ressler-led group that currently owns Hawks.

The lawsuit was filed on September 13 in the Superior Court of Fulton County, and it is described as a civil action for insurance bad faith and breach of contract. According to AHBE, it was insured under an insurance policy catering for coverage for specific losses that relates to employment practices including certain acts of “Workplace Torts” as well as “Wrongful Termination.” Hawks and Ferry ownership reached a buyout agreement that took place on June 22, 2015, and it was undisclosed. The buyout ended a six-year $8 million contract signed in 2012.

Bruce Levenson is a renowned American businessperson. According to Time Magazine he is a profound philanthropist and the former owner of an NBA team. Bruce was a co-owner of Atlanta Spirit LLC, currently Atlanta Hawks LLC, which owns and controls all operations of the Phillips Arena and Atlanta Hawks basketball team ( Previously, Levenson has served on the NBA Board of Governors as the Hawks’ Governor since 2004. In 1977, Bruce Levenson co-founded a communications organization called the United Communications Group (UCG). He was among the founding board members and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of an IT industry media firm, Tech Target, which is publicly traded. Read more on


Davos Real Estate Group Expands Accessibility With New Mobile App

David Osio and his executive team at Davos Real Estate Group is receiving high marks on his recent debut of the new mobile app, the Davos CAP Calculator. The application is the brainchild of the Davos Real Estate Group and their development team [Tecknolution].

The innovative mobile tool pools the latest data that can accurately evaluate and estimate a return on investment [ROI] for real estate investors. Real estate investment analysis is a process used by investors to determine the potential to make a profit from the purchase of a particular piece of real estate.The ROI is undoubtedly a crucial concept when considering investment property, and the Davos CAP Calculator is an easy to use, on-the-go application that streamlines data capture and the investigative process. “This mobile application has a significant presence in the analysis of real estate investment property,” says David Osio.

Many of the Davos CAP Calculator features deliver a fluid experience that are intuitive to investors, and are exclusive to Davos Real Estate Group clients. According to the Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Group, Gerard González, “the Davos CAP Calculator is not only an innovative user-friendly tool, but can be individually suited for operating ratios, cash flow, and projected income.”

Besides developing the Davos CAP Calculator, Davos Real Estate Group has been busy forming new strategic international partnerships. David Osio has embarked on expanding international relationships with European real estate agents, beginning in Spain. ” We’re undergoing a striking shift that will benefit Davos Real Estate Group clients and their investment goals,” says Executive Director, Gerard González.

The expansion of the Davos Real Estate Group has already led to a 75% boost in sales. Headed by David Osio, he is the CEO and managing partner of Davos Real Estate Group. With decades of experience in real estate and participation in millions of completed sales transactions, Mr. Osio is a proven industry veteran. His expertise includes specializing in the evaluation, and sales efforts for investment properties, and a host of other real estate and financial advisory platforms.

Prior to founding Davos Real Estate Group, David Osio he had an outstanding career in banking and real estate in Miami, Florida. He’s been recognized by the South Florida Business Leaders, received a Medal of Honor of the United States Congress, and voted Best Offshore Corporate Service Provider. He represents domestic and international real estate investors, and has built a solid foundation in research and consulting.

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How Sam Tabar’s Experience Runs Deep

Sam Tabar, a New York-based attorney, and financial strategist is one of the most called upon attorneys for corporate financial matters today. Law, finances, and finding ways to help others are all a big part of Tabar’s life. While Tabar is rooted and grounded in his experience in his field, he also had his hands in the TV and film industry. It’s safe to say that he has plenty of experience to contribute to his clients, corporations, charities, and in multiple ways.

Tabar has also acted as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the Full Cycle Energy Fund. The job at hand is for Tabar to manage the company’s fund and management strategy. As a financial strategist, Tabar knows what it takes to not only start a fund but to grow that fund and get it to a state of maintenance. His ability to join hands with partners in various companies and work together is just one of the many qualities about Tabar that gives him the edge.

Where the winning edge comes in for Tabar is his ability to structure a budget for any company at any time. Corporations have big budgets, and those budgets are often in the red for many months, even years until the proper counsel comes along. Tabar has worked with budgets for all types of investments including endowments, foundations, pensions, and funds for families as well. This gives him the edge in experience based upon the broad spectrum that is finance.

Today, Tabar is also known for being a venture capitalist, helping other entrepreneurs reach their dreams.  Be sure to follow him along the way on Twitter.

Kenneth Goodgame Keeps Up The Success

Kenneth Goodgame is an individual that has had a lot of success in his professional life. Kenneth Goodgame started his professional career with his education. He received his bachelors of science in marketing at the University of Tennessee. From 1995 1999 he worked at The Home Depot as a senior product merchant. After that, he went on to be a director of property brands. Kenneth Goodgame then went on to work as the director senior global product merchant from 2001 to 2002.

Goodgame was able to generate a $18 million increase in the gross margin by designing and implementing rebates that were very functional in order to power engine suppliers for different equipment. From 2000 to 2007 he worked for Newell Rubbermaid. He was able to serve as a Senior Vice President of marketing, the President, and General Manager. In those positions, he was able to grow new business to $490 million with in only 18 months. Goodgame was able to design many different national campaign ads, he was able to launch many product lines that were able to secure $70 million in sales. During his tenure at Newell Rubbermaid he was able to achieve 94% growth to get $250 million in customer goods.

Goodgame was also able to work as a Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandise Officer at True Value Hardware; he served as general merchandise manager at Ace Hardware Corporation, and he also served as President of Baja Motorsports at the Tektronix industries in North America. Kenneth Goodgame is a very effective and influential operations management leader; he has used a combination of his innovation in marketing and merchandising to create effective business strategies.

Goodgame is an individual that has been able to deliver a balance of corporate alignment, employee engagement, and performance indicators. Goodgame is definitely an individual who has extensive experience when it comes to operations management, and he truly is an individual that has added value to every establishment in which he has worked. Kenneth Goodgame has had the privilege of having many articles posted about him and his influence on different markets. Goodgame has had articles posted about him when it comes to effective price point gaps, fresh food for pets, and effective end caps as well.

Talk Fusion: Business For the New Age

There is an expression and it might sound extreme, but I believe it: adapt or die. Now, obviously, they don’t mean literally die. However, they mean that if you don’t adapt to the times, roll with the punches, and go with the flow, you will get left behind and your business and your career will fade away. No matter what your age is or what business you are in, you have to be able to ready for the unknown. There is an old adage that if you want to make someone laugh, tell them your plans. This means that life is ever changing.

Because of the changing times, you have to change with them if you want to stay ahead, stay current, and be marketable to potential employers. You want to have a diverse and experienced resume. One product that is helping people with that is Talk Fusion, which is an all-in-one video experience which helps make the lives of business owners easier and much more efficient. Many people often say that there isn’t enough time in the day. Because of this, they don’t feel like they have gotten enough done. With Talk Fusion, you get a lot done in a little time.

One of their most popular features is video email, as it allows you to send emails to someone using a video format. You can say everything you need to say in a video format and send it as you are waiting on the train or waiting for your bus perhaps. There is no such thing as wasted time anymore. Now, each and every second is valuable and you have to use it to your advantage. Any wasted minute is time lost and possibly money. You have to keep moving and keep moving forward.

The world is going to change and it is going to change every day. With Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, however, you can be ready for whatever is around the corner, no matter how daunting or scary it might seem. When you are prepared for it, have done your homework, and researched, you are ready to play.

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Eric Pulier’s Contributions to the Society

At one time or another, you have probably heard the name of Eric Pulier come up. Be it in the business, philanthropy, public speaking or technology world, the name Eric Pulier has certainly been heard. This is because he is one of the sharpest minds in all the mentioned sectors.

Pulier gives hope to children who are talented with computer. He started computer programming when in fourth grade. This is pretty inspiring. While in high school, he was already materializing his computer interests. And, this is when he started his very first computer database company.

His skills were further sharpened by his attendance to Harvard University and Massachusetts institute of Technology. While at Harvard, he was an American English and Literature Major. He also participates in the Harvard Crimson column, taking the tasks of both an editor and columnist. Subsequently he attended the nearing MIT where he continued to sharpen his technological skills. In the year 1988, he managed to graduate Magna cam Laude.

Shortly after graduating, Pulier moved to Los Angeles where he started his company, People Doing Things. The company aimed at helping kids and young individuals make their lives better by providing solutions in some aspects of their lives. After founding People Doing Things, other companies such as Desktone, US Interactive, and ServiceMesh. With various ventures, Pulier has managed to raise over 700 million dollars.

Pulier is passionate about communities. He contributes and donates to various charities with the aim of empowering people, both economically and in terms of health. Pulier started Starbright World for children suffering from chronic illnesses all over the world. With this social media platform, these kids are able to make friends and share experiences with other children who suffer the same illnesses as they do. Similarly, he seats on the board of Painted Turtles, a foundation that helps chronically ill children.

He sits on the board of XPRIZE. The XPRIZE foundation holds various technological development competitions. Projects with highest potential at bettering the world are picked and funded. This way, Pulier is able to steward change in the world through technology.