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Rodrigo Terpins: An Epitome of Excellence in the Racing Career

Terpins is famed for his excellence in Brazilian rally competitions. The 41 years guru is a member of the famous Bull Sertoes Rally Team and has accumulated several victories in main course championships. Similarly, his brother Michel Terpins is as active as he is in the competitions and has more than once given him one on one challenges while equally teaming up with him. Terpins majorly competes for the T1 prototype category where he secured himself the 7th position during the Sertoes Rally 22nd edition. The critically-acclaimed rally brothers have received national recognition for their remarkable driving skills.


Rodrigo Terpins has participated severally at Bull Sertoes Rally. During a recent competition, Rodrigo hired Fabricio Manchiana to be his teammate. The duo pulled off a record of 58 minutes 9 seconds and managed the sixth position, reveals His brother was not left out in this competition either. Michel Terpins was one position ahead of Rodrigo, after teaming up with Sves Von Borries and collectively made a 56 minutes record. The Terpins brothers share a belief of determination and consistency in soaring high in their racing careers.


Terpins has been featured in a couple of interviews chaired by prominent Brazilian media houses. Through these exposures, one thing is clear: Rodrigo takes close attention to his recent competitions, something that helps him mold his present & future performances. Rodrigo Terpins is not left out when it comes to keeping pace with modern innovation. Just like any other advanced individual, he owns a couple of social media accounts where he connects with his fans and loved ones. The accounts are on famed social network sites which include LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Through these profiles, Rodrigo engages with the larger world on the web and equally maintains a proper online reputation.


Anyone interested in keeping pace with Rodrigo’s exciting and upcoming events, then visiting Terpins’ Tumblr page will be convenient. His LinkedIn majorly concentrates on showcasing him as a qualified rally driver. Other than these general sites, Rodrigo Terpins owns a personal web site which gives one access to his biography. This also offers full details concerning past and recent interviews.,54bd7cb0f5c5c9af717c8be93fc5d9afbnagcihv.html