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Cause And Effect Struggles In Venezuela

Here in America we have been overjoyed with the gas prices in 2016 as citizens. However, this leads some of us to ask how this is affecting companies we acquire oil from abroad?
In Venezuela celebrity Norka Luque shared, this dramatic drop in oil prices has caused serious devastation. With prices of oil barely reaching $47 a barrel, there has been a shortage of food and resources in this country because they cannot afford to have supplies imported. Click on this link for additional news covering this matter: Your text to link…

Riots and theft have even been reported in some of the major cities of Venezuela because of the recession they are facing.

“As you can see this problem is growing, and is only expected to continue, if a solution isn’t found soon” added Luque. How long can the people of this country go on like this? From food shortages to electricity issues who knows how long it will be before Venezuela can bounce back from such unfortunate events.

With all of issues rising in Venezuela as oil prices drop, here in America we are rejoicing at our low prices of gas for travel. It’s astonishing the cause and effect outcomes certain changes in our world has in different countries all over the world.