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On Point. The Orange Coast College Rowers

Orange Coast College is a community college that was founded in 1947. The first classes opened the fall of the following year. The college is located in Costa Mesa, California. The main focus of the college is to provide students with the necessary undergraduate degrees in science and the arts in order to attain a higher degree. The college is currently enrolling around twenty-five thousand students per semester. One area of particular pride for the college lies in the eight-man male rowing team.

The assistant coach of the team is Steve Morris and he puts the rowers through their paces. Practice starts early for the student-athletes. these eight men and their coach k

now that they have to train hard for 2017 nationals. They are not merely going up against other community colleges, they are competing with the big universities as well with much older athletes. They are competing against forty other schools on a course that runs two-thousand meters in length. This is the kind of thing Orange Coast College rowing athletes live for.

as the practice sessions wear on Coach Morris makes sure that no stone is left unturned. He and his team know that the group must be in perfect unison in order to win the national title. The muscles of the athletes burn and ache but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is not just one event for the coach and his team. There is quite a bit of history for these oarsmen to follow. Walking into their boathouse, which is called the David A. Grant Rowing Center, the writing is on the wall for all the athletes. Numerous national title banners hang proudly from the walls and pictures of teams past echo the greatness of yesterday. For coach Morris and his team, this is history in the making.

The men of the Orange Coast County Rowing Team are as determined as ever to win another national title. For all of the hours of hard work and practice, they put in to get every stroke right, they are the giant killers of the rowing world. Learn more: