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Sussex Healthcare Gives Residents a Life Worth Living

Sussex Healthcare has been a staple of excellence in the care home industry for over two decades. It provides specialized care to both the elderly and adults suffering from various neurological illnesses. It is by far the foremost group of care homes on the southern coast of England.

Sussex Healthcare’s two joint chairmen play a major role in its success. The two chairmen, Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina, each possess skills and experience that compliment the other. Their differing backgrounds is probably the reason they make such a great team. At this point after decades of working closely with one another communicating their ideas is probably like second nature. Their expert leadership has led Sussex to being an award-winning adult care network.

When the first Sussex Healthcare facility opened in the 1980’s it is safe to say the majority of people had no belief it could grow into the juggernaut it is today. Nowadays it operates nearly two dozen facilities. A main draw of Sussex is its cutting edge gym and daycare facility as well as their full care senior living homes.

Sussex Healthcare is diverse and is more than capable of caring for individuals with extensive care needs and those whose needs are more limited. This is due to how skilled and versatile its caregiving staff is. Sussex staff members really care about their residents and it clearly shows. Sussex provides training to anyone willing to work hard and are committed to maintaining the Sussex standard.

Sussex Healthcare focuses a lot of giving its residents a high quality of life. This is why each residents has continued access to leisure, social, and recreational activities. It prides itself on giving those in need lives worth living. All members of the caregiving staff encourage residents to stay active and engaged with their environment and other residents. Residents are also encouraged to stay engaged with hobbies and interests they had in their earlier life.