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A Comeback Plan for Jacob Gottlieb

Early 2016, Jacob Gottlieb, who was the chief investment officer of Visium Asset Management LP liquidated his firm following an insider-trading scandal. The closure of the firm was prompted from indictments against the staff for miscalculating security values to overcharge investors and deceive them on the liquidity of the funds and other scandals. Mr. Gottlieb, however, was excused from any misconduct in the scandal. Despite the downfall of his company, Jacob, who is zealous about investing pledged to the world that he would make his comeback in the investment world.

Several People working at the hedge fund were charged with several allegations and suffered huge losses. A Visium portfolio manager Sanjay Valvani was accused of making transactions on critical government information on generic-drug approvals. Days after the accusation and charges, a partner at Visium’s Healthcare-Focused Fund was discovered dead in his home in controversial suicide circumstances.

Stefan Lumiere, Portfolio manager at the firm, was also indicted of mismarking securities with the motive of overcharging investors. After pleading not guilty, he was convicted for 18 months in prison, three years supervised release, and a $1million fine. Several other people went down with the firm which affected their profession to date such as Lumiere who has been barred by the Securities and Exchange Commission on working in the securities industry.

Since the closure of the Hedge Fund, Mr. Gottlieb has been waiting for the appropriate time to introduce a new hedge fund. He has finally managed to plan a Return in the market through Atrium Capital. He has established Altium Capital as a family office with a capacity of six employees involved mostly in the management of his wealth. His firm will emphasize investing in healthcare and is already making bets on the stocks in the sector. Gottlieb has said that the strategy of the new fund whose Chief Operating Officer is Mark Gottlieb, Jacobs’s brother will be similar to Visium’s most substantial funds but with a different focus based on systematic research.

Jeunesse Global breaks new ground in cosmetics with Instantly Ageless

One of the most innovative companies to come on the global health and beauty scene over the last few years has been Jeunesse Global. The company was started in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, two of the most successful entrepreneurs in the direct-selling business. Ray and Lewis wanted to focus on creating groundbreaking products that would harness cutting-edge science and help people around the world meet their health and beauty goals. In this, they have succeeded in superlatives.


Ray and Lewis were able to build Jeunesse Global from a small hobby business that the couple was running out of their Florida garage into one of the most formidable health and beauty companies in the world today. And they were able to do this with their decades of collective experience and the strong vision and intrepidness required to implement it.


From the beginning, Jeunesse was founded on the idea that no expense was to be spared in developing products once a market need was spotted. Lewis was able to go to her deep list of industry contacts, hiring some of the top product-development scientists in the world to create products the likes of which the industry has never seen.


Instantly Ageless, the company’s micro-crème and deep facial cleanser is a good example. The crème is an excellent product by traditional measures, standing up admirably versus all competitors and coming in on the extreme affordability end of the pricing spectrum within its class. But the real selling point for Instantly Ageless is the product’s anti aging properties.


Made with the company’s proprietary anti aging molecule known as APT-200, Instantly Ageless is able to erase years off of a user’s appearance. The crème has been clinically shown to sharply reduce the incidence of wrinkles on a user’s face while simultaneously making it difficult for new wrinkles to form. Instantly Ageless is also able to restore skin elasticity that has naturally been lost to the aging process. Because elasticity is one of the most important attributes of skin’s youthfulness, Instantly Ageless is able to deliver exactly what its name would suggest: instant reduction in apparent age.

Ara Chackerian Creates Innovative Space in Healthcare Startup Industry

Angela Stevens of the San Francisco Patch recently recognized Are Chackerian and his Healthcare startup, where both the company and industry have thrived in the current economic expansion. As healthcare start-ups who are new to the scene bring innovation, creativity, and value there are concerns from investors in the longevity and stability of the startup era.


Ara Chackerian is not new to the scene of healthcare and innovation, where he has since recognized the positive impact innovative technology can have on patient outcomes and business models. The key to innovative success is being backed by entrepreneurs whom believe in the sustainability and innovation promised by Chackerian.


The San Francisco states that in 2017 $703 Million worth of venture-capital funding were raised by 79 NYC healthcare startups. The city is a platform for startups with major universities positioned nearby, support from local and state government, and most importantly access to capital. While the Patch repots concerns, there is still success with healthcare startups exemplified through the numbers. Despite financial setbacks and risky predictions, Are Chackerian and other talented entrepreneurs are truly driving change in the industry through their research and innovative techniques brought to the industry through its funding. Check out for more.



Ara Chackerian closes with stating these healthcare startups and investors who back them are ultimately bringing positive patient incomes through their partnership. The innovation behind these startups and the entrepreneurs that drive them is that they are creating the “treatment of tomorrow.” Though there will always be a risk, today is the time to learn, keep up with trends, and invest in this exciting time where a positive impact can reach vast amounts of patients. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Ara Chackerian is based in San Francisco, California where he serves on a number of boards of early stage healthcare companies. He advocates for sustainability, environment, and the healthcare industry. His interests include technology and fitness. You can visit their website

Shervin Pishevar’s prediction of the future

Shervin Pishevar is a peculiar investor. He does not just sit around watching numbers all day. He is interested in matters affecting the country’s economy and the world’s at large. In general, he is a chatty investor. In 2008 for instance, he realized that Facebook would soon have an identity crisis. Instead of quietly watching as the situation unfolded. He published an article. True to his word, Facebook did face an identity crisis.

This year, Shervin Pishevar foresees a grim future for the US economy. The investor who had kept a low profile since December posted 50 messages on twitter explaining why he thought the US economy will experience a 6000 point decline. Here are some of the predictions he made:

Bonds are volatile

The government has always used bonds to correct the market. Though useful in easing market strains, it will not be useful anymore because the government has used it too often and every tool has its limits.

Silicon Valley has gone global

Silicon Valley was once the hub of tech inventions. Today, Silicon Valley is not a place, it is an idea gone global. Everyone across the globe is great ideas and inventions. While this is not a bad thing for the global economy, Shervin Pishevar argues that it is not good for the country’s economy. Since the US has lost exclusivity on ideas and talent, the economy can no longer bank on these as a stronghold.

US will lose to countries that capitalize on speed in execution

Recently, as a demonstration that they have speed of execution, China built a railway station in 9 hours. On the other hand, The US government and companies are stuck in short term thinking. This has resulted in the decay of infrastructure.

Big companies will continue to hold on to too much power

Silicon valley’s big five: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft hold on to too much power. As a result, they are stifling start-ups. For years, the trend has been acquisition. Big companies simply buy out their competitions.

Other than the grim forecasts, Shervin Pishevar also foresees the birth of a new type of economy. His tweets seem to suggest that impending economic disaster will make was for a new borderless and classless economy.

Sahm Adrangi Is Investigating Proteostasis’ Breakthrough Claims

Sahm Adrangi is a well-known investor and business executive in the United States who regularly calls out companies that he believes should be avoided or are making false claims. The latest company under attack by Sahm Adrangi is Proteostasis, a biotech company that has been working on a new drug to combat cystic fibrosis for patients. While this sounds like a good thing, there are a lot of concerns surrounding this “breakthrough” drug that they have been developing. Sahm Adrangi did some digging into the company and various analysts at Kerrisdale Capital have found some concerning data as well. Proteostasis actually has very messy data to sort through, which is not a good thing to see when a company making such strong claims.

In Proteostasis’s test period for their drug, CFTR amplifier PTI-428, only four patients were used for their control. Which means results are most likely skewed as the testing sample is much too small. Proteostasis claimed an increase of roughly 5 percent for patient lung performance, which is most likely just placebo according to Kerrisdale. Over the years, Sahm Adrangi has had no qualms facing biotech companies and their claims, including some of the biggest in the industry.

The data provided by Proteostasis is incomplete as well, which indicates poor testing methods and lack of organizations. Another concerning part of these claims being made by Proteostasis is that there is a lot of pressure on them to create a successful product. Should Proteostasis’s new drug prove ineffective, they stand to lose upwards of 90 percent of their company share value, which would basically mean bankruptcy for Proteostasis. Until this biotech company does a larger study that is complete and provides accurate data, Sahm Adrangi is going to take the short position at Kerrisdale Capital and urges his fellow investors to do the same. As long as Proteostasis continues to show transparency in their procedure and data, Sahm Adrangi will push Kerrisdale’s negative report to the public.

Answering all Real Estate Queries with Consultant and Experienced Entrepreneur Todd Lubar

It took a combination of germane business experience and innate skills for Todd Lubar to make it in the business world. He has tried and proven methods that have brought other businessmen success in their ventures. From the scrap metal to real estate, he has made unwavering work ethic, hard work, and perseverance pedestal to success. This has made him valuable and resourceful to others who seek his assistance in their businesses. All along his time in mortgage and financing as well as in real estate development, he has made it easy for families seeking to own homes.


By allowing his customers’ businesses to thrive under his guidance, Todd Lubar streamlines their processes using TDL Global Ventures where he is President. His entrepreneurial skills were forged when he was still young, selling chocolate and lemonade, and shoveling people’s sidewalks when it snowed. His business revolves around sales in achieving business goals. He believes in building businesses up in collaboration with other people. He has helped build businesses from the ground both operationally and in consultation. For more details visit Crunchbase.


The most common one is when he oversaw the growth of Maryland Legacy Financial office into a production unit worth $100 million in one-year loan volume.


When working at Crestor Mortgage Corporation early in his career, Todd gained valuable insights about conservative mortgage banking when working as a loan originator. He used his time well coming up with purposeful relations with real estate agents, insurance agents, financial planners, and CPAs. Most of these people form a referral business source while others work together with him in developing other business ventures. Check out their website



After acquiring an equity position with Legacy Financial Group in 1999, he expanded his lending capacity brokering loans from outside investors and started to lend as a direct mortgage bank. He started Legendary Properties, LLC., in 2002 which enabled him to build links with important people required in delivering building trades of high quality in a timely manner. It also opened up numerous connections with key banking institutions that could lend as high as $20 million.


He serves as Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. He attained his B.A. in Speech Communication from Syracuse University graduating in 1995.



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OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin Is Feeding The Human Family

When many people hear the name Sheldon Lavin, they think of the business colossus at the helm of the OSI Group, an organization with over 20,000 workers, 70 facilities and hundreds of millions of customers all over the world. While all those things are true, Sheldon Lavin is much more than that. At heart he is a loving, caring individual that is deeply concerned about his staff, satisfying growing customer base and making sure his company’s policies and practices protect his workers and the environment and produces the tastiest, most nutritious products possible.

A husband and father, Sheldon Lavin has an abiding love for family. While he has grown the OSI group from a small family meat market into an international food processing giant, he has managed to maintain the family atmosphere within the company. He regularly has lunch with rank and file members of the company and everyone is encouraged to call him by his first name. Lavin has worked hard to create thoughtful programs that benefit not only the employees of the OSI Group, but their families as well. He has often said that the creation of those types of benefit programs is one of the things of which he is proudest.

Sheldon Lavin’s background is in banking and financial services. He became involved in the food services industry when the OSI Group approached his financial services company in the 1970s looking for the resources to expand. Lavin saw the company’s potential, got them the financing they needed and became one of their investors. When the company was for sale in the 1980s, Sheldon Lavin purchased it. He then created an ambitious plan to have the OSI Group take their high-quality meat, dough and vegetable products to consumers all over the world.

The vision Sheldon Lavin had for the company is now a reality. The OSI Group is a world leader in food processing and distribution. They have a presence in Europe, Asia, Australia, North, South and Central America and beyond. Sheldon Lavin’s company is praised worldwide for the culturally-sensitive food they provide for each unique market. Lavin and his company have also received many awards for worker safety and environmentally sustainable production practices. He believes these things are vitally important.

To Sheldon Lavin, the world is one big family and the OSI Group is helping provide this human family with the tasty, nutritious food it needs.

Sheldon Lavin’s Facebook Page:

IDLife Helps Victims of Hurrican Harvey

Logan Stout’s health and wellness company named IDLife helps customers lose weight by gearing their nutritional supplement to their specific needs. They realize all customers are different so having one supplement that helps everyone is not realistic.

We all are differ due to genetics, diet, medications and lifestyle. ID Life uses a personalized nutrition system that addresses each person individually. They set out to change the one supplement fits all concept. They use the highest quality sourced ingredients in all their products. These products are tested and developed by medical and science professionals.

The owner of the company Logan Stout is a successful athlete, businessman, and mentor. He went to Panola College and earned a business degree. Later he went to University of Dallas and received a degree in psychology. He is the founder of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization a group that provides one on one mentoring for youth.

He published a book in 2013 called Stout Advice: The Secret to Building Yourself,People and Teams. In this book he encourages individuals to live their lifelong dreams and strive to live up to their potential.

Because of his background in sports he knows the importance of nutrition. That is why he understand the basics of running a company that caters to each individual’s needs. He recently helped with the cleanup efforts for Hurricane Harvey and closed down his office to help do this.

He collected items needed items and stored the merchandise in his warehouse on pallets. They were picked up and taken to the cities of Tomball and Houston. Logan offered his warehouse space to use for whatever they needed it for. He decided to use his trucks to transport the supplies.

Other businesses joined him in helping with the rescue efforts. Some of them used their company trucks to carry the merchandise. They wanted to help anyone that had weathered Hurricane Harvey. Life ID and Black Tie Moving both donated their trucks to help carry supplies for victims of the hurricane. Larry Stout believes that helping others that cannot return the favor is the best way to give.

Logan Stout’s Facebook Page:

Todd Lubar and the Future of Baltimore

We all have that one dream city we would love to visit in life and would give anything to see to it that it has come to pass. Baltimore is currently a dream destination for most people all over the world. But what exactly do we know about Baltimore?

Baltimore is located in the US and as it is the largest and th29th most popular city in the state of Maryland. It is not a part of the country, but it was established by the constitution of Maryland in the year 2015 with a population of 621846. As it is now, it is said that it is the largest and leading independent city in the US. This city has been won its self the title “the charming city” from young We all have that one dream city we would love to visit in life and would give anything to see to it that it has come to pass. Baltimore is currently a dream destination for most people all over the world. But what exactly do we know about Baltimore? You can visit to know more.


Baltimore is a city in the US and as it is the largest and th29th most famous city in the state of Maryland. It is not a part of the country, but the constitution of Maryland established it in the year 2015 with a population of 621846. As it is now, it is said that it is the largest and leading independent city in the US. This city has been won its self the title “the charming city” from young professionals due to its beauty and ambiance of the town. It is the home of the earliest national historic districts as well as statues and monuments in public areas compared to any other city. It sounds like so interestingly fantastic place to be.

Baltimore, as it is now, is focusing mostly the public transportation. Baltimore and Todd Lubar are planning on making that shipping more swift and efficient than it was before. When transport is good, life as well becomes better since there will be nothing coming in your way and it encourages the growth and development of a place.

Everyone wishes to live a comfy life even without living the Washington DC kind of life, and in Baltimore, this is put in place. The city cannot raise the cost of living just because they want to make life affordable for everyone. The young crowd living is being taken care of by the real estate developers to make sure that they can work and play colder to where they stay. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Business is making progress in the area. It will help in making the growth of the city more rapid. It is why the place appreciates the next young couples and graduates.


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Marc Sparks Uses His Companies to Empower Startups

When it comes to entrepreneurship and the skills involved, Marc Sparks has been a leading role model. Marc is a serial entrepreneur hailing from Texas Dallas. He is fondly applauded for his commitment to mentoring new as well as seasoned entrepreneurs. Marc has been able to make a name for himself in the industry of business. Throughout his career in business, Marc has developed excellent strategies that business professionals can implement to have successful ventures. Entrepreneur Marc Sparks is an adorable figure to emulate in business. Having been in charge of an auto insurance company as well as multiple restaurants that include startups, Marc has been trusted with the ability to strengthen business that needs to acquire a stellar reputation. Marc understands the importance of high-notch customer service to clients. According to him, it is a fundamental element to consider when starting a business. When offering advice on how to stay in business for a long time, Marc states that it is vital to maintaining composure even when dealing with complex cases that involve clients. Marc is open to the idea of changing several lives in the state. Learn more:




According to the morning edition of USA, Marc Sparks has established an institution that serves as the agency that bridges the gap between clients and business owners. On Tuesday, the organization, through the management made a special announcement concerning its new role in the market as a business facilitator. Marketing Sparks is a new program that offers entrepreneurs an interactive session with experts. The intensive training program provides insight into different developmental structures for business start-ups. The primary objective of these intense sessions at Marketing Sparks is providing communication channels for development ideas. These courses give entrepreneurs the opportunity to work with highly skilled individuals with the aim of making favorable decisions in business. The three-hour sessions offer diplomatic channels for development. Learn more:




Marc’s passion is building firms. He often does this through generating ideas that other people find it difficult to construct. Marc maintains multiple portfolios in his companies. Through his private equity firms like Timber Creek Capital, he has been able to take an ideal stand in generating business ideas. Not only does he generate the ideas but also ensure that the approach is adopted and established in business. To make sure that the business idea is compelling, Marc tests the idea in one of his firms. This is the safest way of ensuring that the business idea is viable. With the same business ideas, he sets short-term as well as long-term goals. This is in order to evaluate the performance of the business based on his ideas. According to Sparks, it is easy to publish a book on the business ideas for interested parties to read. This is how he has been instrumental in business development. Learn more: