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Ted Bauman Believes Debt Is A Danger To The Economy

There are certain people out there who have an opinion as to what can be done to help the United States and her economy. Ted Bauman is one of those people. He believes that debt is something that is affecting everyone in the United States, and he believes that it is an issue that must be addressed. This man believes that debt could be a bigger deal than taxes when it comes to the money that people have access to in the United States and all that they are able to do with that money.

According to Ted Bauman has called debt an “invisible threat” to the wealth of individuals. He believes that clearing away some of the debt that people have is more important when it comes to the economy than lowering the taxes that individuals have to pay.


Ted Bauman is a man who works as a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing. He shares all of his knowledge with the world through the writing that he does. He hopes to help people better manage their money, and he hopes to help better the economy of this country, through the writing that he does. Ted Bauman has been with Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013, and he has done much work for that company in the time that he has been there. He is someone who works not only as a writer but as an editor. He has served as editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and the Alpha Stock Alert in the time that he has spent at Banyan Hill Publishing. He dedicates his time to the financial world and to writing about all things money.

Ted Bauman was born in Washington, D.C., and he was raised in Maryland. He currently makes his home in Atlanta, GA. He is a man who has gotten around and he is a man who has done a variety of work with the hope of helping people grow financially independent according to He has spent many years researching and writing about finances and money, and the knowledge that he has is important to all. His writings should be read, and the information that he shares should be understood and counted as important by many.

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Adam Goldenberg: A Developer Of Industry Leading Brands

Adam Goldenberg is the co-founder of JustFab. The co-CEO of JustFab knows how to expand business, spot trends, as well as create industry-leading brands. Partnering with Don Ressler, accomplish that by combining passion along with fun, which is rarely found in the fashion industry. Goldenberg’s first successful business was a bulletin board service that operated online. He created the business in 1994 when he was 13. The venture received funding from his business, Bar Mitzvah money.

Subsequently, Adam Goldenberg turned his online business into a gaming website. Goldenberg named his second business, Gamer’s Alliance. The venture caught the attention of Intermix founder Bret Brewer. In 1997, Gamer’s Alliance was acquired by Intermix. Brewer did not know that Goldenberg was only 17 when he made the purchase. He went on to employ Goldenberg as the vice president of strategic planning. At 19, Goldenberg was promoted to become Intermix’s COO. That made him the youngest COO.

It is at Intermix that Goldenberg met Don Ressler. At the time, Don was a successful entrepreneur as well as a brand building specialist that had sold his venture, Just like Goldenberg, Don also sold his company to Intermix on Bloomberg. Prior to them meeting, Don’s efforts had generated more than $ 1 billion in sales. His endeavors had also raised a capital of more than $ 100 million for multiple internet companies. Goldenberg and Ressler became fast friends.

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In 2005, Intermix was bought by News Corporation. The pair was frustrated by the new company’s lack of attention in their e-commerce firm, Alena Media. They left and soon started their own firm, Intelligent Beauty, an online brand incubator platform in 2006. Goldenberg and Ressler formed a number of brands including DERMSTORE and SENSA that turned out to be market leaders in beauty as well as health.

Building on the achievements of their initial brands, Goldenberg and Ressler started to conceptualize a new customized shopping experience on, which could exist online. Their mission was to merge cutting- edge fashion with social interaction at an affordable price. Capitalizing on the untapped opportunity, Goldenberg and Ressler expanded Intelligent Beauty by building a personalized platform. They hired style designers and consultants. Additionally, they developed an affordable and attractive subscription model, JustFab. It is a style community that provides members with a selection of handbags, accessories, and shoes to their taste for $39.95 every month. JustFab created Fabletics in 2013. It is a site that offers athletic wear for its members. JustFab teamed up with Kate Hudson to create the athletic wear site. Source:

Why Women and Women Love Wen by Chaz Dean Products

When it comes to hair products, you need to be very specific because when it comes to hair, you need to make the right choices. Hair products are many and when you get the right one you must stick with it for better results. Wen by Chaz is such a product. The line of products is acclaimed for being one of the best products in the hair industry. Here are some of the reasons why these products are unique and loved by women as well as men. Check out their YouTube channel for additional information.

First of all, the products are made from natural ingredients which are not harmful to the hair. The ingredients are locally found and herbal. They also incorporate essential and important oils and not only offer moisturising for the skin but also deep cleansing. If you want a product which will not cause any of the build ups which are associated with greasy and oily hair products, choose Wen by Chaz Dean products on your bathroom counter today.

The users of the Wen by Chaz products are always happy, as revealed on Amazon reviews about the fact that they can be able to wash their hair without experiencing any breakage in the process. There are ways of ensuring that the hair is not weakened but instead made stronger. Some of the users of the products also raise concerns about the amount of the products which they have been advised to use. Usually, the amount to be used is based on the length of your hair as well as its thickness. Those with short hair need not use so much of the product.

If you adhere to the specifications of using the products, you will see the results sooner than expected. Use the styling treatment too, if you want to add extra wave and radiance to your hair after cleansing it with their deep cleansing conditioner. For more info, read



Andy Wirth’s Expertise

Andy Wirth is an individual who has dedicated his career to the mountain resort and hotel industry which has been demonstrated within the 25 years of experience that he currently possesses within these industries.

Andy Wirth has always been an individual with a vision for success and for improvement and is unique in the fact that he has always involved the locals and the consumers with every single decision that he makes in his career. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Mr. Andy With has constantly demonstrated excellence which eventually earned him the position to be the CEO and the President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Andy Wirth was appointed to this position in 2010 and has since then dedicated his career to continuously improve the resort and to bring in more visitors than ever before.

As a resort that is located in Northern California, the Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been known to be located in one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort has a historical background and has been passed down among members of the Cushing family for over 70 years. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is most noted for hosting the 1960 Winter Olympics that displayed the excellent slopes that the ski resort had to offer all of the spectators as well as the athlete.

As an expert in his industry, Mr. Wirth has been able to bring the resort back to profit even more and to attract more tourists than ever. These accomplishments have even earned him a position as chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.

Andy Wirth, within only six years of running the business has shown to have already improved the business exponentially. With new investors providing money for the renovation of the business, Mr. Wirth has been able to renovate the resort with over $70 million.

All of the money has been put into updating the interior of the resort as well as redesigning the ski slopes. Currently the resort has over 6,000 acres of land that can be explored by the visitors by either skiing the slopes or by walking.

Davos Real Estate Group Expands Accessibility With New Mobile App

David Osio and his executive team at Davos Real Estate Group is receiving high marks on his recent debut of the new mobile app, the Davos CAP Calculator. The application is the brainchild of the Davos Real Estate Group and their development team [Tecknolution].

The innovative mobile tool pools the latest data that can accurately evaluate and estimate a return on investment [ROI] for real estate investors. Real estate investment analysis is a process used by investors to determine the potential to make a profit from the purchase of a particular piece of real estate.The ROI is undoubtedly a crucial concept when considering investment property, and the Davos CAP Calculator is an easy to use, on-the-go application that streamlines data capture and the investigative process. “This mobile application has a significant presence in the analysis of real estate investment property,” says David Osio.

Many of the Davos CAP Calculator features deliver a fluid experience that are intuitive to investors, and are exclusive to Davos Real Estate Group clients. According to the Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Group, Gerard González, “the Davos CAP Calculator is not only an innovative user-friendly tool, but can be individually suited for operating ratios, cash flow, and projected income.”

Besides developing the Davos CAP Calculator, Davos Real Estate Group has been busy forming new strategic international partnerships. David Osio has embarked on expanding international relationships with European real estate agents, beginning in Spain. ” We’re undergoing a striking shift that will benefit Davos Real Estate Group clients and their investment goals,” says Executive Director, Gerard González.

The expansion of the Davos Real Estate Group has already led to a 75% boost in sales. Headed by David Osio, he is the CEO and managing partner of Davos Real Estate Group. With decades of experience in real estate and participation in millions of completed sales transactions, Mr. Osio is a proven industry veteran. His expertise includes specializing in the evaluation, and sales efforts for investment properties, and a host of other real estate and financial advisory platforms.

Prior to founding Davos Real Estate Group, David Osio he had an outstanding career in banking and real estate in Miami, Florida. He’s been recognized by the South Florida Business Leaders, received a Medal of Honor of the United States Congress, and voted Best Offshore Corporate Service Provider. He represents domestic and international real estate investors, and has built a solid foundation in research and consulting.

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Don Ressler- Professional Business Entrepreneur

Don Ressler is a successful entrepreneur that has taken part in the success of many start-up businesses such as Intelligent Beauty,, JustFab and many more. Ressler very first start-up company was called FitnessHeaven which was geared towards individuals who were interested in losing weight and keeping a healthy lifestyle.  After selling his first start-up company he partnered with Intermix COO Adam Goldenberg. Together they formed Alena Media, which was an ecommerce and performance advertising that generated millions in revenue over the course of the years in business. After the company was sold in 2005 to News Corp, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler began to explore new opportunities. They knew that they acquired the skills and experience necessary to build a profitable business, they decided to start a beauty line called Intelligent Beauty. Under Intelligent Beauty, they created DERMSTORE, which was an online skincare and cosmetics line at After two years of producing quality beauty products, they launched SENSA, which was a weight-loss systems. They brought in Dr. Alan Hirsch for the development of the products. The products and systems involved became very profitable and was eventually purchased by Technology Crossover Ventures in 2008 for $43 million.

It wasn’t until 2010 that they decided to launch JustFab. They included Kimora Lee Simmons as part of their marketing system. By December of 2011 they had reached 4 million members placing consistent orders. After securing $76 million in sales by April of 2012, they rolled into their next venture in the same line of business called FabKids which focused on children’s fashion and was a subscription service as well. The company provides fashionable athletic clothing and is also a subscription service. The successes of the businesses and the collaboration with famous actors has increased their success and lead to an estimated net worth of $250 million. Don Ressler and his team of professionals have more than exceeded in the business of beauty, fashion and weight loss. With their ever-growing ideas and superb professional existence, Don Ressler have created a million dollar successful revenue venture that is ever evolving. The companies are consistently growing and maintaining their popularity by providing quality experiences and products for all customers.

The Success of Dick DeVos

Recently in news, the final two sailing races concluded two majors events located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. These two big events were the Melges 32 Lauderdale Cup as well as the Melges 32 Blue Water Series that is specifically hosted by the Lauderdale Yacht club. The overall event consisted of 15 knot winds as well as a professional crew that can be proud of their new win. The winners of both the finals as well as the series consists of none other than Dick DeVos, a prominent name in the world of business. Mr. DeVos, with team Volpe, are all elated on the big win and plan to have the same luck for the upcoming year.

One of the great aspects of this past event was the inclusion of children on board during the races. This not only enabled the children to sail with some of the best sailors in the world, but also allowed for the children to learn a couple of new skills. Dick DeVos is especially proud of his team and enjoys the fact that sailing is not only a hobby for him, but it is also a chance to help others improve on the sport of sailing. The photos of this fantastic event are a testament of the fun and competitiveness and everyone was feeling during race day.

Dick DeVos is a prominent businessman who comes from a wealthy background and has been able to develop his family’s name even more. Dick DeVos is currently residing in West Michigan and is held in the highest respect there for not only his donations to his community, but also for his leadership within the community. DeVos gained his wealth and prestige by developing the family name into a multi-billion dollar corporation. This company, called Amway Corporation, is current available both on the national market, as well as on the international market.

Dick DeVos”has worked with Amway Corporation for all of his life. After graduation college with a business degree, Mr. DeVos went on to hold several executive positions within Amway Corporation. With his power and prestige, Dick DeVos has been able to improve his community and create a region that is both wealthy as well as prospering. One of the biggest interests that Mr. DeVos has is to give back to the community through education reforms.

Madison Street Capital’s Executive Wins The Annual M&A Advisor Emerging Leaders Awards

Madison Street Capital is a top international investment banking firm that is based in Chicago, Illinois. One of the things that it makes it very successful is the presence of a highly qualified team. Their team offers excellent financial advisory services, make accurate valuation of businesses and help clients in merger and acquisition. Recently, one of their executives won an impressive award.

Anthony Marsala was recognized as the winner of The M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. He is the firm’s Chief Operating Officer. This Award was started back in 2010 as an equivalent of the 40 Under 40 Awards. The winners are selected by an independent panel of judges.

The award recognizes the efforts and achievements of M&A young executives and professionals who have attained a certain level of success and made extraordinary contribution to the investment world. The winners of this year have an even better advantage since the award has been extended to cover countries in Europe including the United Kingdom. David Ferguson the President of The M&A Advisor said, “the 2016 US award winners join a truly global network of young leaders’. Ferguson further said that he believed that this award will have a positive effect in the progress of the industry.

A black tie Awards Gala will be held in New York at the New York Athletic Club on June 10th, 2016. The purpose of this Award Gala will be to celebrate the achievement of the 2016 winners and to introduce them to the business industry. This event will also be a chance for the past and the current winners and leaders to interact.

Anthony won this award which was contested by other executives in the industry due to the numerous achievements he has made. He is the Co Founder of Madison Street and its Chief Operating Officer. He has a great career profile from 15 years of working in the investment banking. He is a Certified Valuators and Analysts. Anthony has received other awards and recognition in his career. He participated in Crain’s Leadership Academy Program recently. The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts named him as an honoree in their recognition of 40 Under Forty program.

Madison Street Capital provides various investment services with professionalism and technique that make their clients top the international market.

Hey look what QNET is up to now!

One of Asia’s top direct selling pioneers gives back as it continues to help others. QNET under the banner of We Care has helped provide a water storage facility for Government Primary School in Sriram Nagar, Hyderabad. Along with The Lions Club of Hyderabad, Dist. 316 F, QNET is helping to bring safe drinking water to more than 800 students. The principle goal of this project is to supply the school with well maintained water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. This project goes right along with the Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya Government campaign for promoting hygiene awareness. Along with the Lions Club QNET will continue to carry out similar programs on a regular basis to help to better the local society and the environment.

Two very important philosophies in QNET are Raise Yourself to Help Mankind, and RHYTHM and In Service which encourages selfless service to others. QNET works with legitimate NGOs and associations like the Lions Club and encourages active involvement of all its employees and independent representatives. QNET has been inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s great example of selfless service which not only changed a country, but the world. . Mr. Gandhi said “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” QNET agrees with this concept.

The parent company of QNET is a group called QI and is a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Network being the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. QNET on an international level has done much to help the homeless and destitute taking it as their Corporate Social Responsibility. They have helped support a healthy check drive at the Home of Hope in Bangalore where over 200 adults have been helped in a 2 month intense health program where they are given NUTRIPLUSTM Protein Power – health supplement from QNET, India. I have found out also that in India QNET is a member of the Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA)

QNET is an amazing company that offers top quality products for healthcare and wellness, educational opportunities, jewelry and watches, technology, a titanium motor treatment, products for personal care and beauty, holidays and more.

Japanese Sword Expert Michael Zomber

Antiques are desired by many collectors. An antique item is often cherished because it has superior workmanship and impressive details. Many people over the years have found it useful to have such items in their house and places of business. A beautiful antique item can be a source of pleasure as well as a means to connect with the past. One person who knows about the value of antiques very well is specialist Michael Zomber. Like many of his fellow experts, Zomber has a particular specialty that he find particularly fascinating. In his case, this is the world of Japanese swords.

Japanese Armor and Swords

Zomber, a native of the United States, first became interested in this field as as young child when he read tales of Japanese swordsmen. His fascination continued as he grew older and learned more about the subject. He found himself drawn to this area as he explored the world of Japanese culture. He began to learn all that he could about the subject, eventually deciding to make it his life’s work. He studied the field closely in order to learn even more about it as he grew even more fond of Japanese craftsmanship and expertise in this area.

His Background

A native of Washington, D.C., Zomber earned multiple degrees in the field of literature. Since graduating from college, he has chosen to settle in Philadelphia, making it his home base as he continued his career in the field of all things related to Japanese swords and armor. He has become one of the world’s foremost experts on the use and creation of Japanese Samurai swords. Many people have turned to him for skilled advice in determining which particular type of swords may be right for their current collections and any new collections the may wish to start.

A Storyteller

Perhaps above all else, Zomber is a storyteller. He loves to tell stories of all kinds, especially those related to the world of Japanese armor and sword making. He has turned this talent to good use, writing very frequently about the world of the Japanese Samurai for pleased audiences all over the world. His passion can’t be deterred by anything.