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Hey look what QNET is up to now!

One of Asia’s top direct selling pioneers gives back as it continues to help others. QNET under the banner of We Care has helped provide a water storage facility for Government Primary School in Sriram Nagar, Hyderabad. Along with The Lions Club of Hyderabad, Dist. 316 F, QNET is helping to bring safe drinking water to more than 800 students. The principle goal of this project is to supply the school with well maintained water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. This project goes right along with the Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya Government campaign for promoting hygiene awareness. Along with the Lions Club QNET will continue to carry out similar programs on a regular basis to help to better the local society and the environment.

Two very important philosophies in QNET are Raise Yourself to Help Mankind, and RHYTHM and In Service which encourages selfless service to others. QNET works with legitimate NGOs and associations like the Lions Club and encourages active involvement of all its employees and independent representatives. QNET has been inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s great example of selfless service which not only changed a country, but the world. . Mr. Gandhi said “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” QNET agrees with this concept.

The parent company of QNET is a group called QI and is a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Network being the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. QNET on an international level has done much to help the homeless and destitute taking it as their Corporate Social Responsibility. They have helped support a healthy check drive at the Home of Hope in Bangalore where over 200 adults have been helped in a 2 month intense health program where they are given NUTRIPLUSTM Protein Power – health supplement from QNET, India. I have found out also that in India QNET is a member of the Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA)

QNET is an amazing company that offers top quality products for healthcare and wellness, educational opportunities, jewelry and watches, technology, a titanium motor treatment, products for personal care and beauty, holidays and more.

Japanese Sword Expert Michael Zomber

Antiques are desired by many collectors. An antique item is often cherished because it has superior workmanship and impressive details. Many people over the years have found it useful to have such items in their house and places of business. A beautiful antique item can be a source of pleasure as well as a means to connect with the past. One person who knows about the value of antiques very well is specialist Michael Zomber. Like many of his fellow experts, Zomber has a particular specialty that he find particularly fascinating. In his case, this is the world of Japanese swords.

Japanese Armor and Swords

Zomber, a native of the United States, first became interested in this field as as young child when he read tales of Japanese swordsmen. His fascination continued as he grew older and learned more about the subject. He found himself drawn to this area as he explored the world of Japanese culture. He began to learn all that he could about the subject, eventually deciding to make it his life’s work. He studied the field closely in order to learn even more about it as he grew even more fond of Japanese craftsmanship and expertise in this area.

His Background

A native of Washington, D.C., Zomber earned multiple degrees in the field of literature. Since graduating from college, he has chosen to settle in Philadelphia, making it his home base as he continued his career in the field of all things related to Japanese swords and armor. He has become one of the world’s foremost experts on the use and creation of Japanese Samurai swords. Many people have turned to him for skilled advice in determining which particular type of swords may be right for their current collections and any new collections the may wish to start.

A Storyteller

Perhaps above all else, Zomber is a storyteller. He loves to tell stories of all kinds, especially those related to the world of Japanese armor and sword making. He has turned this talent to good use, writing very frequently about the world of the Japanese Samurai for pleased audiences all over the world. His passion can’t be deterred by anything.

59% Of Kyle Bass Petitions Denied By The Patent Trial And Appeal Board

Kyle Bass formed an association he named Coalition for Affordable Drugs which has been challenging many drugs and dosages by a group of pharmaceuticals companies. From all the pleas made by the coalition of affordable drugs patent trial and appeal, the board has identified 59% of them as not valid. Bass has been challenging the patents and pharmaceutical companies like Acirda Therapeutics Inc., Celgene Corporation and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. Allegedly bass coalition identified one drug named dimethyl fumarate meant for treatment of multiple sclerosis under us patent number 8, 399,514. He also held a challenge for Biogen Inc. with multiple sclerosis drugs. Of all the reports bass has been filing numerous reports for similar patent where only 10 of those petitions have been accepted but 17 of those petitions denied. Bass has been discouraging the cost of drugs in relation to the dosages and affordability of the drugs.

Bass founded the Hayman Capital Management a Dallas Texas based hedge fund and is also its principle. He gained popularity after predicting the subprime mortgage crises but has over time received criticism for his unethical behavior. His hedge fund is also not doing that well because of all other predictions he made only the mortgage crisis was right. May media houses and newspapers have however been seeking his opinion about the financial industry and the European markets. Bass has been driving to the drains any pharmaceutical companies through his continuous campaigns. Most of those campaigns are not true and only destroying the capacities and potentials of many pharmaceuticals. Allegedly Bass says that he is doing the campaign to protect citizens and promote affordability of the drugs. Most of his pleas about the patents have been denied.

UsefulStooges wrote that Bass has been claiming that many drug companies have been repackaging and reducing the required dosages of their drugs. His move with his coalition of affordable drugs led to Arcadia’s stock dropping by 10%. He says that he is trying to do good for the society and making more money but this strategy is not working for many patients, and they are against his campaigns. His fund Hayman Capital has not been performing very well especially in 2012 when it recorded a loss of 32%. Bass was only right with only one prediction that made him a fortune, but he has since then made huge losses allegedly related to his poor opinions in his media interviews.

He was also identified as the supporter of Argentina especially when the country defaulted in debt in 2001. Bass supported the then President Kristina Fernandez and was seen supporting her policies which led to the poor performance of the country in the market to the point of being issued a ban. Bass association with general motor did not go very well, and the firm in return performed poorly. CNBC has some good interviews about how unsavory Kyle Bass continues to be in the public eye.