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Bumble Debuts First Time Real-World Dating Space

Digital social and dating apps have taken the world by storm but generally the only real-world applications to which they can be put are finding other individuals who want to meet up and then – well – going and meeting up with them. The well known and highly praised dating app Bumble is changing all of this however, with a large and elaborately decorated meeting facility. The brick and mortar storefront will be located in downtown New York City and will feature plush couches, comfortable chairs, love seats, tables, chairs and, on adding interesting historical aesthetic touch, massive honey comb installations which are meant to represent the Bumble brand (get it, Bumble = bumble bee = bees make honey combs).

The creator and current CEO of the popular company, Ms. Whitney Wolfe (who also co founded the dating application, Tinder) stressed that the new storefront lounge was not simply or exclusively a dating space but that it was also a friendly community center, a hub for socialites who enjoyed the brand. She hinted at the fact that most popular dating place itself may not even be the locations primary use in the future as. She is currently working on two new ventures which will greatly expand scope Bumble brand, Bumble BFF (for finding new and lifelong friends) and Bumble BIZZ (which will be a app focused exclusively on finding careers and expanding upon them).

But there is more to the new Bumble space than just a community hub where people can meet up, it is also going to be the site of a number of important speaking engagements in the days following its upcoming grand opening. Chief among them will be a series of panel discussions between the previously mentioned Whitney Wolfe and the founders of the immensely popular media company, theSkimm where they will be discussing how entrepreneurs can better engage with millennials and grow their audience.

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Top Hair Care Products Continue To Evolve In The 21st Century

The evolution of hair care products has continued over recent years as new technologies and options are found and used by pioneers in the hair care industry. There are many new products released each year that are designed to make women’s hair look thicker, shinier, and often with greater levels of volume that can often become popular when used by a large number of celebrities from around the world; one of the most popular products chosen by a number of fashion magazines as an award-winner has been leave in dry conditioner products designed to provide shiny looking hair throughout each and every day.

There are options available that can take the place of a number of these products that women feel add a large amount of time onto their daily hair care routine. Wen By Chaz is one of the products that has recently arrived on the QVC market and is being used by women for its five in one abilities that eliminate the need for a range of products to be used from shampoo to leave in conditioners.

 The Wen Hair brand is well known for being the brain child of popular celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean, who has built a high profile in Hollywood as one of the top hair professionals in show business. Chaz Dean developed his own brand of products that make it easier for every woman to complete their hair routine each day in the simplest and quickest way.

The arrival of supersonic hair dryers and smoothing shampoos and conditioners in 2016 has led to hair care becoming a major market in the beauty industry; however, even the major advances being made are often overtaken by products like Wen By Chaz that make life easier for all.

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Fashion Made Easy By JustFab

JustFab is an online subscription fashion retailer that attracts quite a number of people who are fashion cautious because they offer the best deals that are irresistible. When it comes to styles and trends, no one does it better than JustFab. They value the need for their clients to look classy and so they provide the best styles that sooth their clients’ satisfaction.

JustFab on retailmenot also has the VIP section in its range of products. This section seeks to provide pocket friendly products to celebs and VIP without having them pay more. It is a service that enables the user to skip certain months that they do not wish to shop as a result no charge will be taken from their credit cards. It also provides incentives to its customers by delivering freely on products ordered at over $39.

Denim jackets provide the best casual look one will look forward to. A denim jacket worn with jeans preferable skinny jeans and snickers bring out the perfect casual look experience that will inspire you through the day and gives you the confidence to walk in the streets. Denim jackets are also available for those who want to look sporty.

With the company seeking to establish itself in the swimwear it is expected that they will launching unique trendy and quality swimming gear.

Fashion knows no gender and it is important to note that one is charged with how they dress and so it is important to bring out the original and unique part of fashion that is only exceptional to you. Choosing dressing designs is not an easy job and so it is recommended that one consults the fashion specialists who will bring out the best part of you dressing. Tips on making good selection can be found on

Festivals are fast approaching and for those who love floral crowns and head pieces need to look for the new products that have been designed uniquely to bring out the perfect look. This pieces of head wear are so important and are considered a fashion statement by those who wear them and hence a need to try them out.