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Erick Lefkofsky Talks about Centralization of Cancer Patient’s Data

During the Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference, Mr. Lefkofsky reveals that for effective treatment of cancer, doctors, clinicians, and researchers need to work together to achieve the best outcome. They need to share information relating to specific cancer patients and how they are responding to treatment. At the same time, data on what seems to be working for patients should be available when needed.

Erick Lefkofsky says that all the data needed by various people in the health industry is out there, but a platform to combine and interlink the information is missing. He also says that if one visits a cancer treatment center and asks for specific information, it will require a grant and a minimum of 90 days to be able to get the information. Eric argues that this data should not be difficult to find, instead, it should be easily available to clinicians, researchers and other interested parties.Eric aims at providing an avenue for oncologists and neurologists to freely collect data for research and analysis. This has led him to develop Tempus, a creation that runs through existing electronic medical records and pathology systems, taking information, filtering it and then sending back the filtered version of information to each source. This collective data can then be used to provide detailed information about patient treatments and how they are responding to their specific treatment.

More about Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and CEO OF Tempus, a technological system that seeks to provide a uniform platform of obtaining cancer treatment and medical response data. Before founding Tempus, Erick has co-founded many companies including Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Lightbank, Zest Health, and Groupon. Eric also gives lectures at the University of Chicago.Eric graduated as a Doctor from the University of Michigan. He is a renowned philanthropist. In 2006, together with his wife Liz, they founded the Lefkofsky Family initiative. Through it, they seek to support the able but disadvantaged children get through with their studies. The foundation also develops effective tools for teachers as well. He is a trustee member of Lurie Children’s Hospice, Art Institute based in Chicago, as well as Steppenwolf Theatre firm.


“Fail early, fail fast, fail often.” A mantra repeated by many – its origins unknown. Only the bold and unafraid see failure as a new beginning to forge a new success.Greek mythology is a primal source of knowledge. For instance, the Greek term “Tempus” equates with opportunity, luck, and good fortune.Those that know how to apply knowledge create a cultural gasp of excitement – which brings us to Eric Lefkofsky. Eric Lefkofsky deftly merged entrepreneurship with critical thinking, the “objective analysis of facts to form a judgment.”

Lefkofsky applied critical thinking to business development. You lose by not trying hard enough, but by not thinking about what is the next best thing – faster than your competitor.Lefkofsky wrote the true “art of the deal,” the iconic book “Accelerated Disruption.” This business bible contains approaches to business development and entrepreneurship. Every aspect of developing and maintaining a business from market development to developing technologies, to motivating employees, is the hallmark of Lefkofsky’s ideas, with one eye on the competitor.When you think of Lefkofsky five words come to mind; Tempus, Groupon, Uptake, Mediaocean, and Echo. Lefkofsky put his ideas into five diverse start-up businesses.

“Tempus” started as a health care company to cure cancer by embracing the human genome. “Groupon” brings people together in the e-commerce marketplace. “Uptake” is said to “empower global companies” to identify problems to improve efficiency and productivity. “Mediaocan” strives to organize and advertise the world’s business economy by developing unique software platforms. “Echo” is a company to design solutions for all aspects of global business transportation.Eric Lefkofsky’s values surpassed his business acumen. The Lefkofsky family formed the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The Foundation’s particular interests are the funding of education, human rights, health care, medical research, the arts, and culture.Lefkofsky achieved more than temporal successes in his life. By daring failure, he vitalized the world.

Eric Lefkofsky Champions Revolutionary Cancer Care

Eric Lefkofsky has enjoyed a precipitous rise through the corporate ranks. However, some of his most notable accomplishments have come as the result of his philanthropy. Lefkofsky, who graduated from the University of Michigan with undergraduate and law degrees, began his first company in 1999. Since then, he has started or co-founded numerous corporations, the most notable being Groupon, which Forbes Magazine, in 2010, called the fastest growing company in history.

Success afforded and inspired Eric Lefkofsky to, in 2006, initiate the Lefkofsky Foundation. This organization provides funding and support to scientific and educational programs throughout the world, which help many segments of the population. Foundation’s mission tenets are to ensure persons in need receive a quality education, are granted fundamental human rights, can benefit from innovative medical research and enjoy the expansion of cultural initiatives. To date, Foundation has assisted more than 50 entities.

Along this theme, Lefkofsky co-founded and serves as current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Tempus Corporation. Tempus is comprised of scientists and physicians dedicated to providing cancer patients specialized, individual care.

It is Tempus’s philosophy that every patient’s illness is different and battling cancer is not simply about treating symptoms, but studying how the disease forms and progresses. Many cancers grow and spread due to genetic mutations contained inside the DNA of individual patients. Certain treatments address these mutations. Tempus employees gather, process and examine genetic samples and utilize technology to quickly assess specific cases. When research is completed, Tempus provides patients and their healthcare providers a comprehensive report and, should study conclude malignancy is caused by a genetic mutation, a patient and his or her physician can work together to find the most appropriate treatment options.

Tempus has partnered with academic institutions like the University of Michigan and honored healthcare facilities like the Mayo Clinic.

Lefkofsky is determined to continue establishing cutting-edge medical advancements designed to eradicate cancer and other life-threatening afflictions.