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Barbara Stoke- Bringing Out the Supremacy of a Woman

Listening to advice from your folks is the best gift and having trustworthy people around you offers the perfect feeling. But giving them a listening year is super imperative according to Barbara Stoke. Barbara Stoke is the chief executive officer of the Alabama Green Structure Homes LLC, a company that offers vital effort in the humanitarian relief and its specialty is Disaster Relief Construction. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

The company is in Huntsville, and it’s a family business with the aim of working tirelessly with the other Federal Emergency and Management Agency and the other private sectors. The central core is to offer different safe and permanent commercial and housing solutions using the latest proprietary engineering and states of the art design. They also have the newest manufacturing techniques ranging from on-site to modular construction. The company has worked on the installation of different utilities, land planning, the building of residential developments and school campuses and also offering long-lists of different military projects like the bullet-resistant guard’s shacks.

Barbara Stoke went to Mercer University in 2001 graduating and majoring in physics and biomedical engineering, and she also studied on various subjects applied at the GHS. And they include properties and structures of thermodynamics and materials and management and manufacturing. Barbara Stoke worked at Boeing and Pisces Corporation and later she started on government contracting bringing her expertise in GHS and having the desire to supporting the FEMA missions. Follow Barbara Stokes on

A proud mother of three Barbara Stoke loves volunteering to their local community of Huntsville. After the damage of Hurricane Harvey, the GHS received a contract of 28 million dollars to offer modular buildings, and the project will complete in 2018 March. The idea of medical valuation came into practical since she loved blending the technical field with business. Barbara Stoke typical day starts with very early and ends very late, and she believes the power of woman is balancing between family and work.

She loves volunteering at her kid’s school hence doing something crucial to the community and this act as her stress reliever. Barbara Stoke brings here idea to live by working closely with her talented pool of designers and engineers who make her GHS very fortunate.