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Eric Lefkofsky: Using Technology to Change Lives

very successful entrepreneur has a story to tell, and Eric Lefkofsky is not an exception. He has founded many companies and was recently in an interview on Bloomberg about recent startup, Tempus Inc. Tempus is a health company that is fast growing. Lefkofsky said in the interview that patients need to know the drugs they are taking and how they are responding to the drugs. His company also offers sequencing services. He said that they provide sequencing that is clear and in great depth.

The company combines clinical and molecular data to figure out patterns that exist to help figure out the best drugs needed for a patient. He also said that he decided to use technology to keep people alive and give them a better life. Currently, Tempus has about 250 hospitals working with it, and Lefkofsky grew the company from 30 million sales to four billion in sales.

Tempus is a technology firm that is building clinical and molecular data to ensure that such data are accessible. The company that started in 2015 is no doubt a great addition to the health care sector. The firm enables physicians to provide patients with personalized care using interactive machines. Additionally, the organization delivers sequencing services to help physicians make real-time decisions. The primary focus of the company is to ensure that each patient benefits from each treatment. It does so by providing the healthcare industry with the needed tools to provide accurate data.

Eric Lefkofsky is not only involved in founding successful health companies but also involved in charitable works. He has a Lefkofsky Family Foundation that he uses to enhance human life. Lefkofsky established the foundation in 2006; he started the private philanthropic foundation together with his spouse to advance high impact enterprises. The successful businessperson is also a trustee in Lurie Children’s Hospital which is based in Chicago, the museum of science and industry among other institutes that are based in Chicago. Lefkofsky also serves as the chairman in the board of Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He is involved in the education sector where he teaches at the Chicago University. Lefkofsky finds watching a movie more relaxing, and his favorite movie is Star Trek Guy.

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Brian Torchin’s Innovative Business Approach

Brian Torchin is making a name for himself amongst medical professionals, he is a leading recruiter in the field. Brian is unique in this role because he began as a medical practitioner himself. Brian Torchin began his career by graduating from the University of Delaware in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. Upon getting out of school, he worked in a number of firms and even opened some of his own. Sticking around the east coast as far as practicing medicine, Brian lives in Philadelphia. Brian’s current fame in the industry outside of his practice, is a company he founded; HeathCare Recruitment Counselors. Find out more about Brian at

HCRC Staffing handles the complicated task of helping individuals find the right job in the health care and legal industries, and operates across the country, not just along the east coast of the United States. Brian is able to promote job openings and facilitate relationships in the medical community via his Facebook profile. On his profile, Brian actively promotes job postings across the country. He has links to his group which focuses on the latest chiropractic news and advances in the industry. Brian is also active on Twitter which also promotes job postings in various locations and tries to engage a broad amount of people in a short amount of time. By creating so much interaction and reaching the vast consumer bases on social media, Brian Torchin and HCRC Staffing have been innovative with their approach to how they interact with clients and potential employees and will continue to push the envelope going forward.

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Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides to Work Together at InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is an institution that specializes in offering consumers healthcare services. The institution has made sure that health plans are available to the people living in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare has a reputation of giving customers nothing but the best services, and this is why it has acquired the respect of so many people. A recent report from the company shows that it has over two hundred thousand members. The institution serves its customers through a network of more than seven thousand, five hundred professionals. InnovaCare specializes in government approved medical plans, and this is why it has been doing so well. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.

Consumers want nothing but the best whenever they visit a medical facility. This can only happen when the medical plan they are using is managed by the right professionals. InnovaCare Health is always proud to have some of the leaders in the industry as its leaders. The company chief executive is known as Richard Shinto. Shinto is not like any other company CEO. The medic has been working in the world of healthcare for a long time, and he has a reputation for being one of the most successful leaders. The companies he has worked for in the past sing his praises. Rick Shinto is a professional who is always committed to his roles, and he gives the needs of his customers a top priority. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Last year, Rich Shinto made a public announcement. The CEO announced that his company would be introducing new members to the board. These individuals, according to Shinto, are experts in healthcare, and they will take the organization to very high levels in the competitive market. One of the people joining the company is Penelope Kokkinides. This is not a new name in the market. There have been news about her in the last decade, especially in matters concerning government approved healthcare plans.

Penelope Kokkinides has been offered the position of chief administrative officer, and she is so happy to embrace her new role. Kokkinides is an expert in her own way. For the last twenty years, the career woman has been working in various organizations, and this has given her so much expertise in matters dealing with healthcare. Penelope has been in a similar working position in the past, and this is why Rick Shinto is sure that she is going to deliver the high quality services needed by the customers. The two leaders will work closely to better the services of their company.



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Sussex Health Care

People have different beliefs and convictions when it comes to their health, those who believe in the almighty God believe that good health is a gift from Him. Others think that good or bad health lies entirely on their hands, that is, their lifestyle would determine the health. Sussex health care borrows this belief and stands in to provide health facilities and medical attention to individuals with deteriorating health or rather to give medication to those it is due.

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Sussex health care is old enough to have experienced experts in health biology, and so it is trustworthy. It bases its operations in the United Kingdom and various cities such as Horsham, Henfield, Nutley, Purley, Sharpthorne and warnham. The different homes are under qualified Doctors and taught professionals who are full of expertise and apply their skills relentlessly in saving people’s lives. Sussex health care offers the following services;

Respite care
Sussex healthcare gives respite care and short breaks where the patient is given particular attention to their homes.

Palliative care
Sussex health care provides super attention to patients with chronic ailments whereby they may work with other professionals or service providers in aid of controlling patient’s pain.

Specialist adult care
It provides specialist care to physically disabled patients who will also include young people with learning difficulties. Skilled nursing care is also another service provided to patients on a daily bases. Individuals with neurological disabilities receive specialist care too.

Care for older people
Since our body functioning weakens as we grow old, Sussex health care has approached the need to boost the health of aged people by providing varied attentions or therapies including reflexology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and dementia therapy.

Gym services
The increasing rate of ailments caused by lack of exercise, for instance, obesity, high blood pressure and hepatitis, Sussex health care has come in to curb such health challenges by providing recreational facilities in a bid to keep individuals health fit.

Sussex health care is currently advertising for vacancies in the following fields;
Registered Care Home Manager needed at Horsham.
Care Assistant/ Healthcare Assistant-whit lodge needed at Croydon
Deputy Care Home Manager MAT COVER –upper Mead is required at Henfield
Driver/Carer-Orchard Lodge needed at Horsham.

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MB2 Dental Solutions: Dental Practice Management and Development Services

Some dentists believe that setting up a dental practice is a breeze. The reality is that, for many dentists, the process can be daunting. There are many factors which come into play when setting up any kind of business. A dental practice has its unique requirements, and to understand all these, you may need professional assistance. This is where the services of a dental management, and development firm comes in. if you are looking to set up your dental practice in Houston, or anywhere else in Texas you should consider hiring the services of MB2 Dental Solutions.

MB2 Dental Solutions

For every business owner, coming up with a business idea is not easy. The most crucial part of the process is how to bring the idea to life. For a dentist, there is need to consider the target market, which is unique. Dealing with patients is a sensitive matter, as they are a unique group of customers. At MB2 Dental Solutions, the professionals understand the need to design a practice that caters to the needs of your patients, while making profits out of it.


Any dentist who hires the services of MB2 Dental can take advantage of very many services. One of them is staffing. When you start your own practice, you may decide to partner with a colleague, or friend who is a qualified dentist. However, you cannot do everything by yourselves. Staffing is important for any dental practice, and MB2 Dental Solutions has the right fit for you. The firm can take care of your recruitment process, and identify qualified personnel to work for you.

Another service which you can expect from the professionals at MB2 Dental Solutions is accounting. You do not have to get involved with the numbers if you do not have the required expertise. This will give you more time to attend to your patients.

MB2 Dental Solutions also does branding, and marketing for dental practices. It is not enough to set up your own practice. Having the right kind of exposure can lead more patients your way. Apart from branding services, MB2 Dental will also see to it that you create a network of dental affiliates.

Job Opportunities

For those who are looking for career opportunities in a dental practice, MB2 Dental Solutions can also help. They can match you to a suitable job that fits your qualifications, and experience.