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Mark Sparks, An Entrepreneurial Machine

Mark Sparks, of Timber Creek Capital LP, is definitely NOT an overnight success after enduring through 34 years of business ventures at what he has termed, Sparks Speed which is how he refers to his “Outrageous Sense of Urgency”. He is not the rich kid that grew up playing with his family money and squandering opportunities handed to him on a silver platter.

Mark grew up in Austin, Texas as a ‘C’ student and wants everyone to know that if you want to be successful, you can! His recently published book, They Can’t Eat You, is rated FIVE STARS on Amazon and outlines his journey to success, through his failures and victories in the business world and offers the reader his 50 Sparks as a foundation for your next business venture.

Mark Sparks starts and ends each day with a 15 minute Bible study of his favorite scriptures. A deeply religious man, he finds a great deal of peace in his faith. Expanding on his faith, Mark has been involved with, The Samaritan Inn since the 1980’s. This organization gives people that are down on their luck a place to live for up to five months at a time. Through The Samaritan Inn program, residents get counseling, financial education, job placement, family services, and health programs. Mark’s other passions include the Habitat for Humanity, where Mark has personally helped to build a dozen homes for the needy, and Sparky’s Kids charities.

So, how do you go about impressing someone like Mark Sparks in a venture capital presentation, you ask? He outlines four steps that every presentation should have.

1) Make a point with every visual that you use.

2) Tell a legitimate story with your data

3) Keep it simple

4) Bring out the entire team.

As part of Timber Creek Capital LP’s growth, the company recently moved into a new office space. The office space is large enough to house three separate companies. Having the new businesses all under the same roof ensures that Mark and his team of experts can nurture and ensure the prosperity of their investments.

Stay away from the two most destructful traits an entrepreneur can have. First, substance abuse of any kind including alcohol and drugs; which absolutely destroys your focus and ambition and second, a large ego. People with a large ego, Mark says, don’t listen to their customers and advisors. By staying focused and having the ability to listen, your business will grow exponentially.