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Equities First Holdings: The Lending Tree of Accomplishments, Goals, and Growth

Speaking about being one of the ones amongst a crowd to stand out because of their compressed lending benchmark. Equities First Holdings reaches out to individuals wanting a credit-based loan, even though they aren’t able to qualify. In the view, of people needing to raise money promptly are being welcomed by this institution. Reason being business is growing, and Equities First Holdings is the head of the lending tree by offering stock-based loans. Even though, the bank has begun to make the process dense for borrowers to qualify.

However, AlChrsty, Jr., the CEO, and Founder stepped in and decided to fill in the gaps of where consumers needed. For obtaining loans with collateralized stocks to help people achieve their business goals. Making borrowers comfortable with accepting fixed interest rates and loan-to-value ratio. Because Equities First Holdings has vowed to build businesses on, “a code of integrity and transparency.” they are different. The mission is reaching to offer the highest profits for the consumer at a minimum amount for either ambition wither it’s personal or professional.

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Paul Mampilly’s Change of Passions from the Wall Street to the Streets of Common Men

Wall Street stands accused of many things, mostly negative. However, it was the one place that nurtured Paul Mampilly to the keen man he is today. He is a man that basks in stock brokerage and admits that his success is as a result of his love for reading. Paul left the sharks of Wall Street for the baby sharks that are regular individuals dreaming of making it in the stock market. Since then, his journey has seen greener pastures of being the most sought out editor and advisor for financial advice. He is the editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is also a force in Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes, True Momentums and Winning Investor Daily. Follow Paul Mampilly on

His enormous contribution to the businesses linked to his name is a fireproof way to solidify his case as a mogul that knows his money. Paul Mampilly left life at Wall Street to enjoy a slower life, his family and educate the masses on good trading. His philosophy is that everyone has the power in good stock brokerage. He understands that for a society to move forward, the super-rich cannot do it alone. He is helping the average person set sail in a world of endless opportunities. Paul Mampilly’s words of wisdom to beginners are simple. Invest when the market is hardest, bet small and diversely for a surefire way to make good stock.



Mampilly is the light on top of the hill for young businesses. Often, businesses building foundations find breaking to the surface hard. Paul, however, advises them to look beyond seeking help form Wall Street because they lack the capital to pay the charged fees. As a solution, he encourages them first to be best then be first.

More about Paul Mampilly

Mr. Mampilly might not have genuinely enjoyed his decades at Wall Street but helping regular people find their feet today is his happiness. He is a firm believer that millennials have the most significant chance of making it big because they have the whole world at their fingertips. Paul believes that investing in the internet provides a multitude of opportunities to young people. He believes in the potential on the streets, and his followers attest to his genius prediction in good stocks. His role model is Elon Musk and his biggest motivation his family. Anything that elates them is his pride and joy. He believes his calling is growing money. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Ideamensch.