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The Contribution of George Soros and the Troubled Conservatives

George Soros is a name that is heard innumerable times in the philanthropic world with different contributions, activism on human and civil rights, interference to create strong democratic communities around the globe, and more. In October 2017, his name hit the headlines but raised the eyebrows of everyone. He transferred more than 70% of total fortune to philanthropy. The transfer of $18 billion to his philanthropic wing, Open Society Foundations, is expected to shape the societies around the world. Analysts have already communicated the importance of the transfer considering the fall of democratization in Asian and African countries.

However, the conservatives, who always see Soros as their enemy, showed their frustration towards the transfer and started creating conspiracy theories, as usual. The credentials of Soros, including his fights for liberal values, opposition to Donald Trump and George W. Bush during the presidential elections, scathing attacks on flawed policies of conservatives and their divisive policies, and more, have made him one of the primary targets of conservatives. Right-wing theory sites like Breitbart declared the OSF as a Death Star and welcomed the news. Giving an image of a philanthropic boogeyman to Soros is another strategy of conservatives, and it is reflecting the current political standard of conservatives.

However, these stories can create detrimental effects on the society and encourage dark forces to move and work against democratic values for destroying the societies. It is also expected to reduce the grassroots level activism significantly and leading to discussing the meritocracy of philanthropists without touching how they are shaping the society. In the history, it has shown that philanthropists are experienced many cases of abuse for their acts, but the industrialization in the 19th centuries gave rise to billionaires who were ready to spend for shaping the societies. The United States was highly welcoming the philanthropists and their works and interferences in the societies.

However, it also generated a political system that focused on creating conspiracy theories against philanthropists. Considering Soros is a champion of progressivism, capitalism, and globalism, his critics are effectively utilizing all these spectrums to direct theories against him. To people who do not know him, he is a strong critic of laissez-faire capitalism which accesses all areas of human lives and damaging democratic and open societies. Though Soros earned his fortune from the opportunities that capitalism provided, he is cautious about the integration of market values into human lives and warns against it – the mindset of a truly democratic and open society champion with a generous heart.

George Soros is from a Hungarian Jewish family and was born in 1930. His family moved out to England after the Second World War, and he enrolled at the prestigious London School of Economics. After earning graduation, Soros decided to use the market opportunities in the United States and crossed the Atlantic Ocean. His initial career as a stockbroker in the American capital markets was highly successful. In early 1970, he created his own hedge fund group named Soros Fund Management. After generating substantial business success, he turned towards philanthropy by founding OSF.

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George Soros: Helping Change The World, One Organization At A Time

George Soros is one of the most influential people in the entire world. He has founded numerous organizations that have come to the aid of individuals all over the world. He has also been a major influencer for political parties and has swayed public opinion in the right direction to prevent them from choosing the wrong people to lead them. He has appeared numerous times on lists by Forbes for both his wealth and as well as his charitable givings. He has always had the goal of making a difference to people’s lives and is now living by that every single day.

George Soros was born and raised in Hungary. When he was little, his family actively followed Judaism, which has been particularly hard since he was living in a part of Hungary that was still under the control of the Nazi Party. This made it extremely hard for his family and the people living around him. Seeing the conditions of the society around him made it more difficult for him to live there, which is why he and his family decided to the UK. They started living in London, which is where George Soros went to the London School of Economics. Seeing the hardships that his family had to face, he decided that he would try his best to help whoever he could in whatever way he could. However, even from a young age, he knew that he would need a lot of money to make his dreams a reality. Keeping that in mind, he decided to enter into the field of finance.

Soon after completing his education in New York, he went to work on Wall Street as a hedge fund investor. He started investing and soon became one of the richest hedge fund investors in entire world. He worked hard to get to where he is today, which is ultimately in a position where he has a lot of money which he can use to help people in need. He has used that money in one of the most brilliant ways and has helped thousands all over the world. One of his most recent organizations that he founded was for the aid of people coming from war torn countries. People coming from those places, seeking refuge in different countries are always looking for ways in which they can improve their lives and start afresh. George Soros founded an organization that helps them with that, by providing them with funds that would help them to start up businesses in their new homes to support their families.

George has also actively been a part of political organizations in the United States. He has donated millions of dollars to the Democratic Party and the charities that they support, as he sees them as the better leaders to the country.

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