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The Ultimate in Market Expansion

It is on a rare occasion when a product is created that provides incredible and innovative services that can revolutionize an entire way of life. Such is the case with genius entrepreneur Billy and his glorious contribution to the business world, Magnises. Magnises is an interesting and basic concept that is ingenious in what it could possibly bring to the world marketplace.

The main aim of Marnises is to bring individuals together through a sort of social network club, allowing them to save a large amount of money through discounts on a number of social activities such as restaurant, bar, concert and amusement park costs. While this seems to be more of an individual benefit for people who are seeking new and improved ways of saving money for recreation, it also means a great deal to the business world as well.

Marnises gives discounts through the use of a metal card which acts in much the same way as a credit card. The card is digitally linked to a member’s bank account and when a transaction is made then the discount is applied before the charge is processed.

Businessmen and salesmen alike can find great use in this program, and one of the greatest costs a business can be faced with is business meetings and conferences. Hundreds if not thousands of dollars can be spent on a single business meeting, making significant discounts the difference between whether the meeting was ultimately worth it or not.

According to Crunchbase, Bill McFarland through his creation of Magnises is a possible game changer for the way businesses save money, both domestically in the United States and internationally through different business venues.

The possibilities are potentially endless depending on where Billy McFarland decides to go with the network, and could open new doors to not only recreational pursuits but also to business and corporate endeavors in order to save a sizable amount of capital in order to be distributed to more useful locations within a business model.