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Review Of The Quincy Apartment Complexes

The Quincy is an apartment complex located in the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Here is a review of the complex, as well as information about incidents that have occurred in the past.


Review Of The Quincy

One of the best things about The Quincy are its amenities. The apartments contain all the things you’d expect, like quality appliances and clean rooms. However, other amenities include community features that are second to none. Some of these features include onsite garage parking, a pool on the roof, a fitness center and a club room to name a few.


Apartments feature stainless steel appliances, wood floors and stone counter-tops. The location of the complex is convienent, as it’s not far from Amtrak, NJ Transit and Route 18. It is located right near downtown, which offers multiple retails stores, restaurants and bars/lounges.


To sum up the above, some of the best things about the Quincy include:


. The amenities

. Great Finishes

. The location


Past Incidents

There’s no real downsides to living at the apartment complex. However, a few years ago there was an incident that happened on October 7, 2015. One person was injured after being shot in the area. In another incident, a pizza delivery man was robbed in the area. That incident occurred back in May 2013, and the suspect was caught and charged with robbery.


The Quincy is a great place to live, but you do want to be aware when you travel around the area. However, this is the case wherever you live. With that said, contact the Quincy and learn about their rental agreements and rental prices.