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Building A Community With Rocketship Education

The public education system in the U.S. is an institution to be commended for bringing learning to millions of students across the nation. However, one aspect of the education system many feels has been ignored by the public schools of the U.S. in recent years is the engagement of parents, guardians, and families in the educational career of students, Rocketship Education is looking to change this with a move towards building expansive charter school communities.

Founded in 2006 in San Jose, California, Rocketship Education was developed as a provider of elementary school education formed by two former public school educators who believed low0income families were being let down by the national system. The creation of the charter school had a number of aims including developing the use of technology and providing more individual learning experiences for students who were often left behind in the public system; the building of a community is also an aim of the charter school which believes students and their families should take part in every aspect of a child’s education.

Community links between the many different members of the Rocketship Education family see families playing a role in developing the environment of each school by taking part in the interview process for educators. Officials from Rocketship Education believe the decisions of parents and guardians should be as important as those of school officials as parents often push potential educators during the interview process many teachers decide not to take up a role with the charter school.

Despite the fact the Rocketship Education family is spread across three states and Washington D.C., the entire charter school community recently came together to assist Rocketship Education families from San Jose, California who were affected by major flooding. By ensuring the school campus was open to students affected the impact of the flooding was minimized with many families relying on donations from the school and its members across the nation to return to a normal life.