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Keeping it The RealReal

I was so excited when the first item I saw on The RealReal’s Insta is the Louvre, today! OK, It might be moved down, by the time you see it but still, Knowing how hard they strive to only have original authentic items, I knew I couldn’t go wrong buying it through them!

These folks are providing a valuable service to those of us who might be interested in good quality but not fully educated in its finer points. Honestly, other than the fact that I’m in a Saks Fifth Avenue, I couldn’t tell you if the item I’m buying is authentic. That’s where The RealReal comes in. They give you that expertise and make it easy for you to ensure your money is well spent. A good sign, that they are providing good quality service is that several fine retailers including Saks are working with them.

I like how they keep it RealReal on the Instagram page. I randomly clicked on a Yves Saint Laurent bag and saw comments good and bad, regarding this bag. Someone complained she had bought it and it was fake so she sent it back. The staff politely said they were checking on it, not trying to sweep the incident under the rug. In the mean-time someone else wanted the shirt the young lady was wearing in the picture, not even concerned about the alleged charge. In a day and age where these kinds of incidents cause people to say, largely untrue things like, “I,m never going to use you again!” it seems everyone using this company has a high trust in them.