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Sheldon Lavin Has A Legacy That Is Worthy Of Respect:

The story of OSI Group is the story of constant innovation and growth. Behind a large chunk of that innovation and growth has been none other than longtime CEO and Board Chairman Sheldon Lavin. Since the 1970s, Sheldon has been a leading figure at the company and has pushed an agenda of expansion that has seen OSI Group grow to the point that today it has operations in seventeen countries. This expansion has been fueled by a combination of mergers, acquisitions and upgrades. Along the way, Sheldon Lavin has made sure that the company has stuck to its family-value oriented culture as well as maintaining its complete commitment in the area of customer service.

Before the years of global expansion started to get going strong, OSI Group got its beginnings in the Chicago area just under a decade after the opening of the Twentieth-Century. In the early years of operation, the company was but a local butcher shop. OSI’s founding family the Kolchowsky’s eventually transitioned into wholesale distribution and food processing and this is what really started the company down its eventual path to global expansion. OSI became one of the suppliers for McDonald’s restaurants in the 1950s and this was a huge overall boost to the company’s fortunes. By the time Sheldon Lavin came on board in the 1970s, the company was primed for expansion beyond the United States market.

It was the run that OSI made in the 70s and 80s that saw the company expand globally to markets such as South America, Asia and Europe and today the company has further expanded to markets such as Australia. A recent merger with Australian firm Turi Foods has seen OSI Group gain valuable position in Australia, yet another feather in Sheldon Lavin’s cap.

Expansion was on the menu for OSI Group recently in Spain as the Sheldon Lavin policy of upgrading existing facilities when possible was utilized in Toledo, Spain. The OSI facility located in that city has been able to produce twice as much processed chicken as it was previously capable of. This is due to a new production line with high capacity that OSI officials had installed in the facility. This has been a huge move for the company’s operations in this area of the world as this facility supplies Spain and Portugal. This expansion at this facility is instrumental in helping to company the meet the demand for this product that is currently prevailing in this region.

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OSI Feeds Their Patrons A Smart Diet

The OSI Group is proud to lend over a century of experience to the food industry. It has been an amazing journey from a small meat processing plant to become one of the largest food processors in the industry. Their committed to a smart food diet that has fed millions of patrons around the world. They’ve never hesitated to display clear visibility about what’s in their food. Their strong disclosure details have been available on their website. They believe transparency is an important part of the food industry. Plus, they’ve been able to respond to a stabilized food network while other networks are hestitant.

Who Is The OSI Food Group

The OSI Group is a stable food network that nearly doubled their chicken production in the past year. They credit their success to their new international and statewide food mergers. Their food leaders have been committed to expanding their food service portfolio. OSI has attracted many new food service clients to the industry. They’re dedicated to a transparent food disclosure that has allowed them to become honorees of several food services awards. Their most popular award has come from the British Food Council Awards. The OSI Group proudly accepted the award in 2016.

Meet The OSI Food Service Leaders

There are several executives and over 60,000 global employees at the OSI Industries Food Service network. However, their CEO, David McDonald continues to stand out. He has been able to use his leadership position to bring more clients to the food network than ever before. Plus, he’s been able to participate in several local charity networks. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to meet their executives by visiting their interactive website. Sheldon Lavin is their acting COO and also lends over 15+ years of experience to the food industry network.

The OSI Group has always had an eye for detail in the food industry. This has allowed them to partner with some of the biggest food service giants overseas. Their most important food service international food deal has been with the quiet Baho Foods Group in the Dutch food industry. The OSI Group has decided to market their organic vegetables. They’ve also been able to welcome the EU food industry to their international food portfolio. They’ve been able to partner with the Flagship Europe foods network. Learn more about the OSI team of professionals by visiting their unique website for details today.

An Immigrant’s Small Business Turned Huge Corporation

OSI Group operates today as one of the largest business in the food market. They distribute and manufacture meat for wholesales and restaurants all over the globe. Quality and correct pricing have allowed them to grow into an established brand in the food industry.

The start of this company began as a Chicago based family business over a hundred years ago. Immigrants from Europe were flocking to the United States in hopes of creating a better life for themselves and their family. Otto Kolschowsky was apart of the large population of Chicago’s immigrants.

He began his business as a small retail market. With time the company grew and he began to wholesale meat. With even more time, came even more growth which caused for the business owner to need to open up a second location in a neighboring Chicago suburb. As the decades went on, the founder passed company down to his sons. That is how Otto & Sons came about.

With the sons of the founder running this meat market business, they saw a lot of potential for what their father’s small meat market business could bloom into. Therefore, they began speaking with a businessman that was able to begin franchising the company. These franchises led to what is known as McDonalds today.

The decades passed and the business boom and soon the company flourished into OSI Group. Today, OSI Group has a huge influence over the way meat is cared for, packaged and delivered. They run a huge logistics operations for the food industry. This company has advanced technology which allows for them to offer the most updated and modern tools possible to meet the meat demands of food companies on an international level.

OSI Group has grown so quickly with success it had expanded its operations. The decades to come look bright for this giant food supplier. Europe and Asia are the markets this company is expanding into. The company is also working on joint ventures in Canada. Ultimately, this company will continue to expand offering premier meat to millions of people across the world.

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OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin Is Feeding The Human Family

When many people hear the name Sheldon Lavin, they think of the business colossus at the helm of the OSI Group, an organization with over 20,000 workers, 70 facilities and hundreds of millions of customers all over the world. While all those things are true, Sheldon Lavin is much more than that. At heart he is a loving, caring individual that is deeply concerned about his staff, satisfying growing customer base and making sure his company’s policies and practices protect his workers and the environment and produces the tastiest, most nutritious products possible.

A husband and father, Sheldon Lavin has an abiding love for family. While he has grown the OSI group from a small family meat market into an international food processing giant, he has managed to maintain the family atmosphere within the company. He regularly has lunch with rank and file members of the company and everyone is encouraged to call him by his first name. Lavin has worked hard to create thoughtful programs that benefit not only the employees of the OSI Group, but their families as well. He has often said that the creation of those types of benefit programs is one of the things of which he is proudest.

Sheldon Lavin’s background is in banking and financial services. He became involved in the food services industry when the OSI Group approached his financial services company in the 1970s looking for the resources to expand. Lavin saw the company’s potential, got them the financing they needed and became one of their investors. When the company was for sale in the 1980s, Sheldon Lavin purchased it. He then created an ambitious plan to have the OSI Group take their high-quality meat, dough and vegetable products to consumers all over the world.

The vision Sheldon Lavin had for the company is now a reality. The OSI Group is a world leader in food processing and distribution. They have a presence in Europe, Asia, Australia, North, South and Central America and beyond. Sheldon Lavin’s company is praised worldwide for the culturally-sensitive food they provide for each unique market. Lavin and his company have also received many awards for worker safety and environmentally sustainable production practices. He believes these things are vitally important.

To Sheldon Lavin, the world is one big family and the OSI Group is helping provide this human family with the tasty, nutritious food it needs.

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David Mcdonald, OSI Group President

Some men have been known to be legendary pillars in various industrial sectors. David McDonald happens to be one of them. He as of now fills in as President and COO of the OSI Group, LLC. Additionally, he is a past executive of the North American Meat Institute, and right now sits on its Board of Directors. He is likewise an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. However, much of this achievement is in line with his specialization as he holds a degree in Animal Science.

Worldwide business organizations are at one point local. OSI Group isn’t in an exemption for this situation. An association with branches in the Europe, United States, and China can’t run a one-size-fits-all exercise. Government controls, social subtleties, and ability pool would all be able to influence how an organization is managed. In the nourishment business, that rundown of contemplations additionally incorporates the purchasers’ taste buds. David McDonald is happy that the company is now situated exceptionally well in that it has a worldwide system, indeed with individuals from the association in workplaces or plants everywhere throughout the world.

On September 12, 2012, is one of its defining moments when worldwide leading food-processing organization OSI Group marked twenty years in China. Ever since when the company launched its first food processing operation in Beijing in 1992, OSI has developed with China’s economy for a long time. It was when the organization started to serve McDonald’s with sustenance. During the Beijing held the Olympic games in 2008, OSI China effectively provided one hundred and thirteen tons of five different sorts of items including meat, pork, chicken, eggs and dried out onions. The organization got zero dissensions, which got exceptionally valued by McDonald’s and the Beijing Olympic Committee. Ever since then, OSI China has been the provider for some notable brands.

McDonald discloses that offering more to its clients isn’t constrained to generation limit; it incorporates item improvement, too. OSI Group accomplices with its customers on the items they have to develop their business and thus join forces with its particular providers to accomplish that result. All this has been under McDonald’s leadership.

OSI Group routinely draws in gear makers to create forms that guide in sustenance wellbeing and quality, for example, machines with worked in X-ray hardware that recognizes foreign substance. It likewise assumes a more dynamic part of its horticulture providers, checking how items are developed.

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