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George Street Photos and Video on Wedding Photos in Chicago and Austin

If you often look at couple’s wedding photos, then you may start to feel like you are seeing the same photos over many times. It is your big day, and your wedding photos should be unique.

Chicago, Illinois

If you are hosting your wedding in Chicago, then make sure to consider using the Adler Planetarium as your backdrop. The open grassy area makes a wonderful secluded location for pretty nature shots while the building’s unique gray color can make colors really pop.

Austin, Texas

Couples who are getting married in Austin may want to consider using the Texas State Capitol. The beautiful trees on the grounds makes for award-winning natural shots. The beautiful rotunda offers many unique opportunities. If the legislatures are not meeting, then you can even use the chambers.

Book your wedding photos with George Street Photo and Video Locations. You will find professionals who will go the extra mile to make sure that your photos are unique.