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Ignition Financial Refinanced My Vehicle At An 8% Interest Rate

I’ve owned three different cars in my lifetime and have paid some of the highest interest rates ever known to man. Whatever the highest interest rate was at the time, I’ve paid it. My interest rate has gone as high as 28%, which definitely cost me a lot of money every month. I’ve learned over time how I can get a better interest rate when I go vehicle shopping, but I’m still paying off my vehicle, but I was able to refinance it with Ignition Financial, who took down my interest rate down to only 8%, which is fantastic.


When I purchased my third vehicle, my interest rate was 16%, which was still pretty good, compared to the 28% I paid for a previous vehicle. The 16% rate was still something that I wanted to get lower, so I didn’t wait a long time before I decided to refinance. It was less than a year after I purchased the vehicle when I went to refinance it, but I didn’t go with any of the other companies who have refinanced my previous vehicles because I felt that their rates were not going to be low enough for me.


After getting some information about Ignition Financial, I decided to try them out to see if they could help me get a lower interest rate, and I was shocked and surprised at the rate they came to me with. Not only was I being offered different rates by several lenders, I got the low rate of 8% from one of their lenders, and I chose to go with that deal. What made working with Ignition Financial so easy is the fact that they had a ready online application, which only took me minutes to complete and was easy to fill out.


When I went to speak with a professional at Ignition Financial, I received additional information about my options, and that’s when I picked the lender who gave me the 8% interest rate. The thought that I could slash my payments by working with a company like Ignition Financial is amazing, especially since they did all the work for me and only needed my information to get me the loan that I was looking for. All I can say is that when I go to purchase my fourth vehicle in the future, I’ll deal strictly with Ignition Financial as opposed to any other lenders.