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How Slyce is Driving New Search Technologies

Search engines are becoming increasingly more important in the business world. With thousands of companies relying on search engine marketing and advertising, search engines play a key role in delivering products to consumers. While many people may think that search engines are limited to simple text, companies like Slyce are changing the search engine world with its innovative visual search technology.

Unlike traditional search engines that rely on text input, visual search technology from Slyce allows for users to interact with search platforms in new and innovative ways. Slyce eliminates the barrier of having to type in a search term by allowing the user to take a picture of what they want to search for. The user can then get instant results and product suggestions. The instantaneous results is particularly important in today’s modern world, where companies must fight for the attention of their consumers.

Visual search technology is a game changer when it comes to e-commerce. For example, as reported by Marketwired, Slyce and US footwear and accessories retailer, Shoe Carnival, have recently entered into a deal to incorporate visual search for Shoe Carnival products. The system includes a fully automated 3-D search technology that allows users to take a picture of footwear with their mobile devices and instantly be presented with matching products from the Shoe Carnival product library. This implementation of visual search is particularly useful for the consumer as it allows them to find the shoes that they want by taking pictures of similarly styled shoes either in person or from a magazine.

In the case of the partnership between Slyce and Shoe Carnival, the innovative visual search techniques help to engage Shoe Carnival customers and presents them with options that they may not have considered otherwise.

Shoe Carnival is the newest of many already participating companies that have used Slyce’s visual search technology to interact with their consumers and new ways. Many large retail brands, such as Target, JCPenney, Home Depot, and more are already integrating Slyce’s innovative search techniques to drive sales and engage consumers. Visual search can be a powerful tool for companies to use in their advertising and marketing efforts.