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Wen get Big Points with Pro Stylists

WEN is a hair care system that is a no-lather conditioning formula that is an all in one product. You can find Wen online ( in affordable packages with other Wen hair care system products that can be used in tandem for a more optimal result. The product is a deep cleaning product that gives optimal shine and thorough clean in one shampoo.
Emily McClure is a professional hair stylist. She’s a young woman and has an issue with flat, fine hair. She uses a lot of styling products as a result of this. After hearing so many positive things about Wen, she decided to try it for herself to find out what all the hoopla was about. Below is what the process was and what her findings were.

Day 1-5

She put WEN to the test for 5 days. In that period of time, she used the product the way she felt she should and not always the way it was recommended. This is due to her profession but,by day three she was using the amount recommended.  She also reported far less breakage of hair in the drain. This means easier styling!

As her week went along, she went for a drink with friends and they commented on how shiny her hair was. This was important because she uses a lot of hair styling products day to day. Generally protection and curling products. The only thing she noticed which could have been her styling products and not Wen, was that her curls fell slightly faster than normal.