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All You Need to Know about the SEC Whistleblower Program

The SEC whistleblower program was initiated to allow for eligible whistleblowers to get rewards for providing information that leads to enforcement of SEC actions. The whistleblower was enacted by the congress to help the government fight violation of security laws as well as financial fraud. Since the establishment of the SEC Whistleblower office, many investment fraud schemes have been uncovered. Additionally, it has haltered fraud considerably. With more than 22,000 tips, $1.5 billion have been earned through SEC information actions as wrongdoers’ monetary sanctions. Out of the $1.5 billion, $322 million has been paid to whistleblowers as awards.


Markets have been permeated with corporate scandals in the wake of the global financial crisis. Private individuals had to come to salvage the situation as law enforcement couldn’t watch the marketplace efficiently on their own. In 2010, the SEC Whistleblower program came into existence with the aim to provide monetary awards, employment protections as well as anonymous reporting.


You are eligible to participate in this program regardless of citizenship with a few exclusions or qualifications. Employees are now empowered to report on misconduct without fear of retaliation. This is because they can report anonymously.

Anonymous reporting

Anonymous reporting had to be allowed to enable law enforcement as well as regulatory authorities to get actionable intelligence. To be able to report anonymously, you should have a SEC Whistleblower advocate who will represent you. The attorney will have a copy of your submission which is signed as required by law. The advocate or rather attorney will authenticate your identity and submit the information to the SEC. Essentially, he or she will act as an intermediary between you and the SEC. He will push for the highest possible monetary reward in the event of a successful enforcement action.

Employment protections

Before the enactment of the SEC whistleblower law, employees found it difficult to report on securities violations. The concerns surrounding loyalty, being a team player and security made employees hold back from blowing the whistle on their employers. This program came to level the playing field.

The law protects employees from any kind of retaliation from employers in case they blow the whistle. It entirely protects an employer regardless of authenticity of the securities violations allegations. It doesn’t matter if the information could lead to a successful enforcement action. If an employee believes that an employer is retaliating against him or her for tipping the authorities, the employee has a right to immediately initiate a lawsuit against the employer in a federal court. The employee can receive the following remedies upon a successful lawsuit; double back pay with interest, attorney fees, reinstatement and other litigation expenses.

Monetary rewards

The total penalties associated with SEC enforcement actions exceeds $1 million. A whistleblower is entitled to between 10% and 30% of the proceeds gained from SEC enforcement actions. A whistle blower is entitled to other additional awards including monetary rewards from monetary sanctions received from other law enforcement actions as well as regulatory organizations. The rewards are dependent on the significance of information provided, the interest of law enforcement to make an award, the assistance provided as well as participation in internal reporting systems. Some of the factors that could reduce an award include whistleblower delay to report, interference with reporting systems and international compliance as well as whistleblower culpability.



Robert Ivy And The Impact Of The American Institute of Architecture

At the American Institute of Architecture members of the professional society will be granted access to all kinds of benefits that will help them grow into the architects that they dream of becoming. As a professional society, the AIA is one of the top resources that aspiring architects can turn to after leaving school in order to chase their career path. Unlike other fields, architects need to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. The field of architecture is notoriously small and breakthroughs can be difficult. For that reason, Robert Ivy is touting the AIA and pushing members to give the professional society a chance. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

While going to school and attending on-the-job training will help you prepare for your chosen career, there is no substitute for the value that membership in a professional society will provide. Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architecture and he is one of the leading voices in the field of architecture altogether. With that being said, Ivy knows that not enough people understand or are aware of the values that a professional society can provide. In fact, many people don’t even know what a professional society is!

A professional society is similar to a trade organization or a union but not completely. Professional societies like Robert Ivy and his American Institute of Architecture are more focused on providing aid and assistance to specific people rather than entire corporations. Professional societies seek to take these aspiring career architects in order to help them follow the proper path to the top of their industry.

At a professional society, members will be able to benefit from all manner of different perks. Professional societies are excellent places for architects to go in order to meet the big names in the industry in their community. Professional societies are excellent networking opportunities because the people at the top all started out at the bottom. Additionally, this networking opportunity will also provide future job opportunities for people who make a good impression and continue their hard work. Robert Ivy believes in the power of the professional society and you should too. Learn more about Robert Ivy at

How Ted Levine Found Success In The Miami Legal Industry

Todd Levine is a Miami, Florida attorney who largely handles cases involving real estate litigation. He graduated in 1988 from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. In 1991 he earned his law degree from this university’s Frederic G. Levin College of Law. He started working at an area law firm called Kluger Peretz Kaplan & Berlin soon after completing his education.

He stayed at this law firm for nearly 18 years. Todd Levine and some of the other people in this law firm’s litigation department decided to open their own law firm in April 2009. He has worked at this law firm, Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L., ever since. As an attorney, a lot of the disputes he handles involve people in sports or entertainment. He has also represented contractors, real estate brokers, buyers and sellers of real estate properties, property managers, and lending institutions.

He says that his outside hobbies make him a better attorney. He grew up playing the guitar and since that time has added the keyboard and bass guitar to his repertoire. He also enjoys doing art such as painting and photography. Todd Levine says that these outside interests help give him a unique approach to legal matters and broaden his experience.

He is a member of a number of legal organizations. Among these are the America Inns of Court, the Florida Bar Grievance Committee, and the Dade County Bar Association. His work has been discussed in publications like the South Florida Business Journal, Super Lawyers Business Edition, and Florida Trend Magazine. In 2018 he was named by US News and World Report as one of the Best Lawyers in America For Litigation among other honors.

Why Richard Dwayne Blair’s Personalized Investment Strategies Might Be The Best Plan For You

Richard Dwayne Blair has had a long and successful career as an investor. He works as an investment counselor for Wealth Solutions and his job is to educate and inform his clients about why they should invest and how to do it. Richard Dwayne Blair has always had a passion for education and he has now found a way to combine his passion with his extensive and valuable knowledge of finances. Blair maintains that it is essential that everyone get educated on how to invest their money because investing is a great way to create financial security in the future. Investing allows people to securely and surely grow their capital.

In order to help as many people as possible, Richard Dwayne Blair has created a three-tier plan to financial advising. This process allows Blair to create strategies for his clients and build relationships with them. this first step of the process is to run an in-depth analysis of the client’s finances. This analysis includes capital, the client’s goals, the way they spend their money, how much money they save, and how much money they make. This process allows Blair to get a look at how the client regularly manages their money.

The second step involves processing all the information that was gathered in the first step and creating a custom-made investment strategy based on all the data collected. Because Blair already has in-depth knowledge of how the client manages their money and what their goals are, he can make sure that the strategy he comes up with for the client will serve the client’s needs. The goal is to make sure that the client will make money, and he maintains that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all financial strategy.

The final step is to put the strategy into action and begin investing. Once Blair has found a solid plan for the client, they then being utilizing the strategy and making the client money. Clients can rest assured that Blair will monitor their investments from that point forward so as to minimize any losses and maximize both profits and risk management.

Visiting Apia – Land on in to the Fagali’l Airport

The Fagali’l airport is a small but very convenient airport located in the capital of Samoan, Apia. It entails you convenient store, help center, airport terminal, customs department, currency exchange, etc. Customers have had many incredible reviews to publicize, stating the courageous comfort of the customer service staff and how helpful they are at all times. For those interested in beautiful beaches, scuba diving in the underwater world of Samoan and collecting artistically brilliant handmade Samoan crafts, Apia is your destination for fun under the sun in a city that averages 85 degree weather all year long.

We can become stuck on the amazement of the beaches of Apia, but what else can we expect on our trip. Well, for one, the adventurous jungles to discover new wild life that has never been seen before. The kids seem to take a major interest in rock sliding, while many of the adults seem to enjoy the festivities of the many Samoan cultural events that entails many activities to best represent the historic transitions over many years. The underwater world of Apia entails many beautiful tropical fish that are friendly, to say the least, and will bravely allow you to take pictures of them without scaring away. You can shop to you drop, purchasing some of Samoans best food dishes and clothing items that may just happen go brilliantly with another item in which you may have had trouble matching up in the past. The Samoan culture is rich in tradition, welcoming all to come experience the excitement.

Take a trip to Apia today and land on into the Fagali’l airport for an accurate start into the culture of Samoan, as the staff and the operation is incredibly favoring. Promotions are in effect and you are more than welcomed to have at them. Also consider investing in many Apia properties as well.


Bruno Fagali’s Blog Highlights Law Options He Uses

When Bruno Fagali writes his blog, he knows there are things he can use to show people how they can get different opportunities from everything they do. He also knows there are things that will continue changing even though he has to try things that are different from what other attorneys normally do. Bruno Fagali likes showing his clients there are certain things that can help them and always tries showing them that things will continue getting better if they do everything the right way. Bruno Fagali begins working on different things and always tries to show people how it will get better. He also makes sure the law options he has are the best and they give people a chance to do things the right way. Bruno Fagali believes in showing his clients what he’s doing so they have a chance to see what they can also do in the future.

Despite some struggles, Bruno Fagali felt confident he could give everyone a better chance at new options. He always wanted other people to try things that would help them and try to make the most out of everything they did. Bruno Fagali liked giving people advice and felt the legal opportunities he had outweighed the negatives that came with the business. For Bruno Fagali, the point of helping people out as a lawyer was serving his community. Without his help, many people wouldn’t have the chance to continue living the way they wanted.

Between the hard work he put into helping others and everything else he did with the business, Bruno Fagali felt there were things that would make a difference. He didn’t worry about the negative things that came from the business and certainly tried to continue showing people how things would change. It was his goal of helping that led to him making things better and providing people with the best experiences no matter what they did. For Bruno Fagali, the help he provided was the best thing he could do for other people who wanted a chance at a life that was better than ever before.

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Dr. Saad Saad and A Brief History of His Professional Medical Career

There are many articles today that will try to enlighten you with the right values to consider when being a physician. Some of those values would be about making sure that the intrusion of a physician would not end up harming the patient. Today, Dr. Saad Saad is one of the most reputable people today who have been trying to not harm patients and to always have been virtuous by having skin in the game in his procedures through paying for the consequences of actions.



The Palestine Doctor



Being born in Palestine is both a challenge and a blessing for Dr. Saad Saad. He feels he has to slightly adjust his methods and habits because United States, where he is focusing his work right now, has slightly a different set of attitudes and methods compared to what he is used to. Being born to one of eight children is also an added challenge, but Dr. Saad Saad didn’t see it as a hindrance of what good he can still do while being a physician.



The Medical Background



Dr. Saad Saad is right where he is right now because of the education that he has gained over the years. First of all, he earned his medical degree happened about four decades ago from the reputable and renowned Cairo University in Egypt. It’s also impressive that he got the degree in honors and flying colors.



With such high esteem and awards, the new things that come as blessings to him right now would be safely attributed to such hard work and education. It is also impressive to know that despite the high education of Dr.Saad Saad has already done eight elaborate medical missions to Jerusalem and given complete free complicated and expensive surgeries to the marginalized children in Jerusalem.



It is also worth noting that Dr. Saad Saad has been able to also act as the Chief Surgeon of what is now popularly known as K Hovnanian Children Hospital, which is located at the Health Care System in the Hackensack Meridian.



Another interesting part of Dr. Saad Saad is the fact that he’s still religious and faithful despite the fact that he’s in the medical field. With such faith, it’s humbling to understand that he submits the things still unknown to him to a higher power.




About Dr. Saad Saad



Right now, Dr. Saad Saad finds meaning in being the pediatric specialist in Eatontown, NJ. He’s been practicing for about 34 years already, and he’s also been able to offer a lot of skills for both thoracic surgery and the different medical procedures involving pediatrics.



With such achievement and dedication, it’s not that hard to imagine that he’s one of the most respected doctors in the industry today. Learn more:


Endorsement by End Citizens United Helps to Push Lamb Forward in Upcoming Special Election

2016 certainly appeared grim for the Democrats. The Republicans had dominated the elections, securing their complete control of the government, and preparing themselves to begin moving forward with their national agenda. However, in fighting and controversy had allowed Democrats to regain a foothold, taking back more than 30 seats from the right. This wave of Democratic pushback was headed by grassroots groups such as End Citizens United and helped to begin the arduous process of bringing the government back into sustainability. The next step in this process is a small one, but that makes it no less important. Conor Lamb has begun his bid against Rick Saccone in the upcoming special election, and Democratic support is at an all-time high in the previously Republican-dominated district.

Lamb Gains His Foothold With Support From End Citizens United

The Democratic party has given Lamb little financial support, instead opting to see how the cards fall. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s going in without backing. End Citizens United have announced their endorsement, and have begun campaigning for Lamb. They have allowed him to maintain his position in the election, and move forward to campaign for his pro-union platform.

End Citizens United is an organization founded in 2015 to support grassroots activists in their fight against institutional manipulation of elections via finances and to end the Citizens United bill. They maintain a strong pro-reform stance and have supported numerous Democratic candidates who fight for financial reform, including Conor Lamb.

Lamb Fights Back Against Saccone’s Smear Campaigns

Thanks to the aid of End Citizens United, Lamb has gotten his foot in the door and has begun to gain serious traction. He has maintained extremely strong support for unions, which has gained him immense support within the district due to their high unionization. Saccone’s anti-union stances have turned even Republican voters to Lamb’s side, and have allowed him to catch up to Saccone quickly. But the Republicans aren’t going down without a fight, and they’ve chosen to fight dirty.

Lamb may have the support of Unions, and his policies may be appealing to many people, but Saccone has money on his side. Well over $1.5 million has gone toward Saccone’s campaign against Lamb, and his strong financial backing has made him a tough opponent to beat. Lamb will certainly be the underdog in this fight, but the Republicans are getting desperate after the recent victories for the Democrats, and, no matter the outcome, it’s bound to be a close race.

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End Citizens United Sees Hope In Conor Lamb

Conor Lamb is trying to do his best to win over the people of Pennsylvania’s 18th district. This blue collar district went for Trump in 2016, but he has plans to make sure that he’s able to reach out to them. He has the desire to give them a message that will counter what they’ve been told and get them back into the hands of the Democratic Party. If things go according to plan this just might happen without a hitch. End Citizens United, a PAC formed to help fight big money in politics, is doing all that it can to help him out.

The current political climate is perfect for Democrats to stage a victory and take back Congress from the Republicans. Their base is energized in a way that they weren’t for much of 2016 and the current winds all point to a tidal wave come November. This is all fine and well but in order for Lamb to use it to his advantage he’s going to need a PAC behind him that understands what he is about and is trying to do everything it can to help get the base rallied in his particular neck of the woods. This effort is going to take a lot of work, but all signs point to a likelihood of success.

If you look at the work of End Citizens United you can clearly see why they have gotten so far and why they continue to fight against big money in politics. The only way we will ever see any major changes is if people decide that they’ve had enough and want to do something about it. There are so many reasons to fight against corporate lobbyists and others who seek to use money to control politics, but the ability to fight back is easier than ever before.

The 18th district of Pennsylvania is going to be an interesting place when we see the special election take place. Conor Lamb has everything it takes to make himself one of the most successful and well liked candidates out there. All he needs is to find a way to show that the Democratic Party will include the working class. Trump has certainly shaken up politics and big money played a key role in that. Now, we’ll get to know what else will happen when voters get to the polls to choose their next representative.

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How Karl Heideck Defends The New Workers’ Rights Law In Pennsylvania

Karl Heideck, a lawyer in Philadelphia, is an advocate for workers’ rights. It was in the first months of 2017 that a bill was signed in the city by Mary Jim Kenney that stopped employers from asking candidates for jobs about their salary history. This tactic has been used by years to pay new employees less money, especially women. The new law was challenged by the Chamber of Commerce as they claimed it was unconstitutional and an infringement on companies right to free speech.

As Karl Heideck explains it, the law sought to close the gap between what men on average earn in a position and women who hold the same position. The new law stated that employers couldn’t search salary histories, without permission, as well as ask prospective employees what they had been previously paid. In addition, if a prospective employee refused to provide this information it couldn’t be used against them in the hiring process.

To be fair, not all employers are fighting this new law. There are a number that in fact support the law and want to close the gap between what they pay new male employees and what they pay women. The only thing they’re concerned with is how to implement the law and stay in compliance with it.

Karl Heideck earned his bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College in 2003. He desired to become a lawyer and so, in 2009, he graduated from the Templeton Besley School of Law having earned his JD. During his time at Templeton he learned about the litigation process and how to handle courtroom proceedings. He also established his knowledge of skills such as communication, negotiation, how to successfully resolve a dispute, and handling settlements. Soon after graduating he passed the state bar exam and entered into practice.

Over the course of his career, Karl Heideck has gained a vast amount of experience filing complaints for his clients and resolving disputes. He has engaged in the entire litigation process including pretrial and posttrial processes. He has steadily built his reputation in the industry as a person that is knowledgeable about the law and engaging in ethical conduct.