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Endorsement by End Citizens United Helps to Push Lamb Forward in Upcoming Special Election

2016 certainly appeared grim for the Democrats. The Republicans had dominated the elections, securing their complete control of the government, and preparing themselves to begin moving forward with their national agenda. However, in fighting and controversy had allowed Democrats to regain a foothold, taking back more than 30 seats from the right. This wave of Democratic pushback was headed by grassroots groups such as End Citizens United and helped to begin the arduous process of bringing the government back into sustainability. The next step in this process is a small one, but that makes it no less important. Conor Lamb has begun his bid against Rick Saccone in the upcoming special election, and Democratic support is at an all-time high in the previously Republican-dominated district.

Lamb Gains His Foothold With Support From End Citizens United

The Democratic party has given Lamb little financial support, instead opting to see how the cards fall. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s going in without backing. End Citizens United have announced their endorsement, and have begun campaigning for Lamb. They have allowed him to maintain his position in the election, and move forward to campaign for his pro-union platform.

End Citizens United is an organization founded in 2015 to support grassroots activists in their fight against institutional manipulation of elections via finances and to end the Citizens United bill. They maintain a strong pro-reform stance and have supported numerous Democratic candidates who fight for financial reform, including Conor Lamb.

Lamb Fights Back Against Saccone’s Smear Campaigns

Thanks to the aid of End Citizens United, Lamb has gotten his foot in the door and has begun to gain serious traction. He has maintained extremely strong support for unions, which has gained him immense support within the district due to their high unionization. Saccone’s anti-union stances have turned even Republican voters to Lamb’s side, and have allowed him to catch up to Saccone quickly. But the Republicans aren’t going down without a fight, and they’ve chosen to fight dirty.

Lamb may have the support of Unions, and his policies may be appealing to many people, but Saccone has money on his side. Well over $1.5 million has gone toward Saccone’s campaign against Lamb, and his strong financial backing has made him a tough opponent to beat. Lamb will certainly be the underdog in this fight, but the Republicans are getting desperate after the recent victories for the Democrats, and, no matter the outcome, it’s bound to be a close race.

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End Citizens United Sees Hope In Conor Lamb

Conor Lamb is trying to do his best to win over the people of Pennsylvania’s 18th district. This blue collar district went for Trump in 2016, but he has plans to make sure that he’s able to reach out to them. He has the desire to give them a message that will counter what they’ve been told and get them back into the hands of the Democratic Party. If things go according to plan this just might happen without a hitch. End Citizens United, a PAC formed to help fight big money in politics, is doing all that it can to help him out.

The current political climate is perfect for Democrats to stage a victory and take back Congress from the Republicans. Their base is energized in a way that they weren’t for much of 2016 and the current winds all point to a tidal wave come November. This is all fine and well but in order for Lamb to use it to his advantage he’s going to need a PAC behind him that understands what he is about and is trying to do everything it can to help get the base rallied in his particular neck of the woods. This effort is going to take a lot of work, but all signs point to a likelihood of success.

If you look at the work of End Citizens United you can clearly see why they have gotten so far and why they continue to fight against big money in politics. The only way we will ever see any major changes is if people decide that they’ve had enough and want to do something about it. There are so many reasons to fight against corporate lobbyists and others who seek to use money to control politics, but the ability to fight back is easier than ever before.

The 18th district of Pennsylvania is going to be an interesting place when we see the special election take place. Conor Lamb has everything it takes to make himself one of the most successful and well liked candidates out there. All he needs is to find a way to show that the Democratic Party will include the working class. Trump has certainly shaken up politics and big money played a key role in that. Now, we’ll get to know what else will happen when voters get to the polls to choose their next representative.

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How Karl Heideck Defends The New Workers’ Rights Law In Pennsylvania

Karl Heideck, a lawyer in Philadelphia, is an advocate for workers’ rights. It was in the first months of 2017 that a bill was signed in the city by Mary Jim Kenney that stopped employers from asking candidates for jobs about their salary history. This tactic has been used by years to pay new employees less money, especially women. The new law was challenged by the Chamber of Commerce as they claimed it was unconstitutional and an infringement on companies right to free speech.

As Karl Heideck explains it, the law sought to close the gap between what men on average earn in a position and women who hold the same position. The new law stated that employers couldn’t search salary histories, without permission, as well as ask prospective employees what they had been previously paid. In addition, if a prospective employee refused to provide this information it couldn’t be used against them in the hiring process.

To be fair, not all employers are fighting this new law. There are a number that in fact support the law and want to close the gap between what they pay new male employees and what they pay women. The only thing they’re concerned with is how to implement the law and stay in compliance with it.

Karl Heideck earned his bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College in 2003. He desired to become a lawyer and so, in 2009, he graduated from the Templeton Besley School of Law having earned his JD. During his time at Templeton he learned about the litigation process and how to handle courtroom proceedings. He also established his knowledge of skills such as communication, negotiation, how to successfully resolve a dispute, and handling settlements. Soon after graduating he passed the state bar exam and entered into practice.

Over the course of his career, Karl Heideck has gained a vast amount of experience filing complaints for his clients and resolving disputes. He has engaged in the entire litigation process including pretrial and posttrial processes. He has steadily built his reputation in the industry as a person that is knowledgeable about the law and engaging in ethical conduct.

Bruno Fagali Is A Reliable And Reputable Lawyer

Bruno Fagali is a highly reputable lawyer in Brazil. Bruno Fagali works with businesses and professionals to ensure that they comply with applicable laws. He takes the time to understand the nature of his client’s business and legal requirements and handles the case promptly. If you are looking for a competent lawyer in Brazil, then check out Bruno Fagali.

When it comes to selecting a good lawyer, you need to be sure you do your home work. With so many law firms and lawyers out there it is imperative to get someone who has experience and is reliable.

Consider getting an attorney who will act promptly and get the necessary documents filed. It is important to have a consultation before hiring someone. During a consultation you can ask questions and determine whether the lawyer is right for you. Sometimes it is necessary to compare several lawyers and select the most suitable one for your situation.

Your lawyer should also provide you with a retainer, which is an agreement or contract between you and the law firm or attorney. This retainer should outline the terms and conditions of the contract and is an important document. The retainer usually include details such as the attorneys fees and the legal expenses you will be billed or required to pay. You need to review this document and be sure you understand what it contains, before you put your signature on it.

Bruno Fagali is a good lawyer an he has been providing high quality legal services to various clients in Brazil. To get the best possible outcome in your case, it is extremely important to get a lawyer like Bruno Fagali. He is someone that you can get along with.

Bruno Fagali is a passionate about getting great outcome for his clients and he will cooperate with you and ensure that your case is resolved. Once you provide all necessary documents and information, and Bruno Fagali will start working on your case right away. Bruno Fagali is a reliable lawyer and he will whatever is legally necessary take appropriate steps to address your situation.

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Bruno Fagali is a Talented Brazilian Lawyer

     Bruno Fagali has a strong understanding of the law and is quite adept at helping companies as a Corporate Integrity Manager. In 2009 he secured his undergraduate degree in Administrative Law. However, he didn’t stop there as his ambitions were higher. He has a love for the legal field and chose to continue his education by successfully pursuing a Master’s Degree in the legal arena. Bruno Fagali has three main focuses as he utilizes his legal training, administrative contracts, regulatory law, and federal civil actions.

Bruno Fagali operates out of his own personal office in Sao Paolo where he is primarily concerned with his work as a corporate integrity manager. He has a self-drive and passion for his work which allows him to flourish in his chosen field. Despite fierce competition amongst the vast population of lawyers in Brazil, Bruno Fagali has carved out a niche for himself.

He has made steady progress in his journey despite being faced with considerable obstacles. He has learned how to persevere in the face of adversity and is thriving. Bruno Fagali has experience in other legal areas as well. He has spent time serving in domestic violence cases, consumer law, and family law. He has a wonderful capacity for languages and speaks four different ones. They are English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Some of the most notorious corruption cases in recent years, which have occurred in Brazil, have involved advertising agencies. Bruno Fagali has urged companies to take extra precautions to avoid the occurrence of unethical conduct. It is necessary, according to Fagali to take extra steps against red flags which are conducive to unethical behavior. He calls attention to relationships between advertising agencies and directors and employees of advertisers which can be problematic. In these instances, Fagali says that gifts, lodging, and travel financing should never be offered.

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Success Academy students have great success at the Chess Super Nationals in Nashville

Last month, 136 students from 16 Success Academy schools went to Nashville, Tennessee to attend the U.S. Chess Super Nationals V competition. The competition is for all levels of students, K-12, who compete in a number of different divisions.


Success Academy students competed in their divisions and, at the end of the event, some of the teams had been incredibly successful.


In the K-9 division, Success Academy’s Hell’s Kitchen finished in first place alongside another school. In the K-6 U1000 division, another Success Academy school finished tied in third place and other schools finished in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and tenth places in their divisions.


For some of the children in the Success Academy teams, it was their first time leaving New York state and their first time on a plane. None of that mattered, however, when they got to the Super Nationals as they competed like old pros.


Chess is just one of the many subjects most Success Academy students learn. Debate is also high on the list, as are many science subjects, math, history, geography, drama, art, a couple of foreign languages and, of course, English.


Success Academy students do not just have winning places in chess either. In fact, they are known for their excellent performances in a number of subjects in New York state events, including debate, theater and art.


The success of these students, however, is not too surprising. Even though they are predominantly students from Latino and African American families, and from poor areas of the city. Students most school districts in New York would say have little chance of doing anything of importance with their lives.


That is because Success Academy schools teach them to work hard, play hard, pay attention in class and, if they make a mistake, to do it all over again until they get it right.


Critical thinking and problem solving is also highly prized and cultivated. Both skills necessary in being successful in chess.


So it really is no wonder Success Academy students were able to compete with some of the best young chess players in the country and more than hold their own.

Eva Moskowitz – An Experienced Educator and Reformer and the Founder of Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz has been an integral part of the transformation that has been taking place in the school education system in the United States. Eva Moskowitz has been voicing her opinion on the matters of how desperately the schools in the country needs a complete overhaul in its curriculum and education system for years and has been able to gain considerable success in the struggle so far.



As the founder of the Success Academy Charter School Network, Eva Moskowitz has helped thousands of students coming from the low-income families get access to quality education. Success Academy Charter School Network is the highest performing charter school network in the City of New York and the largest charter school network as well. At present, there are 41 schools in the system providing education to over 14,000 students in total and counting. The students of the school are known to outperform the students from other premier and affluent schools in the state of New York.



The year 2017 is proving to be good for Eva Moskowitz, who has been receiving good news in succession from the beginning of the year. One of the good news for her is that she won the legal battle that has been going on for years with the City of New York against signing the pre-K contract. Eva Moskowitz has always been against the mandatory signing of the pre-K contract for the charter schools. She believes that it impacts the very essence for which the charter schools stands for and takes away their liberty to function independently.



Along with the court ruling in favor of Eva Moskowitz, the court also ordered the New York City to provide the compensation of $720,000 to the litigant to pay for the legal expenses incurred during the litigation all these years. The second news for Eva Moskowitz came in the form of Broad Prize 2017, which the Success Academy was awarded by the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation and the National Alliance of the Charter Schools. The Broad Prize for 2017 came with the huge prize money of $250,000 that Eva wishes to spend for the further development and expansion of the Success Academy Charter School Network.



Eva Moskowitz has studied arts from the Pennsylvania University from where she graduated. She did her Ph.D. from the reputed John Hopkins University, majoring in American History. As a qualified educator herself, she understands the importance of habit of reading. It is for this reason; Eva Moskowitz sent the reading lessons of Success Academy to 15,000 teachers across the United States. The gesture from Eva Moskowitz came at the time of the launch of Education Institute, which is a comprehensive education based online portal that would contain study materials, lessons, videos, and tutorials. It would help the students as well as the teachers.



Eva Moskowitz had worked with the New York City Council in the past and has learned a lot during her tenure there when she also served as the Chairman of the Education Committee. It is her extensive experience in the education sector that gave her the idea about the shortcomings of the nations’ education system, which finally led her to start Success Academy Charter School Network.


Clearabee Will Handle Your Rubbish Problem For You

Clearabee is the largest rubbish clearance service in the UK, serving the London area. They offer many different rubbish clearance packages for your convenience and to suit your budget.


Clearabee was founded in 2012 and began their rubbish clearance services in 2013. They stared out with just one vehicle out of Northampton before relocating to Birmingham, outside of the London area. They have now grown to a fleet of 65 vehicle and employ a staff of 165 employees.


Clearabee does not subcontract so that you can be certain that your rubbish will get to a proper waste management facility. They are also discreet, affordable, and convenient.


Clearabee offers a skip bag service as well as a loyalty program. Their skip bag service, also known as the “Beebag” comes with free next working day delivery with all of their bags. It also comes with the ability to track your package and you can even specify where you want your rubbish to be picked up. The “Beeloyal” program comes with a 10% discount on all qualifying rubbish clearances services, making their rubbish clearance services even more affordable.


Clearabee will come top where you are and haul away your rubbish so that you van enjoy a cleaner, more healthy home or office setting. They will do all the work-all you need to do is gather up your rubbish, give them a call or book online and the rest will be taken care of-conveniently and at an affordable price. Clearabee strives for excellent service.

Internal Medicine Practice with Dr. Imran Haque

Dr. Imran Haque is a medical doctor in Asheboro who specializes in internal medicine. With over 19 years’ experience in the medical field, Dr. Imran Haque has made a positive contribution to the residents of Asheboro, Ramseur, and the surrounding areas. He is highly respected for the impact he has brought to the residents.


Haque graduated from the University of North Carolina. Dr. Haque acquired his training from the University of Virginia Internal Medicine, Roanoke-Salem Program and is currently licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina. He also took part in the Maintenance of Certification Program for Internal Medicine among other similar programs. Dr. Imran Haque is affiliated with several hospitals in Asheboro including Randolph Hospital, and Southeastern Regional Medical Center. He is also affiliated with Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, Firsthealth Montgomery Memorial Hosp, and High Point Regional Hospital among others within the area where he is allowed to practice medicine and admit patients.


Dr. Imran Haque provides a broad range of services to his patients and boasts of highly specialized knowledge, especially as an internist. He runs a private medical practice called Horizon Internal Medicine, which offers a broad range of medical services to patients and residents in areas where offices have been established. Dr. Imran Haque provides the following services to his patients in his medical offices in Asheboro and Ramseur:

  • Diabetes treatment options
  • Weight management help
  • Laser hair removal
  • 360 resurfacing
  • Venus body contouring


Haque’s services also include routine physical examinations as well as treating patients who visit him for specific treatments. He accepts medical insurance from various insurance companies, making his services affordable to most people. Dr. Imran Haque also serves as a primary care physician to his patients. He treats and diagnoses various common diseases while also providing referrals to specialists in different fields for further treatment or surgical services. Dr. Imran Haque is a caring doctor who is keen on ensuring that his patients get the best possible health care. Dr. Imran Haque also provides laboratory and ultrasound services in his offices where he always accepts new patients.

Bruno Fagali Works to Improve Ethics in Brazil

     Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer that has made waves within Administrative Law. His legal knowledge has made a code of conduct that over the years, has grown into his own practice called the Fagali Law Firm. While this sounds simple, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Bruno has worked hard to achieve this goal, with a reputation that is unsurpassed. His Masters in administrative law is the core of his work and dedication to the service of the local government.

He began in 2006 with a specialization in Anti-Corruption Law. He worked with the Ministry of Transportation and the general control of the Union to help improve the conduct within the local system. Stating simply, that the system must have an integral way of transparency to improve and maintain the code of ethics. This internal ethics committee has offered a perfect way to seriously improve the very aspect of law that Bruno Fagali has worked so hard to achieve. He continues to constantly improve this as well for the people that he serves.

Released now for all employees within the department of code and ethics, it is now being administered by Bruno now for about 24 months. The training that is required for public administration will improve the ethics system to prevent any further acts of impropriety. It is unsurpassed in its effectiveness at improvements within the ethics committees.

Bruno is continuing to work with this department to make the system one that is more efficient for the future of ethics in government. It can work for any system that wants to improve the ethics of any organization within a system of government. It is a wonderful example of how this can be achieved when someone like Bruno is working through the confines of law to make improvements.

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