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Securus Technologies Crime Prevention Strategies

Securus Technologies was one of the first inmate communication providers to come up with a crime prevention initiative to ensure the general public and protect their customers. Their program has been successfully and allowed customer feedback as one way to prevent inmate communication crimes. Unfortunately, 1/3 of all correctional facility crimes start over the phone and Securus is there with the technology to help. Their technologically advanced features guarantee a safe network with proper surveillance, monitoring, and safety communications support. Each call is regulated by the official rules set forth by your local Public Utility Commission.


Crime Prevention Initiatives


– prevent illegal cellphone use

– stop illegal inmate gambling

– prevent illegal money transfer

– eliminate inmate communication abuse

– assist facility security

– increased general public safety

– customer feedback forum

– and more…


Securus CEO, Rick A. Smith believes crime prevention goes well beyond incarceration. He played a major role in their current crime prevention goals with set programs that were immediately put in place. He was also the first to recognize their technologically advanced features would be the first solution to their crime prevention iniative. PRN Newswire was one of the first to rreport their successful crime prevention program.


Who Is Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies got their start as a government regulation provider and quickly excelled as an inmate communications provider. They have exceed competitor prices $4 to $1 with the best rates in the telecommunications industry. Securus understands how important it is to remain a competitor network with quality services and great rates. They are committed to keeping inmates and their families connected over a safe network. You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for more details on their services and features available for their first-time customers.


Securus Technologies Receives Praises for the Detection and Prevention of Crimes

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies is a leading provider of prison tech solutions in the areas of criminal justice for purposes of investigation, public safety and corrections and monitoring. Founded in 1986 by Richard Falcone, the company also has regional offices in Allen, Texas, Carrolton, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. The company has over a thousand employees and serves about 2,600 correctional facilities in the US and Canada. The firm has a lot of growth prospects, and in 2016 it invested over $600 million to upgrade its technologies, develop new patents as well as money for acquisition of other firms.


The company offers public safety solutions by assisting cities and law enforcers in collecting, consolidating, visualizing and disseminating information in real time for easy access. This information can help the law enforcement agencies in dispatching emergency responses, and use by the public safety and mobile law enforcers.


The firm is in the business of providing vibrant and innovative state of the art prison solutions to meet its customer needs. According to the company CEO, Mr. Richard Smith about the progressive nature of the company, he says that in a week the company at least invents a new product or service aimed at helping the correctional facilities’ officials to detect and deter crime. Due to the company’s top notch security solutions, it has received a lot of praise from all quarters. Some of these congratulatory messages are highlighted below.


In a letter from a law enforcement agency, the company is praised for its data reporting capabilities in alignment with the agencies proactive nature; the information has helped the agency to deter contraband incidences in its facility. Also, Securus Technologies’ investigative tools have helped in the proper conduct of investigations in some correctional facilities when there are complaints of harassment or reports of threat to the security of the facility and the community as a whole.


In another letter from a direct customer, the customer congratulates the company for its assistance in enabling them to acquire critical information concerning a fraudulent staff member. The information was crucial in obtaining a search warrant which eventually helped in the apprehension of the culprit for introducing contraband.


Reducing Violence Using Securus Technologies Call System

Working in a jail is perhaps the most dangerous job in the world. Each day that I go to work could be my last because these inmates may attack at any time. Even if they do not attack me or my fellow officers, they could hurt other inmates or even people who visit the jails. To combat the violence in our jail, we deploy a number exercises that has turned things around in recent years.


One of the first things that me and my team of corrections officers will do is to search every person coming to visit an inmate. Even with numerous signs posting that jail time is a possibility if caught with anything illegal, many visitors will take the risk because they will do anything for the inmate. In some cases, these visitors know getting arrested will only give them credibility in the jail and that appeals to them.


Later in the day, we surprise the inmates with cell inspections. Even with the help of the dogs, we usually only find things like weed or small trace amounts of other drugs. Getting the drugs is important because a high inmate could turn into a potentially violent inmate.


We used to make use of the inmate phone system to try and listen in and intercept trouble, but these inmates can be very skilled at hiding how they talk about things that could incriminate them even further. The LBS software with the new Securus Technologies inmate call system was about to give us a new way to combat violence in the jail. Almost immediately, the system would alert us to chatter between top ranking inmates and their gang members, talking about getting weapons through the visitor center, where to hide them, and which inmate was a target. This technology has allowed us to stay a step ahead in many of these violent episodes.

Join A Secure Inmate Communication Network Provider Today

Are you frustrated with your current inmate network provider? Securus Technologies offers their customers award winning customer service that has recently caused them to be awarded the prestigious BBB Accreditation. Their high level of customer service has caused them to be chosen over their competitor companies. Customers are choosing Securus 10 to 1 over Global Tel-Link. Your guaranteed to get every minute that was specified under your contract. Inmates and their families have complained about the extent of dropped calls with other networks. Securus secures your calls and helps you save more. On average, customers can save 46% versus other network providers.


What Feawtures Does Securus Offer?


Inmate Voicemail


Inmates have a personal access account provided through their commissary that allows them to receive messages. This independent system allows them to prepare for the future outside of a correctional facility.


Video Chat Features


Video chat features give you the option of talking to your loved ones face-to-face. You never have to worry about leaving your home by registering for a video chat account through their secure website. This is one of the most popular Securus Technologies features available.


Why Thousands Of People Are Choosing Securus?


You don’t have to worry about being disconnected from your loved ones in a correctional facility. Securus will ensure that you will get your time limits to the very second with their network. They have teamed up with JPay Services and Vimeo to ensure that they have interactive features that you can use. They listen to customer feedback to provide top features. You must be 18 years of age or older to register for an account with Securus. Visit their exclusive website for more details today. You’re invited to talk more and spend far less with Securus Technologies.


Importance of the Video Visitation Application from Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a reputable company that provides criminal and civil justice technology solutions to the corrections, public safety, investigations, and monitoring facilities in the United States. Not long ago, the private company announced that it was going to transform the lives of the inmates by introducing the video visitation service.

In the past, the only visitation that was allowed would not allow the inmates to see anything outside the correctional facilities. However, the new Securus Video Visitation will allow the inmates to have a clear view of their homes when they are still in the correctional centers. The new service is also perfect for increasing safety in the jails.


Thanks to the new service from Securus Technologies, friends, and friends of the inmates will be able to schedule visitation sessions at home. During these sessions, the prisoners will connect with the extended family, children and friends who are not able to travel and see them in the prisons. The inmates will also have an opportunity to watch their favorite pets while at the confines of their cells.

The Christmas holiday this year will be enjoyable thanks to the unique application. The young children will also enjoy the holidays with their parents who are incarcerated. It will be fun and enjoyable to watch the young children open their presents for the holiday in front of their parents.


Richard Smith, the current chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, said that using the high- technology software, his organization is reducing the isolation and inconvenience brought by incarceration. The video visitation is considered to have limitless opportunities for the individuals working in the prisons and the prisoners.

The video visitation will use the webcam to have a clear view of their homes, spend some time with their pets, watch a ball game and spent time with their families. These experiences are paramount to the individuals who are concerned. The team of professionals in the company understands that connecting with family is critical when people want to reduce crimes in the country, and this is why they have introduced the service.


The incarcerated moms and dads will have an opportunity to read a book for their children during the night. During important days such as birthday, the parents will watch as the kids blow out the candles. The special occasions in life will never be the same again, thanks to the application. The organization has spent a lot of money marketing the product, and they are hoping that it will make an impact in the lives of the inmates.

Securus, Growing a Giant Technology Company

Dallas-based Securus Technologies is changing the way of doing business for prisons and law enforcement agencies.



The company provides both criminal justice and civil telecommunications to be used in a variety of situations, many of them focused on the corrections area of law enforcement.

Founded in 2007, Securus as an intimate telecommunications firm that provides a wide range of government service, growing its business in a wide range of areas, including: secure telecom services, software for jail management and data handling for law enforcement.


Chairman and CEO Richard A. (Rick) Smith wrote in a press release on PR Newswire that over the past four years, The company said that much of its forward movement in technology has been the result of a $605 million investment, making Securus more than just a company that detects and locates cell phones in prisons and jails.


The news release said Securus provides products and services designed to make the world safer. For more information, contact Russell Roberts at 972-277-0656 or online at [email protected] Related links include


Reston, Va.-based GTL also provides many of the services as Securus, with a news release on PR Newswire calling GTL the leading provider of technologies used in correctional institutions,


Much of that technology is focused on locating and confiscating cell phones that are smuggled into the prison for uses that are often related to criminal activities beyond prison walls.


Tim Skaja, Senior Vice President of Product Management & Service Delivery at GTL said that GTL’s recent developments have put it years ahead of the competition – meaning Securus.


There is, indeed, no way to completely stop the use of contraband cell phones in prisons and jails, but Securus contends that it is the better solution when it comes to prison technologies.


The contact at GTL is Vinnie Mascarenhas, who can be reached at 703-955-3894 or [email protected] Related links include


Securus Technologies Packs Innovation in its New Inmate Video App

Securus Technologies launches a new innovative product in the market that aims at connecting inmates all over the country with their friends and loved ones. The product supports most mobile phones devices.

New Inmate Video App Gets Widespread Market Reception

Securus Technologies recently launched a new and innovative app that aims at connecting inmates with their families and loved ones. The app supports mobile phones and other devices that use either android or apple operating systems. According to me, this is quite exciting and impressive for the company as it aims to solidify its place as the market leader providing civil and also criminal justice solutions. Its products offer solutions for corrections and monitoring, public safety as well as investigation support. As the general public, we are glad to have such an innovative company equipping our security apparatus with top notch solutions.

The new mobile app has received exceptional market reception with the android version attaining over 60,000 downloads in less than six months. The apple version has already received 5,000 downloads in a span of one week. With this app, making video inmate phone calls and visiting inmates has been made easier. Using the free app, families get to share special moments with incarcerated loved ones.

About Securus Technologies

Securus headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. The company services span across North America with over 3,400 public safety apparatus using its products. These include law enforcement agencies, public safety bodies and correctional facilities. Furthermore, it serves 1.2 million inmates. The company is committed to providing emergency response services, incident management, investigation assistance, biometric analysis, inmate communication and information management, monitoring its products and services as well as empowering inmate self-services.

Securus is committed to making life safer for everybody. Since its inception in 1986, Securus Technologies has grown into other regions with offices in Atlanta, Georgia as well as Allen and Carrollton both located in Texas. In its 30 years in the market, the company has expanded its services to cover 48 states of America. It runs round the clock customer call centers throughout the year. To date, the company has over 140 patents with another 90 pending. Securus has over 1,300 associates in the United States. The Securus difference is revolutionary, superior, relevant and continuously evolving to meet market needs.

Securus Technologies is in no way affiliated with the following: Securus the health product or the site Securus America.