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Isabel dos Santos: Developing Multiple Industries in Africa

Angola is one of the richest countries in Africa, located on the south-western section of the continent. The country is known for their petroleum industry, and through the years, the continuous pumping of oil and natural gas generate huge income for the government, allowing the economy to thrive. Jose Eduardo dos Santos, the president of Angola during this economic revival, stated that the government is dedicated to open up new oil refineries to ensure that Angola’s oil and petroleum industry will continue to expand. His eldest child, Isabel dos Santos, was entrusted with the state-owned oil and petroleum company Sonangol. He was appointed by his father as the company’s chairwoman, and she contributed a lot for the company to grow further. Isabel dos Santos is known for her excellent skills in managing her businesses, and it is not surprising that she was given a role to fulfill within the government.


Isabel dos Santos is the first child of Eduardo dos Santos from his Russian-born first wife. She was born in Azerbaijan, a predominantly Islamic country in the Caucasus. Because of the power that his father held, she was given a chance to study abroad, and when she reached college, she decided to take up electrical engineering. Upon graduating, she decided to go back to Angola and established her business empire. She attracted a lot of business people to invest in Angola, and she is proud of her accomplishment of transforming the nation’s capital into one of the most progressive and advanced cities in Africa. In 2018, the Forbes Magazine reported that Isabel dos Santos is currently the richest woman from the continent, having more than $3 billion net worth. Because of her success in the field of entrepreneurship, she was given several awards and recognitions coming from different organizations. The BBC also recognized her as one of the world’s most influential women.


Isabel dos Santos invested a lot in the telecommunications, oil and petroleum, finance, media, and retail industries. She has been making a lot of money because of the rising number of investors who wanted to build a headquarters in Luanda, the nation’s capital. She also claimed that all of her businesses are being managed effectively because of the advice coming from her business advisors, who are leading the companies under her name to the right path.