Clay Siegall Helps Cancer Patients with Medication Developed by Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is one of the region’s top, most dominant biotech firms and human antibodies lay around the labs in various phases of being dissected, studied, and documented. They have been studying these specific antibodies at this laboratory since it was built back in 1998 and developing new pharmaceuticals to help destroy cancers in patients who are diagnosed at any stage of cancer. The Seattle Genetics company currently boasts a value of about $10 billion and employs 900 people. This makes the biotech firm the largest in Washington state, and they expect to continue research and marketing at such a breakneck speed that they will need to hire at least another 200 workers by the end of 2017. Adcetris is the company’s flagship drug that is intended to treat Hodgkin’s lymphoma which is cancer of the lymph system. Seattle Genetics sees itself emerging as an oncology and multidrug company that is able to sustain well into the future and also provide many valuable contributions to the fight against cancer moving forward.

The Founder, President, CEO, & Chairman of the entire operation is Clay Siegall who helped cofound the company in 1998 and still currently working with the company in the same capacity today. Under his leadership, a diverse line of medications that will help many cancer patients has been formed nad continues to be formed. The Seattle Genetics also continue to do more research to develop more and more drugs to help more people with cancer into the future. Siegall is hopeful that more drugs that Seattle Genetics will be able to help save yet more cancer patients lives and help them live longer, fuller lives in the time they are living. Medicine is on the edge of another great breakthrough and Siegall wants to be part of it! Clay Siegall went to the University of Maryland where he received a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and then he went on to George Washington University where Clay received a PhD in Genetics.