Clearabee Will Handle Your Rubbish Problem For You

Clearabee is the largest rubbish clearance service in the UK, serving the London area. They offer many different rubbish clearance packages for your convenience and to suit your budget.


Clearabee was founded in 2012 and began their rubbish clearance services in 2013. They stared out with just one vehicle out of Northampton before relocating to Birmingham, outside of the London area. They have now grown to a fleet of 65 vehicle and employ a staff of 165 employees.


Clearabee does not subcontract so that you can be certain that your rubbish will get to a proper waste management facility. They are also discreet, affordable, and convenient.


Clearabee offers a skip bag service as well as a loyalty program. Their skip bag service, also known as the “Beebag” comes with free next working day delivery with all of their bags. It also comes with the ability to track your package and you can even specify where you want your rubbish to be picked up. The “Beeloyal” program comes with a 10% discount on all qualifying rubbish clearances services, making their rubbish clearance services even more affordable.


Clearabee will come top where you are and haul away your rubbish so that you van enjoy a cleaner, more healthy home or office setting. They will do all the work-all you need to do is gather up your rubbish, give them a call or book online and the rest will be taken care of-conveniently and at an affordable price. Clearabee strives for excellent service.