Dick Devos Strongly Supports Aviation Endeavors by Continually Supporting the West Michigan Aviation Academy

The West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is situated at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, was founded by Dick Devos in 2010.The initiative to establish this free tuition public charter school was as a result of Dick Devos endeavors to integrate his love for aviation and education. The schools opened its gates in the fall of 2010 with a student population of eighty. The students were first ushered into the 25,000 sq. ft. office space, which had been renovated to serve as the school’s initial building.

In its expansion endeavors, the school created a 42,500sq. Ft. building, which induced the expansion of other aspects of the School such as the aviation programs offered at the school, the student life, curriculum and population. The lot of 240 juniors, sophomores and freshman admitted on the initial day of 2012-2013 academic year were the first to utilize the new building. Currently, the new building is able to cater for a population of 500 students.

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The Mission and Vision of the School

The school’s vision and mission is structured in a manner that fosters the students for unlimited opportunities such as career success, college achievement as well as engaged citizenship. The school utilizes provision of resources staff development, school-wide programming, and individual student services to secure success and equity for the entire student body.

Non-Academic Affairs of the School

Apart from academic, students are treated to wonderful experiences and opportunities such as capstone events, job shadows, field trips as well as listening to visiting speakers such as George W. Bush, Astronaut Mark Kelly, and Colin Powell. This gives the students an opportunity to view the world from a different perspective.

Dick Devos

He is the son of Richard Devos, who is the Amway co-founder. Devos is among the richest people in the United States and was listed in 2012 as the 67th wealthiest individual in the US. He holds a business administration degree from the Northwood University. Dick boasts of various honorary recognitions and doctorates from Northwood, Central Michigan University and Grove City College. In 2010, the Spectrum Health Foundation presented Devos with the Art of Giving during its yearly celebration of philanthropy.