Diversant LLC, Builder of Professional Networks and a Rewarding Career

John Goullet is a renowned entrepreneur with a proven track record in the development of several highly successful ventures in the IT sector. Initially, John served as an IT consultant before switching to IT staffing in 1994. With interest to resolve emerging market trends, John Goullet founded Info Technologies, a specialist company in finding solutions to challenges facing Fortune 500 companies nationwide.

In only five years, Info Technology grew to a worth of $30 million earning it an eighth position among the 500 fastest growing private companies listed by Inc. Magazines. In the year 2010, John’s Info Technologies and Gene’s Diversant Inc. merged to form Diversant LLC. Meanwhile, John serves as the Diversant’s principle with a passion for finding new solutions for challenges arising in the ever-evolving IT sector.

Diversant LLC is the largest US-based IT staffing and solutions company owned by African-Americans and fully certified by Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE). For the past several years, Diversant’s growth rate has grown more than double that for the entire industry reflecting firm’s commitment to providing talented IT workforce and resolve arising issues among the Fortune 1000 and midmarket clients. Much of Diversant’s success is attributed to their consultative approach by viewing clients as business partners and striving to understand their individual needs and challenges. As a result, the company customizes its goods and services to resolve unique challenges.

The name Diversant reflects their commitment to promoting diversity in all its activities. Their products and services are uniquely designed to promote diversity in the supply chain, and source, train IT professionals unavailable elsewhere. Diversant’s veterans program creates a career pathway for the qualified applicants in the IT sector through training, mentoring, and guaranteed employment.

In a nutshell, Divesernt is about growth, growing your career and building a professional network. Growth is achieved through training, mentoring, and creation of job opportunities for the qualified IT applicants. Candidates are trained how to work in a diverse office environment and respond to emerging trends in the ever-evolving IT industry. Diversant’s culture is based on a healthy competition and respect to individual rights; thus, it helps you build professional networks as you develop a rewarding career.

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