Doe Deere the Inspiration

Doe Deere
The beauty industry has always had its rulers. Those common suspects that line every drug store shelf;that exalted world which many have tried-and failed to penetrate. Enter Doe Deere (founder of beauty brand LimeCrime),and a spanner is thrown in the works.And the age old question; could an outsider, an upstart overturn the status quo?

As is the norm today, want a quick glimpse into someone’s life, their thoughts, habits, pets, pet peeves,what they had for dinner last night e.t.c e.t.c, look no further than social media. A quick look at Doe’s Instagram page and one is struck immediately by the colors. From Doe’s own pink hair, to innumerable images of make up of all shades. You can immediately tell that she is bold and fearless when it comes to expressing herself.

Her cosmetic brand, Lime Crime proudly advertises itself as “Make up for Unicorns.” It speaks to those who may have always felt left out.Conventional cosmetic companies bombard us with images images of perfectly preened supermodels, TV and movie stars. Their airbrushed “perfection” mocking us “mere mortals” from across the screen and the pages of glossy magazines. Doe makes people everybody feel included. Freely admitting that she was pretty bad at make up until her 20s, it’s almost hard to believe how far she has come in such a short space of time. This is the type of revelation that endears her to her clientele. That sense of “If I can do it, so can you.”


Boldly advertising her brand as vegan and cruelty free makeup, it is easy to get an insight in to the type of person that Doe is. That taking a stand on moral issues is as important as the product. Named in 2009 as one of the “50 inspiring women entrepreneurs” by Self Made Magazine, it is hard to fathom her meteoric rise in such a short space of time. It is assumed that in the age of the internet, that it is easy to build a brand based on followers and likes. The truth is that standing out from the crowd gets harder as more people put themselves out there. The age of social media, makes it harder to rise above the noise, but Doe has managed to do that.

Doe Deere in her launching of LimeCrime, has managed to make the outsider feel like an insider, the outcast feel like they belong, those discontent with the status quo, to stand out. Her boldness, love of color and lack of fear in speaking out have given her a proud following of unapologetic “unicorns”. In seven short years her brand LimeCrime has managed to establish itself in a field littered with the shattered dreams of many a failed entrepreneur. Unconventional, yes! But speaking to a demographic that values the moniker “Outsider”

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