GoBuyside Points Out the Challenges Involved in Investment Management Recruiting and the Solution to the Same

Over the years, financial service executives have experienced various shortcomings when recruiting specialized talents. Multiple surveys have been conducted, and they showcase that very few financial services CEOs are confident about accessing the required skillset for their companies in relation to the vacant positions within the organization. Nevertheless, the organizations that are fortunate enough to gain access to the required skill set are always a step ahead of their competitors. Follow GoBuyside on Twitter.com.

Background Information

Since the Gobuyside challenge of recruiting specific talents has persisted for many years, investment management firms have decided to address the various challenges and offer solutions in the process. The challenges are as follows;


There is Stiff Competition

There is a lot of competition when it comes to investment management recruitment since many organizations are in pursuit of specialized talents. For instance, organizations such as banks and tech companies may be in the quest of an IT expert. The high demand for such a specialist brings about some competition. Although the competition is high, there is also a shortage of recruitment experts.

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The Solution to the Competition Menace

Since the recruitment process is quite cumbersome, it is advisable to seek the services of recruiting experts who have amassed a positive portfolio over the years. It is also advisable to opt for a recruiting agency that specializes in the financial services and investment management sector. Among the recruitment firms that meet the above threshold are such as GoBuyside. The firm is based in New York. Additionally, the firm operates globally, and it is operational in over 15 countries.

Challenges In Networking

Although recruitment firms may fail to admit it, it is quite difficult to build strong networks through social media platforms and the likes. Nevertheless, it is good to note that most successful investors spend minimal time browsing through the various social media platforms.

Solution to the Networking Difficulties

It is advisable to opt for a recruiting firm that does not entirely rely on networking. Instead, you should rely on recruiting firms that are innovative. Read this article at Gobuyside News.