Handy is a Unique Cleaning Company

Cleaning companies have become something that continue to evolve. Over the years there are lot more on-demand cleaning companies out there. I have tried several in the last decade along, but I see the clear victor in the cleaning industry is Handy Cleaning Services. Few companies have a money back guarantee in place, but this isn’t the only sign of the confidence of the workers. The numbers are speaking for this company. When there are articles about more than a million bookings during the course of a single week people get really curious. They want to know what is happening. They want to know how this company is getting so many people to book services.

Handy has managed to shine as one of the most popular companies around because this organization offers a lot more than the typical cleaning company. That may be the thing that makes this company so successful. Cleaning is the core service, but there are plumbers that are contracted for Handy. Homeowners can book some painters through Handy. If the air conditioner is broken Handy contractors can come to the rescue for this as well. That makes it easy to see how Handy has aggressively pulled away from the competition and become the premiere cleaning company out there.

The unique cleaning company that Handy has built has allowed this company to service homeowners around the world. I think that one of the busiest times for this company is during the spring season. That is where people like myself make transitions. We kick up a lot of dust by moving things around. We get rid of old stuff. We buy new stuff. Luckily, I can even book Handy contractors to come out and help me put my new furniture together. I can also get Handy contractors to come and paint during the spring if I want some lighter spring time colors.  That is why this company stands out.


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